Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good month!

I was pleased with June in the end, finishing just under $14k+. Most of this was from 400hu. I had one my best weeks ever at the end of june which turned an ok/poor month into a good one.

I havent got great motivation to play at the moment although during the <1000 hands i've played today i ran super hot.

Goals for July :
1) Have a great holiday with the Mrs.
2) Have a positive win rate at 600nl hu over a decent sample size.
3) Perhaps play some 1000nl hu or 1000nl 6max, and play well.

I would say "put in the hours" but i know i wont, especially with going on holiday. So what I will say is

4) "make the hours i put in, quality hours!".

Peace out

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heads I win, Tails I win!

Continued playing heads-up 400nl today. Yesterday i booked a nice win of $1.8k which i was pretty pleased with. It has just seemed like one day id be up $1k and the next day id be down $1k. So it was nice to make a little more and put me above breakeven for the past few days.

Anyway, today. Ran really hot, everything i touched turned to gold. Up just over $5k which is my 2nd best day ever. It was really nice to have a day like today because i really felt like everything had gone a bit stale, just grinding along just above breakeven. I feel like i've definitely improved my heads up over the past week and was able to capitalize on my good run of cards today.

Of course, I am now doomswitched and will lose all my moneys tomorrow. That's then, so i'm gonna be happy now.

All gravy

Friday, June 20, 2008

Inbetween games!

I'm currently sitting at a couple of tables waiting for some heads up. I figured out that the fish come to you if you sit and wait. Obviously fish don't sit at tables on their own waiting for action, they just sit where there is already someone to play against. So, if you join a table with someone on it, they are usually a regular. This may seem obvious, but i only really thought about it recently.

I've made a little come back since my last post. Brought it made $2k or something like that. It's just nice to not follow one rough day with another. I've upped my aggression slightly and my 3-betting. I found i was playing a little weak and not putting enough pressure on my opponents. I start off my 3-betting with suited connectors, AQ+ and TT+. If they start calling light then i drop most of the connectors from my range and add in more broad ways and 88+. I found this to be an effective counter strategy to people who defend 3-bets too light, as they are often dominated.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heads-up trauma

Played some heads-up today because 6-max is boring the crap out of me and i'm not really paying attention. I'm finding the games at 600nl 6-max aren't great during the day so i really need to focus on how players are playing in any given session. I haven't been, nor can i be arsed to follow 5 other players at each table, so im gonna play some heads-up for a bit.

400nl HU : 1300 hands today, lost just over $3k. Sucked. Played one hand i wasn't happy with but it was deep so thats fecked! Ran like a 1 legged blind turtoise. I'm not used to much variance because i play quite snug in 6-max games and usually play a few tables so i get the hands in quite quickly. HU is very swingy and 8 buyins is nothing so hopefully it will go better tomorrow. I played 5.5hours today which is really good for me these days, so im pleased with that.

I'll update tomorrow i think to keep myself motivated. Later

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey sportsfans!!

This blog has nothing to do with sport. Maybe poker could be considered the fat mans sport. Is poker a sport? Nah


Feb: Best month ever at $12.5k. Played 17k hands at 200nl for $3.7k and 7k hands at 400nl for $8.8k. Obviously running like god and loving it up. End of feb i payed back chubbs $8k with another $4k that id made for him during the staking. Worked out well for both of us.

March : Best month ever at $15k. Played 41k hands at 200nl for $9k, 6k hands at 200hu for $1.8k, 9k hands at 100nl for $1.6k and 4k hands at 100hu for $2k. This month i started to play some heads up cos i was getting bored of 6max. Worked out pretty well and i boosted my bankroll back up to over $25k from $15k at start of month (obv with cashouts).

April : Best month ever at $18.5k. Played 47k hands at 400nl for $16k. Played a bit at 600nl and 200nl. Back to 6max for some good results. Bankroll $40k+

Ok, my pokertracker is messing up so i cant check may or june. Anyway, ill keep this blog short and boring just to keep you up to date. Illl post again soon with hopefully some funniness and graphs! Later

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long overdue update

Last time i posted I was trying to pull out of being down $30k or so for the month in March and I kinda gave up posting after a bad day. I ended up closing the month at about -$8k after 42k hands which was an ok result.
April I only played about 19k hands so pretty lazy month, wasnt running well and didnt feel like playing, only made about $7k at 5/10 so was pretty much breakeven.
In May I ran really well at 5/10 and 10/20 over about 32,000 hands and made $50k which gave me my best month ever :-)
Anyway most ppl reading the blog will already know all this, but just a quick update, also I wanted to start posting again because I've been real lazy so far this month, 9 days complete and I basically havent played at all, about 1500 hands and down about $4k. I think I've already conceded that this month will suck because I'm going to Vegas on 23rd June for a month, but really I should get in some hands before then.
I'm finding it tough trying to move up to play just 10/20 (I dont really like playing multiple limits) because finding good games isnt easy. Also my 30" monitor is bust which doesnt help.
For the rest of the time before Vegas I think I'm going to refocus on keeping my MT ratio up and playing more 5/10 mixed in with good 10/20 games.
I might post again before Vegas but if not, will post again then when I play some tournies and live cash (aka wasting my time) out there.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fuck variance!

Ok, feb went well for me (i might post bout feb and march together soon). I just wanted to post about my 30k hands in 6 days challenge (at 200nl 6max). I've been running like god this year- at worst some break even stetches- but i've been slapped in the face by the cards repeatedly during this challenge.

I thought bout quiting the challenge because i have been 12 tabling and its easy to believe i am just playing well below par. However, reading jimmys posts have inspired me to say "FUCK VARIANCE, U MUGGY ****!" and i'm play through it. I think playin my B game, 12 tabling, and without major monkey tilt, i can still beat 200nl. Soooo, i'm gonna continue to play it til i do, so there could be an extension added to this challenge at the end of the week.

Negatives - First downswing of the year
Positives - I get bored with poker when im winning easily, so this has made me work harder

Cliffnotes - Fuck variance

Keep at the grind Jimmy!