Monday, July 31, 2006

July Review

* Apologize about the lack of an excel daily graph but being in the states til 21st messed that up. Gonna just use Poker Grapher from now on. Played 5k hands in the states, rest has been in this last 1 week.
  • Hands Played: 28K
  • Money Won : $1,680
  • Cashed Out : $700
  • Tourney Fees: $100
  • Bonuses : $250
  • Rakeback : $280
    • Start of Month Roll: $800
    • End of Month Roll : $2350
August Goals
  • Get to $10K total bankroll
  • Move up to $400NL
  • Play 100K hands
  • Become more aggressive, and more positionally aware
  • Read Harrington Volume's 1-3
  • Re-read Sklansky NLTP
  • Get to 250 posts on 2p2
August Approach
  • Play 4K hands a day with 1 day off a week (6-tabling)
  • Move up at $3K to $100NL
  • Move up at $4.5K to $200NL
  • Move up at $10K to $400NL

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pre moving up stat check

So I followed this and did a stat check on the 27k hands I've played at small stakes no limit before I moved up. This is what I've found:

The bad
  • Not aggressive enough out of the big blind
  • Not using position well enough
  • Not stealing blinds
  • Can't play well when not preflop raiser (losing a lot of $ in HU pots like this)
  • Not cont betting / raising enough (30% instead of 40%+)
  • Not as aggressive (1.74factor, should be 2+)
The good
  • Plays pockets very well
  • Plays suited connectors very well
  • Good general preflop aggression
  • Plays multiway pots very well
  • Check-raising perfect amount

Almost perfect Saturday with mini downswing

It was all going well until end of session. All in all though good day, can move up very soon! Cashed out $400 for August's rent so only really up $100 for the day.

Fold of the day

guy is 30/12.2/1.73 over 500 hands. Solid multitabler but nothing special. No specific reads, havnt played many pots with him.

***** Hand History for Game 4834637794 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Saturday, July 29, 19:37:32 ET 2006
Table Table 109790 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 4
Seat 1: tomibobi ( $62.38 )
Seat 5: vikas_tyagi9 ( $76.75 )
Seat 3:
STA_WondrTwn( $53.60 )
Seat 6: arleicht ( $26.65 )
arleicht posts small blind [$0.25].
tomibobi posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to
STA_WondrTwn [ Ah Jh ]
STA_WondrTwn raises [$2].
vikas_tyagi9 folds.
arleicht calls [$1.75].
tomibobi calls [$1.50].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Jc, Ad, Qs ]
arleicht bets [$3].
tomibobi calls [$3].
STA_WondrTwn raises [$10].
arleicht folds.
tomibobi is all-In [$57.38]
STA_WondrTwn folds.
tomibobi does not show cards.
tomibobi wins $77.93

What you think of the fold? My reasoning is he is solid so couldve called with QQ or AQ. Also he called 1st guys bet but then pushed over mine which acording to NLTP and Sklansky indicates lots of strength. KT is very possible too. Only hand I think I am ahead to is QJ and I dont think he'd play AK like this.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back to the usual....

Good day, started 6-tabling again instead of 4-tabling. Feeling pretty comfortable and good when playing, getting lots of hands in. Quality of players was pretty bad today (Friday), lots of bad beats as always but managed to minimize. Bring on tommorow and the saturday fish.

Fold of the day

***** Hand History for Game 4826656510 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, July 28, 17:58:03 ET 2006
Table Table 107937 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 4: I_can_see_ur_cards ( $67.20 )
Seat 3:
STA_WondrTwn( $59.94 )
Seat 2: trackerman ( $38.70 )
Seat 1: Beef__Cake_ ( $64.85 )
Seat 5: siegfriedo ( $26.05 )
Beef__Cake_ posts small blind [$0.25].
trackerman posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to
STA_WondrTwn [ Ac As ]
>You have options at Table 108041 Table!.
STA_WondrTwn raises [$2].
I_can_see_ur_cards folds.
siegfriedo calls [$2].
Beef__Cake_ calls [$1.75].
trackerman folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 8d, 4d, 7s ]
Beef__Cake_ checks.
STA_WondrTwn bets [$5].
siegfriedo calls [$5].
Beef__Cake_ raises [$16].
STA_WondrTwn folds.
siegfriedo is all-In [$19.05]
Beef__Cake_ calls [$8.05].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 6d ]
** Dealing River ** [ Ah ]
Beef__Cake_ shows [ 5s, 6s ] a straight, four to eight.
siegfriedo doesn't show [ 3c, 3d ] a pair of threes.
Beef__Cake_ wins $57.60 from the main pot with a straight, four to eight.
>You have options at Table 108047 Table!.
Play of the day

