Monday, June 26, 2006

Week 1 Review

Well week one is over. Started really poorly, but have come along a ridiculous amount in a single week. Been working so hard to improve on all aspects of my game, trying to concentrate more on the tables and generally make better and more winning decisions. Started on Tuesday so not a full week, internet went down today after I put in 445 hands so didn’t get to play nearly as much as I’d like. End of every session reviewing big winning and losing hands, seeing how I could’ve made more money from them, or limited the damage. The thing about this game that I love is how I’ve always thought I’ve been awesome at it but realized now that I am actually pretty crap and there is just so much to learn. It is love / hate and that’s why it keeps me coming back for more. Just when you think you understand it you uncover another leak and aspect to the game that you don’t truly understand. It’s the hardest way to make an easy living. Hopefully with continued motivation and dedication I should crack it.

Someone asked me what the point of this blog was and to answer that, it is a few things. First of all I want to track my play and put some of it in writing to clear my thoughts and keep myself disciplined, and if anyone is remotely interested in my progress through online cash games then that is a bonus. What are my goals by playing poker? Of course the money is a major factor. But my vision is to become a well respected and successful winning NL cash game player and my objective is to become properly rolled for $10-$20 within a year ($100k). Gonna move up a level every time I hit 35 buyins so once the total roll gets to $1.5k will move to $50 NL and so on.

So looking back through the week… played 8,170 hands (12,000 hands of the target) of $25 buy in poker only 4-tabling 6-max making $255 in 21 hours (19 hours off the target) which would’ve been loads more if it wasn’t for my really bad start and continued stubbornness to not make big lay downs but getting a lot better. Generally my reads are spot on so should start trusting them 100%! I started the comeback to cards by playing too hard and too fast, which wasn’t working at these levels (if it works at any level) so re-evaluated and according to poker office I am now a red flag, tight aggressive pre – neutral post. Think that’s the best way to play this level. I’m not cut out for being loose aggressive yet, and playing flops accordingly instead of blind aggression is the way forward because a lot of people will pay for their draws with wrong odds and look at top pair like the nuts. 3-barrelling when someone wont and cant fold and you have nothing isn’t the best idea!

Start of Week: $555
End of Week: $810

Major lesson of the week is taking notes is amazing. Knowing your players is what it is all about. The amount of times good notes have helped me make some very marginal decisions is crazy. Also really starting to use the poker office stats and adjusting my game by them. Feeling very confident, “like I can take on the world” (Rounders). Watched Jerry Maguire on Saturday for the first time which was very motivational and something I will try and incorporate into my daily life is this line:

I love getting up in the morning. I clap my hands and say, “this is gonna be a great day”.

Apart from that it reminded me that life is all about heart, if your heart isn’t in the right place then your head won’t be.

Anyway, off to the states on Wed, not going to play much cards in the run up to going home and won’t play over there until I settle down. Whatever happens will hardly be putting in any hours until I get back to Leamington in late July and can play a solid 40 hours a week.

Finally, here is a hand that’s been really pissing me off. Played it today. Asdf9987 is tight aggressive according to PO, 12% preflop raise and VPIP of 20.6 so a real nit. No major reads, only three hands of his went to show down and were out of the blinds:

***** Hand History for Game 4589438837 *****

$25 NL Texas Hold'em - Sunday, June 25, 10:25:18 ET 2006

Table Table 107986 (Real Money)

Seat 1 is the button

Total number of players : 5

Seat 2: wesley239 ( $32.54 )

Seat 3: asdf9987 ( $37.90 )

Seat 1: STA_WondrTwn ( $31.30 )

Seat 6: steffemannen ( $10.37 )

Seat 4: rodrigue777 ( $13.09 )

wesley239 posts small blind [$0.10].

asdf9987 posts big blind [$0.25].

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to STA_WondrTwn [ Kd Kc ]

rodrigue777 folds.

steffemannen folds.

STA_WondrTwn raises [$1.50].

wesley239 calls [$1.40].

asdf9987 raises [$5.75].

WalkerAKs has joined the table.

STA_WondrTwn calls [$4.50].

wesley239 folds.

** Dealing Flop ** [ Qs, 6c, 5h ]

asdf9987 bets [$7].

STA_WondrTwn calls [$7].

** Dealing Turn ** [ 4d ]

asdf9987 is all-In [$24.90]

STA_WondrTwn folds

asdf9987 does not show cards.

asdf9987 wins $51.05

Okay, so I played it awfully. Would usually just bang it all in on the flop or preflop but the path to improving probably means playing worst for a while. Do you really need to loose over 100bb every time its AA vs KK? My thoughts at the time were I hate that flop because the one hand I was ahead of was QQ and now has made a set. However would he play a missed AK this hard??? How about TT-JJ and AQ??? AA? Way it was played I should have called because I think I win the hand more than 50% of the time… and he could be squeeze playing out of the blinds because my raise looks like a steal? Absolute nightmare, will post it on 2p2. Until then please comment here. Thanks.

And one more thing, reason I love cards is people just want to give you there money. This is an example of awful awful play, both playing top pair like the absolute nuts! Unlucky I lost the hand but made me laugh:

***** Hand History for Game 4589384711 *****

$25 NL Texas Hold'em - Sunday, June 25, 10:10:38 ET 2006

Table Table 108028 (Real Money)

Seat 6 is the button

Total number of players : 6

Seat 2: p20inchdubs ( $13.40 )

Seat 5: Taby53 ( $14.90 )

Seat 6: STA_WondrTwn ( $25.35 )

Seat 3: WatUpStanky ( $48.80 )

Seat 4: dukesuper ( $28.75 )

Seat 1: NoFoolMe76 ( $14.75 )

NoFoolMe76 posts small blind [$0.10].

p20inchdubs posts big blind [$0.25].

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to STA_WondrTwn [ 4h 4d ]

WatUpStanky folds.

dukesuper folds.

Taby53 calls [$0.25].

STA_WondrTwn calls [$0.25].

NoFoolMe76 calls [$0.15].

p20inchdubs checks.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 4c, Th, 9d ]

NoFoolMe76 checks.

WatUpStanky: you're doing well 1 inch

WatUpStanky: keep up the good work

p20inchdubs bets [$0.35].

Taby53 calls [$0.35].

STA_WondrTwn raises [$0.70].

NoFoolMe76 folds.

p20inchdubs: gettin rivered

p20inchdubs raises [$2.24].

Taby53 calls [$2.24].

STA_WondrTwn raises [$5.30].

p20inchdubs is all-In [$10.56]

Taby53 is all-In [$12.06]

STA_WondrTwn calls [$8.65].

** Dealing Turn ** [ 6c ]

** Dealing River ** [ 5c ]

STA_WondrTwn shows [ 4h, 4d ] three of a kind, fours.

p20inchdubs shows [ Tc, 7c ] a flush, ten high.

Taby53 doesn't show [ Js, Td ] a pair of tens.

STA_WondrTwn wins $2.85 from side pot #1 with three of a kind, fours.

p20inchdubs wins $38.45 from the mainpot with a flush, ten high.


Anonymous Al Straight said...

hey, can see how this blog is really helping u stay motivated and disiplined. The KK hand, i probably would have shoved and played it poorly. Although i believe the right play is to raise to try to induce his push earlier so u can chuck. have been told before that money u save with KK and AA can be used for when u crack them with smaller pocket pairs. Hopefully u can stick 2P2 link here once it has been posted.

Keep up the good work!

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2p2 would prob say put it all in pre flop if poss. Dont like to fold KK on small stakes nl preflop.

10:28 AM  

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