Sunday, June 25, 2006

last few days

so, days 3-4 were pretty non-eventful - i played no poker, sorted out some problems and have now left uni for the summer.
on the way back down home, stopped off in london for Student Poker Open tourney at Imperial College, was £34 buyin, with two $1000 seats avaliable. played pretty well, the average student was awful, and managed to keep going with fairly little risk. however, people who moved to my table didnt bring any chips with them and the table got shortstacked. i lost a 30:70 and a coinflip and that was that.
then went to the gutshot for £100 freezeout, doubled up on level 2 with nut flush vs straight. then just before the break lost 3/4 of my stack when UTG limped with AA for 200, mid pos pushed for 700, and i found KK in late. i made it 1700, and AA pushed. the short stack had KJ, and sum1 else folded the other king. nightmare!
so, am downstairs in gutshot now writing this from the comps. have just had a session on pokerstars, made ~$130 (exact numbers when i import hands to pokertracker when i get home) in about 10mins two-tabling $200NL, then stopped playing. also played $30 deepstack, bust after 1hr with overpair vs bare flush draw.
then played a $25+2 double shootout for the sunday $1050 million guaranteed on stars. played it perfectly and won it, so tomorrow is a big day!


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