***** Hand History for Game 4827335916 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, July 28, 19:32:29 ET 2006
Table Table 108041 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 4: fireincairo ( $94.74 )
Seat 3:
STA_WondrTwn ( $56.18 )
Seat 5: parks155 ( $32.45 )
Seat 2: tjf110 ( $24.60 )
Seat 6: CaptDom ( $55.20 )
Seat 1: realmagic ( $34.60 )
parks155 posts small blind [$0.25].
CaptDom posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to
STA_WondrTwn [ 7s 8s ]
realmagic raises [$1].
tjf110 calls [$1].
STA_WondrTwn calls [$1].
fireincairo folds.
parks155 calls [$0.75].
CaptDom raises [$3.50].
realmagic folds.
tjf110 folds.
STA_WondrTwn calls [$3].
parks155 folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Js, 4d, Td ]
CaptDom bets [$4].
STA_WondrTwn calls [$4].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 6d ]
CaptDom bets [$6].
STA_WondrTwn raises [$18].
CaptDom calls [$12].
** Dealing River ** [ 8d ]
CaptDom checks.
STA_WondrTwn bets [$30].
CaptDom folds.
STA_WondrTwn does not show cards.
STA_WondrTwn wins $82.25

Friday, July 28, 2006

Alright party, I will go on a downswing

Sucky day, some big outdraws (one in particular) sent me spiralling into some sort of tilt. Bluffed in call stations and played a little too hard, regroup tommorow.

July - nightmare month, getting better

So, the last time I posted on the blog was June 7th, pretty much 3 weeks ago. Since then, I had a -$2000 losing week, from sunday 9th - sunday 16th, and a -$345 losing week from 16th-23rd. The week 9th-16th was -$2000 for two main reasons:
1) I dropped $600 on party (400 on cash, 200 on the mill gtd).
2) I played the Noble $1 million guaranteed tournament on the 9th, which was $1000+100 buyin. Obviously, this is horrible bankroll management, but I felt it was worth the gamble. Only around 568 people entered, so the overlay was massive, probably the biggest there will ever be in an online tourney - $375k including rake - equating to around +$660 of EV for each entrant. Also three of us entered - me, jac, and hanzfat, and we were in a deal, which reduces variance. However, it was a bit of a crapshoot, and none of us placed. I got deepest, but with around 100 left, had QQ vs TT vs AK for a treble up, which wudve put me pretty high on the leaderboard. both the K and the T came to knock me out.

For the rest of the week 9th-16th, I didn't play much online because I was on the poker tour with Dave, Flash and Dru. See for a tour review. The highlight of the tour for me was splitting 1st out of 18 in a £20 rebuy at big slick, but we were all dealing equally for the whole tour, so that didnt go far. The tour ended up around breakeven, but was good fun! On the thursday, we ate at Chiqitos, where I stuffed myself with some sort of chicken burger and then a huge dessert. We headed to gutshot, and after I bombed out the tourney, I remember eating a double decker choc bar (made by cadburys). When I woke up on friday, I felt pretty rough, played a bit on party cash, was a winning session until this happened:

I had 9 tables (10max) of $200nl open on my laptop screen, so there was overlap on the tables. On my top left table, i was sitting in the seat bottom middle right. On my middle left table, i was sitting in the seat top middle right. In other words, on those two tables, my cards were right above/below each other. On the top left table, I had pocket 7s, missed my set and folded. On the middle left table, it appeared i had pocket 7s as well. However, I didnt actually have pocket 7s, i had 8d4d - there was some sort of display error, i have no idea how it happened but suffice to say - party poker software SUCKS! I was big blind, with what i thought was 77. One caller in mid pos, SB completes, I check. Flop comes J57. SB checks, i check, MP bets $5, SB folds, I call. Turn is another 7 (i now think i have quads). I check, MP checks. River is 9. No flush possibilities out there. I bet $10, MP raises to $30. I now think he has a boat, so i pushallin for $200 total. He instacalls, and I can't quite believe it when I see the pot moving over to him and his 7s5s!!!! Now thats what you call running bad!

