Friday, July 07, 2006

u push with queen 6?!!!

This is a hand from the Noble $100k tourney last Sunday:

Your cards 6s Qh
RomaniaJew folds
stabec raises 3,518 All-in
nicknase folds
AAAkkkAAA goes All-in 5,300
Kisfoka folds
cresus13 folds
lildones folds
Kimthor folds
tedesplomo2 folds
Dealing Flop 3c 3s 6d
Dealing Turn 3c 3s 6d 5h
Dealing River 3c 3s 6d 5h Kd
stabec shows Two Pair 6s Qh
AAAkkkAAA shows One Pair Qd Ac
1,782 returned to AAAkkkAAA
Winner is stabec with Two Pair 3s 3c 6d 6s Kd 8,536

So basically I pushed with Q6 on an eight handed table when I was UTG+1 with an m less than 2.5.
AAAkkkAAA: its a 200 dolar5 buy in and u push with queen 6?
AAAkkkAAA: what an idiot
AAAkkkAAA: do u ever win?
AAAkkkAAA: u werent even big blind next hand. idiot

etc... (went on for about 5 minutes, even after he got knocked out)

It made me think - how often is it that I think someone is playing poorly, but it is just that I don't understand? I'm sure it happened a lot when I first started playing poker.

It's definitely a reason for not berating other peoples play (as well as the fact it is rude and do you really want them to improve as a player?)


Anonymous alex straight said...

Q6! he's right, i bet you never win!

1:42 PM  
Blogger nextgenneo said...

nice post chubb. never berate the fishies, let them think every1 else sucks so they continue to donate their $$ with TPTK

1:56 PM  

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