Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally a day in the black

Today, I found out why the pokergods have been hating me so hard the past week! Yes, today I hit my very first ever royal flush!!!
I went to the £10 rebuy at the local casino, blinds were 300/600 and i had 8k stack. I made it 1800 to play from the cutoff with QcJd, and the big blind (a bigstack on about 20k) called.
Flop came AdKdTd! Not bad not bad! He checked, i checked for diamonds, representing the flush draw... bet 1800 and he put me allin with As8c. Ooo yeh.
Then, out of nowhere the Qd comes on the turn. Yum yum. I ended up bubbling when I made a bad call with top pair in battle of the blinds... didnt believe him, but he had pocket 2s, with 2 on board for a set.
Elsewhere today, I played two sessions of $200NL online. This afternoon, played 545 hands on party 6max (a one hour session) and made $287.83, running at 26.41 BB/100, nice.
Then, after casino I came back and played 278 hands (40mins) on stars 6max and made $396.95, running at 71.39 BB/100. Oooooo yeh! Hadn't hit a set in cash for quite a while, and hit like 5 sets in 10mins in that session tonight. Would be nice if I could run like that all the time hehe
So, bankroll changes for today (my first winning day since starting the blog lol!):

Start bankroll: $12472.68
End bankroll: $13157.46


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