Sunday, June 25, 2006

nightmare sunday

so, tonight was the big tourney night. had the $1050 on stars to play, and also played the bodog 100k gtd.
bodog: started off well, was double average for a long time up to final 350 or so. then i lost a massive pot with KQ when i called a raise from the big blind, flopped QJx, checked, knowing the guy is going to commit himself, the guy continuation bets half his stack, i put him in (i knew he was weak preflop from the size of his raise) he called wiv AJ. turn K, river T.
then lost AK vs Q9 when the small blind moved in on my big blind, and i was in trouble.
then i was forced to play super aggressive to stay ahead of the blinds (~10k stack, M=3) , and managed to steal my way back to contention, and made a few good calls against short stacks to build my stack to 50k with 80 players left (average 25k). however, blinds were still huge, with the blinds and antes totalling 5k per round it was well worth blind stealing.
a short stack moved in utg for 9k, and with 2k invested on the big blind and 14k in the pot, so 7k to call, i decided KcTc wasn't in bad shape against his range so called with 2:1 odds. he had AT so that hurt.
then i ran into aces in the big blind when i was stealing from the button with Ac7c, which hurt again. then i raised with A2 in late pos and the button called. my stack before the hand was 20k (M=4) 5k was in the blinds, 5k was my preflop raise, and the guy called for 5k on the button. flop 8s7s2d looked good to shove for 15k, and the guy found a call wth 5s5c. turn As!! river Ts =(
i came 65th, 63 paid. good lesson of how to donk off 50k in chips in a few orbits argh.

stars million: my god what a disaster. on level 1 i called a small raise out of the big blind with 8h6h. flop came 5h7cTh, giving me an open ended str8 draw and flush draw. i checkraised the flop, and the pre flop raiser called. turn came a blank (a deuce or 3 i think) and i bet 3/4 pot. guy calls again. i miss the river also, but think i represented a set pretty well the whole way, so bet close to pot again and he called with pocket kings. that was half my 3k stack gone. so im on 1.5k early.
in the next 20mins i picked up a few small pocket pairs, tried to hit some flops, missed everything. down to 1.3k, blinds are 15/30.i then get AhKh in the big blind. there is a minraise from midpos, and 3 callers. i raise to 300, leaving 1k back. everyone calls, and the flop comes 8s7h4s (pot is 1500). really not an amazing flop against 4 hands, but i figure someone needs to have hit two-pair minimum to call my push representing a big pair. so i pushed and was called by 56 for the nut str8. my backdoor flush didnt come, and i was out after 25mins.

i think i played too aggressive tonight. i should have played a much smaller pot with my str8/flush draw on stars, and really i shouldnt have dropped a 50k stack on bodog once i had it, even though the blinds and antes were so large. im pretty disappointed right now, but ill survive.
bankroll changes for the past few days are as follows:

Start bankroll: $13131.10
End bankroll: $13097.18


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