Soon after this, I threw up at Flash' house. Decided I was gonna drive home, let the boys go to gutshot still that night. On the way back I threw up on the hard shoulder of the A249, and the M2 twice lol. Got home, threw up all night. Food poisoning symptoms continued for A WHOLE WEEK!!!! Not sure what caused it - maybe the chicken burger, maybe the cadburys choc bar!! So i was pretty fucked, dehydrated and shit, had to go to doctors. Didn't play any cards the whole time I was ill, except from bodog 100k and party mill on sunday 15th. Hence why sunday 16th-23rd was only -$345, not much of a swing either way cos I wasn't playing.

This week, again I've been running bad. Played quite a few tournaments, $10 rebuys and up, and $30 freezeouts and up. Came close a few times (16th in the stars $50 rebuy doh!) but nothing major. Played a very small sample of cash, which I ran bad/didn't play great in - dropped about $250 in a cash game I played with tommo - including me stacking off a full buyin to tommo when I tried to push him off AA with a pair + open-ended. Put him on a lower pocket pair than aces and thought he would lay it down - whoops! Also played a bit on fulltilt - lost $320 in a 1 hour four tabling session - players on full tilt are sick, and I couldn't hit a flop. Also dropped one buyin in an hour session on pacific when I had AK run into 66 on an AK6 flop :-(

So this week was going pretty bad until tonight, i was down just over $1000 for the week again, and feeling pretty down about poker in general. Tonight though, I caught my first break in a long time, won the $12 rebuy $5k gtd on VC for $1866. Ran it over final 3 tables, raising pretty much every hand - played very well, so I'm feeling a bit better right now. The bankroll stats are as follows, going from when I last posted to now:
Start Bankroll: $13,095.35
End Bankroll: $10,996.59

Pretty bad, but the recovery is underway, fingers crossed!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

No party, I will NOT go on a down swing

So today was party and poker trying to force me to jerk my money off, trying to make me go on tilt but no f-ing way. Had some sick hands where I should have lost all my money which I will post down below but wasn't gonna happen.

The plan then. Bank roll right now is on $2,050, I need to cash out $400 in a week for rent and $ for food in August. Rakeback right now should be getting atleast $200. After I cash out the $400 if the roll is above 2.4k I will move up to $100NL and possibly move to UB or Stars. This week gonna continue putting in minimum 3k hands a day, so hopefully by sunday if I keep running newhere near 10bb/100 which is very possible should be up another K. Time will tell.

The sick folds (didnt mention Poker Tracker stats here, but they helped):

