Friday, July 28, 2006

July - nightmare month, getting better

So, the last time I posted on the blog was June 7th, pretty much 3 weeks ago. Since then, I had a -$2000 losing week, from sunday 9th - sunday 16th, and a -$345 losing week from 16th-23rd. The week 9th-16th was -$2000 for two main reasons:
1) I dropped $600 on party (400 on cash, 200 on the mill gtd).
2) I played the Noble $1 million guaranteed tournament on the 9th, which was $1000+100 buyin. Obviously, this is horrible bankroll management, but I felt it was worth the gamble. Only around 568 people entered, so the overlay was massive, probably the biggest there will ever be in an online tourney - $375k including rake - equating to around +$660 of EV for each entrant. Also three of us entered - me, jac, and hanzfat, and we were in a deal, which reduces variance. However, it was a bit of a crapshoot, and none of us placed. I got deepest, but with around 100 left, had QQ vs TT vs AK for a treble up, which wudve put me pretty high on the leaderboard. both the K and the T came to knock me out.

For the rest of the week 9th-16th, I didn't play much online because I was on the poker tour with Dave, Flash and Dru. See for a tour review. The highlight of the tour for me was splitting 1st out of 18 in a £20 rebuy at big slick, but we were all dealing equally for the whole tour, so that didnt go far. The tour ended up around breakeven, but was good fun! On the thursday, we ate at Chiqitos, where I stuffed myself with some sort of chicken burger and then a huge dessert. We headed to gutshot, and after I bombed out the tourney, I remember eating a double decker choc bar (made by cadburys). When I woke up on friday, I felt pretty rough, played a bit on party cash, was a winning session until this happened:

I had 9 tables (10max) of $200nl open on my laptop screen, so there was overlap on the tables. On my top left table, i was sitting in the seat bottom middle right. On my middle left table, i was sitting in the seat top middle right. In other words, on those two tables, my cards were right above/below each other. On the top left table, I had pocket 7s, missed my set and folded. On the middle left table, it appeared i had pocket 7s as well. However, I didnt actually have pocket 7s, i had 8d4d - there was some sort of display error, i have no idea how it happened but suffice to say - party poker software SUCKS! I was big blind, with what i thought was 77. One caller in mid pos, SB completes, I check. Flop comes J57. SB checks, i check, MP bets $5, SB folds, I call. Turn is another 7 (i now think i have quads). I check, MP checks. River is 9. No flush possibilities out there. I bet $10, MP raises to $30. I now think he has a boat, so i pushallin for $200 total. He instacalls, and I can't quite believe it when I see the pot moving over to him and his 7s5s!!!! Now thats what you call running bad!

Soon after this, I threw up at Flash' house. Decided I was gonna drive home, let the boys go to gutshot still that night. On the way back I threw up on the hard shoulder of the A249, and the M2 twice lol. Got home, threw up all night. Food poisoning symptoms continued for A WHOLE WEEK!!!! Not sure what caused it - maybe the chicken burger, maybe the cadburys choc bar!! So i was pretty fucked, dehydrated and shit, had to go to doctors. Didn't play any cards the whole time I was ill, except from bodog 100k and party mill on sunday 15th. Hence why sunday 16th-23rd was only -$345, not much of a swing either way cos I wasn't playing.

This week, again I've been running bad. Played quite a few tournaments, $10 rebuys and up, and $30 freezeouts and up. Came close a few times (16th in the stars $50 rebuy doh!) but nothing major. Played a very small sample of cash, which I ran bad/didn't play great in - dropped about $250 in a cash game I played with tommo - including me stacking off a full buyin to tommo when I tried to push him off AA with a pair + open-ended. Put him on a lower pocket pair than aces and thought he would lay it down - whoops! Also played a bit on fulltilt - lost $320 in a 1 hour four tabling session - players on full tilt are sick, and I couldn't hit a flop. Also dropped one buyin in an hour session on pacific when I had AK run into 66 on an AK6 flop :-(

So this week was going pretty bad until tonight, i was down just over $1000 for the week again, and feeling pretty down about poker in general. Tonight though, I caught my first break in a long time, won the $12 rebuy $5k gtd on VC for $1866. Ran it over final 3 tables, raising pretty much every hand - played very well, so I'm feeling a bit better right now. The bankroll stats are as follows, going from when I last posted to now:
Start Bankroll: $13,095.35
End Bankroll: $10,996.59

Pretty bad, but the recovery is underway, fingers crossed!


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