Tuesday, June 27, 2006

poker is full of s**t

This is my entry for yesterday. Yet another horrible day of cards - I'm running so bad its silly!!
Played a few tournies, the best has to be the $3 rebuy on stars, where i spent $66 on buyins and only got some chips right at the end. The highlight of the rebuy period was losing AA vs AQ vs Q7 allin preflop for 15k and the board comes QxxQx! Then in the freezeout, i get it allin on a Qxx flop with AA vs AQ and the Q comes on the river. Nice.
Other tournies carried on in much the same vein - either I would get it allin pre with KK v AA to get knocked out, or i would get it allin miles ahead and get 2 / 3 outered.
Gonna have a break from tournies for a bit, they are too much of a headfuck!
Elsewhere yesterday I played 303 hands 6 tabling 6max $200NL on party, dropping $169.70. Had KK v AA twice, and my AA ran into a set. Not a bad loss considering.
Also played 416 hands 6 tabling 6max $200NL on stars, and was +$154.45. Beginning to think stars players suit my 6max game better than party players, so aim to put in at least 2000 hands on stars today.

Start bankroll: $13097.18
End bankroll: $12809.63


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