***** Hand History for Game 4813717602 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, July 26, 19:32:35 ET 2006
Table Table 108048 (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 4: STA_WondrTwn( $87.38 )
Seat 1: DAIN_JEROUS ( $39.90 )
Seat 3: igotchokidz ( $47.80 )
Seat 5: jameslodge ( $14.92 )
Seat 2: P_Cox ( $48.50 )
Seat 6: Tiltmealott ( $52.30 )
DAIN_JEROUS posts small blind [$0.25].
P_Cox posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to STA_WondrTwn[ Jc Jd ]
igotchokidz calls [$0.50].
STA_WondrTwn raises [$2].
jameslodge folds.
Tiltmealott folds.
DAIN_JEROUS raises [$3.25].
P_Cox folds.
igotchokidz calls [$3]. <- he calls 2 raises cold, he is fishing for a set
STA_WondrTwn calls [$1.50].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4d, 3h, 2h ]
DAIN_JEROUS bets [$5]. <- He would've raised a big pair more preflop, he has missed with this small bet
igotchokidz raises [$15]. <- He isnt raising with 55+ because he thinks DAIN_JEROUS has overpair, hence he only raises with set
STA_WondrTwn folds.
igotchokidz shows [ 3c, 3s ] three of a kind, threes.
igotchokidz wins $29.95 from the main pot with three of a kind, threes. <- SICK FOLD! ***** Hand History for Game 4814058758 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, July 26, 20:16:24 ET 2006
Table Table 108088 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 4: BAKALI ( $17.96 )
Seat 2:
STA_WondrTwn ( $65.28 )
Seat 1: MrAaarts ( $69.84 )
Seat 3: novastation ( $11.95 )
Seat 6: play2paytckt ( $70.20 )
Seat 5: AlamoTrav ( $18.25 )
AlamoTrav posts small blind [$0.25].
play2paytckt posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to
STA_WondrTwn [ Kh Ks ]
MrAaarts folds.
STA_WondrTwn raises [$2].
novastation calls [$2].
BAKALI folds.
AlamoTrav folds.
play2paytckt calls [$1.50].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 5s, Qd, Tc ]
play2paytckt checks.
STA_WondrTwn bets [$5.95].
novastation is all-In [$9.95]
play2paytckt raises [$20]. <- What hand I beat plays like this?
STA_WondrTwn folds.
** Dealing Turn ** [ Td ]
** Dealing River ** [ 8s ]
play2paytckt shows [ Th, Qh ] a full house, Tens full of queens. <- GREAT FOLD!
novastation doesn't show [ 6d, Qc ] two pairs, queens and tens.
play2paytckt wins $10.05 from side pot #1 with a full house, Tens full of queens.
play2paytckt wins $30.50 from the main pot with a full house, Tens full of queens.

***** Hand History for Game 4812516810 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, July 26, 16:35:40 ET 2006
Table Table 109794 (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: mhuntley25 ( $93.70 )
Seat 2: al3oholica ( $47.50 )
Seat 5: KING_LOE ( $58.68 )
Seat 6: pahr072 ( $80.71 )
Seat 4:
STA_WondrTwn ( $54 )
Seat 3: richat20 ( $59.90 )
richat20 posts small blind [$0.25].
STA_WondrTwn posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to
STA_WondrTwn [ 4h 8h ]
KING_LOE calls [$0.50].
pahr072 calls [$0.50].
mhuntley25 folds.
al3oholica folds.
richat20 calls [$0.25].
STA_WondrTwn checks.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Tc, 4d, 8d ]
richat20 checks.
STA_WondrTwn bets [$1.50].
KING_LOE folds.
pahr072 folds.
richat20 calls [$1.50].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 9s ]
STA_WondrTwn bets [$4].
richat20 raises [$10].
STA_WondrTwn folds.
richat20 shows [ Jd, 7s ] a straight, seven to jack.
richat20 wins $18.35 from the main pot with a straight, seven to jack. <- GREAT FOLD!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Best day so far :-D

So best day so far. Owned the 50NL tables, played well, got good cards, and no really bad outdraws in big pots. Need to start playing more hands though when I am having a winning day instead of getting all protective over it and wanting to stop! Also played the $22 $40k guarantee'd but didn't place.

On a side note looks like I might have to move from Party because of their new "Monster Tables". Will be raking an extra .50c out of all raked pots 100NL and up and rumour has it this will soon apply to the 25 and 50NL tables, this will really slash my win rate! Sucks because I love party, have rakeback there and all my scripts set up... :(

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

50NL take 2

After a boring break even session this morning had a nap and tried again. Things went well, played well and made some good hands. Only 4-tabled and didn't play nearly enough hands but gonna call it a night so I can end on a high. Got job interview tomm for some hedge fund thingy, then back on the cards! Will stay up at 50NL

Monday, July 24, 2006

Picked up a little

Was bored so put in another 500 hands of just 4-tabling, some uber fish. Ended with QQ vs A8 getting outdrawn in big pot that would've meant I could move up tommorow! ( trying to get to 1.25k total roll to move up)...

