Monday, July 31, 2006

July Review

* Apologize about the lack of an excel daily graph but being in the states til 21st messed that up. Gonna just use Poker Grapher from now on. Played 5k hands in the states, rest has been in this last 1 week.
  • Hands Played: 28K
  • Money Won : $1,680
  • Cashed Out : $700
  • Tourney Fees: $100
  • Bonuses : $250
  • Rakeback : $280
    • Start of Month Roll: $800
    • End of Month Roll : $2350
August Goals
  • Get to $10K total bankroll
  • Move up to $400NL
  • Play 100K hands
  • Become more aggressive, and more positionally aware
  • Read Harrington Volume's 1-3
  • Re-read Sklansky NLTP
  • Get to 250 posts on 2p2
August Approach
  • Play 4K hands a day with 1 day off a week (6-tabling)
  • Move up at $3K to $100NL
  • Move up at $4.5K to $200NL
  • Move up at $10K to $400NL


Anonymous alex straight said...

blog is looking good! have you read about their summer sizzler promotion?

how many party points you got now? u might b able to get some well cool stuff!

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