Monday, July 03, 2006

Bit of a rest, then the big sunday tourney bad beats :-)

The past few days I haven't played a lot of cards. After my lost post, I played an $11 double shootout on pokerstars for the $215 sunday million, and won that. However I unregistered from the tourney bcoz this week it was a buyin+rebuy+addon (triple chance) event, and I didn't fancy a $615 event atm. Friday I played £50 freezeout at local casino, went busto on a 15 outer. Then yesterday I didn't play at all.
Today (Sunday), as always, was the big tournament day. Today could have been a big cash day lol! Played 5 tournaments tonight:

1) Landora $100k gtd, $130 buyin. What a crapshoot! Busted about halfway thru, never had any cards or a stack.
2) Bodog $100k gtd, $109 buyin. Came 41st for $350 ($168 of this went in deals with hanzfat, jac and davey lu). Had a huuuuuuuge pot allin pre with 45 left - AdKd vs A7os. Flop came 568 two diamonds..... kinda urgh. Black 7 on the turn sucked hard, wudve had a really good shot at making final table again if it had held.
3) Noble $4000 gtd, $40 rebuy ($160 in buyins). 2nd for $1200. Headsup I got him allin with J3 on the turn on a board of J963, he had Q9. Q on the river cost me the $2000 first prize. ($518 of this went to jac and hanzfat in deals).
4) Noble $100k gtd, $215 buyin. What can I say. AA vs QT. Nightmare.
5) Party $1 million gtd, $215 buyin (I satellited in, at a profit I think, on the $66 6 handed satellites - I got a few seconds for $145). Average was 10k, i got it allin preflop for 25k pot, wudve put me on 28k, with KK vs AK. Ace on the river. Nightmare.
Oh well, wasn't meant to be! This week, going to try to play at least 15k hands of 6max, but I might be going on a poker tour with davey lu, dru and flash, so we'll see!

Start Bankroll: $12481.33
End Bankroll: $12969.32


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