Hand of the day against guy with vpip > 70 and call station so all about value:

***** Hand History for Game 4795943887 *****
$25 NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, July 24, 00:37:53 ET 2006
Table Table 108031 (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 5: tamijo84 ( $40.04 )
Seat 4: profEERNIE ( $52.90 )
Seat 2: thejoe1989 ( $40.55 )
Seat 6: marshlamadan ( $25.70 )
Seat 3: letitride904 ( $37.43 )
Seat 1: AcesOverKsKc ( $26.35 )
letitride904 posts small blind [$0.10].
profEERNIE posts big blind [$0.25].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to profEERNIE [ Ah As ]
tamijo84 calls [$0.25].
marshlamadan folds.
AcesOverKsKc folds.
thejoe1989 folds.
letitride904 calls [$0.15].
profEERNIE raises [$1.15].
tamijo84 calls [$1.15].
letitride904 folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 5h, 5d, Td ]
profEERNIE bets [$2.90].
>You have options at Table 107964 Table!.
tamijo84 calls [$2.90].
** Dealing Turn ** [ Qd ]
profEERNIE bets [$6.30].
tamijo84 calls [$6.30].
** Dealing River ** [ 4s ]
profEERNIE bets [$15.30].
tamijo84 calls [$15.30].
profEERNIE shows [ Ah, As ] two pairs, aces and fives.
tamijo84 doesn't show [ Jh, 6d ] a pair of fives. <- JACK HIGH
profEERNIE wins $49.45 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and fives.

Shit day

Sundays never go well for me. Played 3k hands, sucked, loads of outdraws, maybe didn't play as well as I could've. Gonna call it a day and regroup tomm

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The return to Leamington

Alright got back to Leamington yesterday. Gonna stay on US time. Crazy first day of 11 hours on the table. Started with a shot at 50NL which went badly, some sick hands / bad beats. Then went back to bread and butter of 25NL and made loads back. Also played an $11 tourney which was dry and a $22 tourney which was looking good but lose 3 massive coin flips! Here is the awesome graph:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crazy Sunday

So calling it a week, all in played well, had a couple good runs and some deadly down swings. Today had a sick start to a session, flopping a couple straights and getting paid off. Then had AA cracked by a gutshot, set vs flushdraws twice (and didn't hold up) and some other nasty hands so dropped all the winnings and $10 more. Here is the graph for the week (ran at 9.5bb/100). Obv as I am in the States I am not putting in nearly as many hands as I want to, but that will change when I get back to the UK :

Can someone please help me figure these hands out? CBA to go find the PT stats on the players so assume no reads: Hands

Things picking up

So been playing pretty well this week, put in a few K hands (4ish) running at 11bb/100 for a decent amount of money. Did a $150 empire bonus too. Roll is now looking healthy at $1.12K , I also have $150 set a side for some living expenses once I get back to the UK (cashed out of bankroll) and have another $70 that I should be adding to the roll once Bromley pays me back what I won off him in a live game a few weeks ago. Back in the UK Friday morning, so once i re-adjust and settle back in will be good. Probably have a laid back weekend and then starting Monday will begin a 60 hour week on 25NL, and if all goes to plan will be able to move up after that :-D Not gonna really post any numbers until end of month but will keep updating this bad boy

Also was reading some stuff earlier, very true words of wisdom:

Going pro isn’t about replacing a cushy 40 hour a week job. Going pro is about doing whatever it takes to be successful. If that means putting in 60 hours a week at the tables and another 20 a week studying, posting hand histories, and improving your game, that’s what you have to do. The only time you can really consider slowing down is when you start making so much money that putting in additional hours has no real impact on your lifestyle. When you’re making $100,000 a month and living on $5000 and have socked away enough to retire three times over, okay, maybe you cut back to playing 30 or 40 hours a week....

Going pro isn’t about playing poker all day with no boss. Going pro is about having a boss (you) who needs to push himself hard enough to keep the business growing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back to grinding

Okay, after my tilt session played 4 hours 4 tabling today and really putting the effort in. Ran at 21bb/100 and made $150 in 1.4k hands, only 250 more raked hands til I get that party bonus :-D Tommorow = day off. Going to the beach with Theo and the Blue Monster, which should be awesome. Nothing like the Jersey shore. On page 90 of Sklansky's "No Limit Theory and Practice" right now, by tommorow night I will be finished.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Why I don't play tournaments...

Apart from the regular arguments (takes ages, high variance, cant leave in the middle of one, play for hours and might not make loads, etc etc), I have a new reason. They put you on massive tilt!!!

Since my $10-20 days havn't really been going on tilt because I realize that I choose to make $$$ in a game that short term results are heavily dependent on luck. Taking massive beats in $5,000 pots definately levels you and makes you understand the nature of this game but getting really deep in a tourney only to lose a massive pot that'd make you chip leader and put you in good sted to win $4,000 (in an $11 buy in event) is a different story!!!

