Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jambon's day 1+2

Hi, so this is jambon, and my first day of going pro for the summer was yesterday. Thankfully my roll as of the start of yesterday was $13.5k, i dont envy STA_Wndrtwn having to grind out the $25NL, those days are behind me.

My first day of being pro started off nicely, 6-tabling $200NL 6-max i made around $300 in a quick 400 hand 45min session, where i played pretty good and ran reasonably.

Unfortunately, I then changed location, heading over to STA_WndrTwn's for a session, and dropped ~$350 in another 400 hand session. In this session I got unlucky and also played badly. Lost a $250 pot allin on the turn with TPTK vs bare flush draw and it hit. However, also lost a full stack with QQ vs KK on a 3-flush low board with the Q-high flush draw vs the K-high flush draw which I played very badly.
So, for the day on cash games i was down $45.02.

Then went back to my house in leamington and decided to have a tournament session. Ended up playing 3x party $33 MTTs, the party $109 40k gtd, the stars $10 rebuy 35k gtd (had 7 buyins) and a $27 double shootout satellite to attempt to qualify for the $1050 1mill gtd on stars this weekend.
I ran horribly in every tourney, played average and busted in everything without a cash. Total loss = -$317

So, not a good first day, ended up down $362.02 overall.

However, I'm on life tilt right now, and I think that's affecting my play. Once I get my personal issues sorted, hopefully my poker should improve.Today I took a day off to cool down but still not feeling great. Played one tourney, $5 quadruple shootout on stars and busted pretty quick.

Tommorrow i should get back on the cash games and hopefully concentrate a bit better.

Starting BR: $13499.62
End of day (1+2) BR: $13132.10


Anonymous warwick fish said...

wot happened to ur $25k scores? did all ur money just like all u warwick clowns? u r almost as bad as tommo

12:32 PM  
Blogger nextgenneo said...

so much hatred, I had no bankroll management skills and spent half of my winnings thru 10-20 and lost rest

2:30 PM  

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