Monday, July 10, 2006

Why I don't play tournaments...

Apart from the regular arguments (takes ages, high variance, cant leave in the middle of one, play for hours and might not make loads, etc etc), I have a new reason. They put you on massive tilt!!!

Since my $10-20 days havn't really been going on tilt because I realize that I choose to make $$$ in a game that short term results are heavily dependent on luck. Taking massive beats in $5,000 pots definately levels you and makes you understand the nature of this game but getting really deep in a tourney only to lose a massive pot that'd make you chip leader and put you in good sted to win $4,000 (in an $11 buy in event) is a different story!!!

Not gonna bore you with the bad beat story but b4 it I was avoiding playing cards all day today (had a bad feeling), decided to play $20k guaranteed $11 buy in, lost, went on tilt, jerked off $60 playing .10-.25 like a mad man trying to get my $11 back (to be fair I was just playing really hard and not awfully and the other players are donks, who call $8 reraises pre with 22 when they dont have the implied odds to catch their sets :-{ ). Then I went and bought Poker Tracker for $55 so not the greatest day on the bankroll!!

Regroup tommorow, hopefully put in a few k hands and do the party bonus. One thing that I still need to work on is when I am playing to ignore what my bankroll is, and really trying to have + days. Also, not to play tourney's til I both a) read Harrington 1-3 for the first time b) have a nicer roll.


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