Not gonna bore you with the bad beat story but b4 it I was avoiding playing cards all day today (had a bad feeling), decided to play $20k guaranteed $11 buy in, lost, went on tilt, jerked off $60 playing .10-.25 like a mad man trying to get my $11 back (to be fair I was just playing really hard and not awfully and the other players are donks, who call $8 reraises pre with 22 when they dont have the implied odds to catch their sets :-{ ). Then I went and bought Poker Tracker for $55 so not the greatest day on the bankroll!!

Regroup tommorow, hopefully put in a few k hands and do the party bonus. One thing that I still need to work on is when I am playing to ignore what my bankroll is, and really trying to have + days. Also, not to play tourney's til I both a) read Harrington 1-3 for the first time b) have a nicer roll.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good day back

So played about 2k hands yesterday, didn't clear the bonus (havn't deposited for it yet). I made about $90 in cash games and played 2 tourneys for $20 so it was a +$70 day. Ran pretty gd for the morning then some silly badbeats made me hover around even for the rest of the day. Here are two hands that have been interesting me. Please either post here or read the nicer format version on twoplustwo

***** Hand History for Game 4683777255 *****
$25 NL Texas Hold'em - Saturday, July 08, 15:41:05 ET 2006
Table Table 108178 (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 2: squatchya ( $12.96 )
Seat 6: alfredo52281 ( $36.65 )
Seat 5: STA_WondrTwn ( $32.35 )
Seat 3: run409 ( $31.68 )
Seat 4: cheergwiz ( $18 )
Seat 1: tntrybula ( $14.86 )
cheergwiz posts small blind [$0.10].
STA_WondrTwn posts big blind [$0.25].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to STA_WondrTwn [ Qc Ks ]
alfredo52281 calls [$0.25].
tntrybula folds.
squatchya folds.
cheergwiz folds.
STA_WondrTwn checks.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Kd, Qh, 9s ]
STA_WondrTwn checks.
alfredo52281 bets [$0.50].
>You have options at Table 107923 Table!.
STA_WondrTwn raises [$1.25].
alfredo52281 calls [$0.75].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8d ]
STA_WondrTwn bets [$2].
alfredo52281 is all-In [$35.15]
STA_WondrTwn folds.
alfredo52281 does not show cards.
alfredo52281 wins $39.90

***** Hand History for Game 4684006858 *****
$25 NL Texas Hold'em - Saturday, July 08, 16:21:29 ET 2006
Table Table 107995 (No DP) (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 2: Ragnarok4th ( $77.93 )
Seat 3: juilliard ( $31.41 )
Seat 1: STA_WondrTwn ( $46.55 )
Seat 4: mattman_ ( $24.40 )
Seat 6: TheFirm7 ( $11.65 )
Seat 5: thejoe1989 ( $24.65 )
STA_WondrTwn posts small blind [$0.10].
Ragnarok4th posts big blind [$0.25].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to STA_WondrTwn [ Qd Qc ]
juilliard calls [$0.25].
mattman_ folds.
thejoe1989 folds.
TheFirm7 raises [$0.75].
STA_WondrTwn calls [$0.65].
Ragnarok4th folds.
juilliard calls [$0.50].
** Dealing Flop ** [ Th, Js, 5s ]
STA_WondrTwn checks.
juilliard bets [$3].
TheFirm7 folds.
STA_WondrTwn raises [$7].
juilliard is all-In [$27.66]
juilliard: fool
STA_WondrTwn folds.
juilliard does not show cards.
juilliard wins $39.36

On both hands I didn't reraise enough on the flop, and 2nd hand I decided to play a little out of line pre but ended up not knowing where I was. What you think? Comments welcome

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Return to Cards

So bought Sklansky and Harrington and a couple of motivational books. Gonna give up TV when I get back to England. Was doing some math and my roll should be on about $860 in actual cash and add another $60 when I get paid back by Sam (hopefully when I get back).

