Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Best day so far :-D

So best day so far. Owned the 50NL tables, played well, got good cards, and no really bad outdraws in big pots. Need to start playing more hands though when I am having a winning day instead of getting all protective over it and wanting to stop! Also played the $22 $40k guarantee'd but didn't place.

On a side note looks like I might have to move from Party because of their new "Monster Tables". Will be raking an extra .50c out of all raked pots 100NL and up and rumour has it this will soon apply to the 25 and 50NL tables, this will really slash my win rate! Sucks because I love party, have rakeback there and all my scripts set up... :(


Blogger skegvegaspoker said...

The party updates are an absolute nightmate - they are going to lose SO many higher stakes players to stars and UB if they dont do something about it!

Regarding the graph, its nice when variance just leaves for a whole day isn't it? When are you going to move upto $100NL. Just when you meet BR requirements or with other restrictions?


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