Friday, July 07, 2006

The Return to Cards

So bought Sklansky and Harrington and a couple of motivational books. Gonna give up TV when I get back to England. Was doing some math and my roll should be on about $860 in actual cash and add another $60 when I get paid back by Sam (hopefully when I get back).

Did some calculations on my expenses when I get back (in pounds):
August Rent : 145
Sept Rent : 270 (on campus)
Bills July/Aug: 50 (estimate, should be less)
Food/Living : 25 a week * 10 weeks = 250
Total : 715 = $1350 (act a little less)

So that is how much I will need to cash out of the bankroll over summer. Really annoying but has to be done. There is a $150 empire bonus and a $100 party reload bonus that I will do as soon as my neteller gets fixed (something about me logging in from the States) so hopefully that + the play I will do should let my bankroll hit 1.2k but whatever happens I am gonna start playing again tommorow. Will be putting in as many hours as I can whilst still in the States on the .10-.25 table and try to build it up as high as possible. Moment the roll is $1.5K i am gonna move up limits and if by Aug 1st it is $1.2k I will stay up (after cashing out some expenses). Pretty scary how much I have to use to live off but playing 40 hours a week when I get back and putting in 40-80 hours over the next couple weeks (b4 I go back on the 20th) should hopefully allow me to move up soon. Now to fix that neteller!!


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