Did some calculations on my expenses when I get back (in pounds):
August Rent : 145
Sept Rent : 270 (on campus)
Bills July/Aug: 50 (estimate, should be less)
Food/Living : 25 a week * 10 weeks = 250
Total : 715 = $1350 (act a little less)

So that is how much I will need to cash out of the bankroll over summer. Really annoying but has to be done. There is a $150 empire bonus and a $100 party reload bonus that I will do as soon as my neteller gets fixed (something about me logging in from the States) so hopefully that + the play I will do should let my bankroll hit 1.2k but whatever happens I am gonna start playing again tommorow. Will be putting in as many hours as I can whilst still in the States on the .10-.25 table and try to build it up as high as possible. Moment the roll is $1.5K i am gonna move up limits and if by Aug 1st it is $1.2k I will stay up (after cashing out some expenses). Pretty scary how much I have to use to live off but playing 40 hours a week when I get back and putting in 40-80 hours over the next couple weeks (b4 I go back on the 20th) should hopefully allow me to move up soon. Now to fix that neteller!!


Well, I haven't posted since the weekend, so heres an update.
Early this week, I found out that my car is fucked, a lot worse than I thought, so basically I need to buy a new car. Nightmare, I need to win a donkament! So, this week, basically I've played few cash games, but have been winning - and the profits have been ploughed into donkament entry fees.
Start Bankroll: $12969.32
End Bankroll: $13095.35
Pretty much tells you I haven't had a big score lol! However, it is sick what my BR could be on right now - donkament varience is a nightmare!
On weds night, in the paradise $30 rebuy $40k guaranteed, I came 40th, getting like $137. But, I was cruising at the time, 7th in chips, and I picked up KK on the big blind. Blinds were 2k/4k and I had 87k total. Playing 8 handed I think, UTG+2 (130k big stack) limps. Middle position (80k total) makes it 14k to play. Folds to small blind, who shoves for 30k total, and it's on me. I'm still not sure what I should have done here. If I fold, I think I can still make final table fairly easily by blind stealing my way through. However, if I play the pot and middle position has QQ/AK, I'm in great shape, chip leader. I shoved my chips in, and middle position called with aces. The small blind had AK, and, well, that was that.
Last night (thursday), I played a few tournies, the most notable was the $10 rebuy 35k gtd on pokerstars. Wow this one hurt. I ended the rebuy period on 6k (which is like no chips) after spending $80 on buyins. I dropped to 4k, then managed to steal a couple of pots, double up, steal a few more pots, and I was average stack. Then I played probably the best poker I've played for a while, had no showdowns, stole a ridiculous amount of pots, and by the time we entered the money I was cruising in the top 10 in chips. I continued to run over my table until there was 41 out of 980 players left, where I was on 320k, and average was around 200k. Then this hand happened:

PokerStars Game #5476631163: Tournament #27318272, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level XVIII (6000/12000) - 2006/07/06 - 21:37:12 (ET)
Table '27318272 16' 9-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 1: Hovanky (354740 in chips)
Seat 2: jcire1 (331441 in chips)
Seat 3: PBaek (70704 in chips)
Seat 4: jambonator (319175 in chips)
Seat 6: ricestud (221509 in chips)
Seat 7: myggan (259731 in chips)
Seat 8: kubrick (274262 in chips)
Seat 9: Teobaldo (200896 in chips)
Hovanky: posts the ante 600
jcire1: posts the ante 600
PBaek: posts the ante 600
jambonator: posts the ante 600
ricestud: posts the ante 600
myggan: posts the ante 600
kubrick: posts the ante 600
Teobaldo: posts the ante 600
myggan: posts small blind 6000
kubrick: posts big blind 12000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to jambonator [Qd Qs]
Teobaldo: folds
Hovanky: folds
jcire1: raises 24000 to 36000
PBaek: folds
jambonator: raises 60000 to 96000
ricestud: folds
myggan: folds
kubrick: folds
jcire1: calls 60000
*** FLOP *** [7c 3h 5s]
jcire1: bets 234841 and is all-in
jambonator: calls 222575 and is all-in
*** TURN *** [7c 3h 5s] [Kc]
*** RIVER *** [7c 3h 5s Kc] [Ts]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
jcire1: shows [Ad Kh] (a pair of Kings)
jambonator: shows [Qd Qs] (a pair of Queens)
jambonator said, "one time"
jcire1 collected 659950 from pot

OUCH! This pot puts me chip leader, I'm feeling great, final table is about 45mins away. Instead, I got well and truely donked. It's pretty ridiculous how badly this guy played this hand. Stop and go does not work when you've been reraised and you have AK and you miss the flop. The range of hands that I'm folding after this flop to a stop and go are pretty small after I've reraised preflop. If the guy feels he can't get away from his AK, he should shove preflop after I reraise, so he gets to see 5 cards, and, the sick thing is, I would have folded my QQ preflop if he'd done that. Showdowns are to be avoided at all costs when you can't win a pot like me!
So, I got $166.60, double my money back. First prize was 10.5k, and every place on the final table got at least 1k. That's donkament varience for you!

u push with queen 6?!!!

This is a hand from the Noble $100k tourney last Sunday:

Your cards 6s Qh
RomaniaJew folds
stabec raises 3,518 All-in
nicknase folds
AAAkkkAAA goes All-in 5,300
Kisfoka folds
cresus13 folds
lildones folds
Kimthor folds
tedesplomo2 folds
Dealing Flop 3c 3s 6d
Dealing Turn 3c 3s 6d 5h
Dealing River 3c 3s 6d 5h Kd
stabec shows Two Pair 6s Qh
AAAkkkAAA shows One Pair Qd Ac
1,782 returned to AAAkkkAAA
Winner is stabec with Two Pair 3s 3c 6d 6s Kd 8,536

So basically I pushed with Q6 on an eight handed table when I was UTG+1 with an m less than 2.5.
AAAkkkAAA: its a 200 dolar5 buy in and u push with queen 6?
AAAkkkAAA: what an idiot
AAAkkkAAA: do u ever win?
AAAkkkAAA: u werent even big blind next hand. idiot

etc... (went on for about 5 minutes, even after he got knocked out)

It made me think - how often is it that I think someone is playing poorly, but it is just that I don't understand? I'm sure it happened a lot when I first started playing poker.

It's definitely a reason for not berating other peoples play (as well as the fact it is rude and do you really want them to improve as a player?)

Monday, July 03, 2006

June 06 Review

Havn't played since being back in the States. Just been chilling. Got my RB for last month which was about $60... Here is a graph for June 06, not very exciting because only played 1 week and 8k hands but will put up a graph every month.

Bit of a rest, then the big sunday tourney bad beats :-)

The past few days I haven't played a lot of cards. After my lost post, I played an $11 double shootout on pokerstars for the $215 sunday million, and won that. However I unregistered from the tourney bcoz this week it was a buyin+rebuy+addon (triple chance) event, and I didn't fancy a $615 event atm. Friday I played £50 freezeout at local casino, went busto on a 15 outer. Then yesterday I didn't play at all.
Today (Sunday), as always, was the big tournament day. Today could have been a big cash day lol! Played 5 tournaments tonight:

1) Landora $100k gtd, $130 buyin. What a crapshoot! Busted about halfway thru, never had any cards or a stack.
2) Bodog $100k gtd, $109 buyin. Came 41st for $350 ($168 of this went in deals with hanzfat, jac and davey lu). Had a huuuuuuuge pot allin pre with 45 left - AdKd vs A7os. Flop came 568 two diamonds..... kinda urgh. Black 7 on the turn sucked hard, wudve had a really good shot at making final table again if it had held.
3) Noble $4000 gtd, $40 rebuy ($160 in buyins). 2nd for $1200. Headsup I got him allin with J3 on the turn on a board of J963, he had Q9. Q on the river cost me the $2000 first prize. ($518 of this went to jac and hanzfat in deals).
4) Noble $100k gtd, $215 buyin. What can I say. AA vs QT. Nightmare.
5) Party $1 million gtd, $215 buyin (I satellited in, at a profit I think, on the $66 6 handed satellites - I got a few seconds for $145). Average was 10k, i got it allin preflop for 25k pot, wudve put me on 28k, with KK vs AK. Ace on the river. Nightmare.
Oh well, wasn't meant to be! This week, going to try to play at least 15k hands of 6max, but I might be going on a poker tour with davey lu, dru and flash, so we'll see!

Start Bankroll: $12481.33
End Bankroll: $12969.32