Thursday, August 31, 2006


Finally got round to writing something about this tourney! Leading up to the tourney I was feeling great about how I was playing, but I was on a cold run of cards live and online. Still, I strongly believed that I could go deep and win the tournament.
10k starting stacks, 2hr levels, plenty of time to play. I knew day 1 would depend a lot on my table, and if I was on the wrong sort of table, I would have to pick up some decent hands to gain a lot of chips as my plan was not to get involved with crap on day 1 unless the table was tight passive.
I get to the table, seat 6, and recognise 2 faces who Ive played at gutshot before, one is very aggressive but pretty bad, and the other was a nit. I soon become aware that the player in seat 1 has just returned from the WSOP with $500k, so I planned to stay out of his way until I worked his game out. So we are about to start, and we get another player join the table as a table has broken next door. None other than Dave Lu joins my table in seat 8 :-S
Things I soon picked up::: seat 7 was an absolute nit, played premiums only. Seat 1 (mr wsop) got mad lucky to win 500k and was easy to read. Seat 3 seemed like an online player venturing live for the first time, didnt seem too comfortable at the table. Cant remember much else about the table right now.
I would love to say I had a lot of interesting hands to post from day 1, but the fact is I had absolutely nothing! I could never get going on day1, while Dave was running over the table, my chip stack was slowly dwindling away. I made 2 pair 3 times on day1, and every time I ran into a bigger 2 pair. The biggest hand I won a pot with was one pair. I picked up AA once at 50/100 and took down the blinds. No AK, AQ, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, and no sets, for 7 hours. So, my stack dropped as low as 4k, when the only interesting hand of the day occurred:
Folds to me in late position, blinds 100/200 I find 77 (MONSTER!!!) and make it 700 to play. Folds to the big blind, seat 1 (mr wsop) who calls. I know he is calling to try to outplay me. Anyway, flop comes Tc8c4s (i think... details are sketchy). He checks, and, confident I have the best hand I check behind. Turn comes a 3c. He bets 1500, and I have about 3500 total left. I put it allin and he calls with Ac4h, and my hand holds up. Nothing else interesting happened and I ended the day on 7200. To be honest, I could have ended the day on 3000 chips and I wouldn't have cared, as long as I'm ahead of the structure the other stacks at the table don't bother me too much.
Props to Dave for playing really well on day1, he ended the day on about 20k but lost a pretty big pot with 77 v AK allin on a board of A74. Turn A, river K. Sick! Flash also ended day1 on a healthy 25k stack, and Dru busted at the end of the day. My mate from home Ed also played and he was an absolute card rack on day 1, picking up aces and kings 5 times each, queens a few times, etc etc. I think he ended the day close to 20k after his kings ran into aces near the end of the day.
So, after bagging up the chips, and getting home at about 5am, not much sleep was on cards due to the 3pm start on Saturday.
3pm came and everyone looked pretty tired already, with 12 hours of play ahead. My table draw was awesome for day 2. There were 4 big stacks on my right, and short stacks like me on my left. The big stacks came out fairly loosey goosey, especially the player on my immediate right. I picked up a couple of pots early, then got JJ, and smooth called a raise from the loosey goosey player on my right, hoping this would be my double up hand if he tried to bully me. Flop came Q-rag-rag, and he fired out and I called. Turn came a blank and he pushed me allin. Decision time! He could literally have anything here, but I decided I didnt want to bust out with 2 outs in the deck and an underpair so laid down probably the best hand. Soon after i picked up TT and smooth called another of his raises. The flop came T-rag-rag WOW! He checked, I checked behind. Turn came a blank, he checked, I bet fairly small and he folded, claiming AK :-( damn!!!
Then I picked up AK and won a very nice pot against the same guy which got me above 10k for the first time in the tournament, we were nearing the end of the 100/200/25 level and I was up to 13k without a showdown. Then I played my worst hand in the tournament. The player who was on my left (seat 7) on day 1, was on my table again on day 2, in seat 2, with me in seat 6 again. On day1 this guy had played like a total rock, and he opened UTG for 700, and he had me covered, around 15k. I look down at 77, mmm, and call for set value. Flop comes 843 and he bets 1000. For some reason I sensed weakness, and went against my original read and raised him 2400 more. He thought about it for a while and moved allin arghghghghggh and I instamuck :-( He told me afterwards he had QQ. Bah!!! GO WITH YOUR F**KING READS!!!
So I come back after the break with around 8500 chips at 150/300/25, so I still have plenty of chips, but most of the table has over 20k. I dropped to about 7500 when I was on the big blind with Ac6s. 4 limpers and we see a flop of Tc7c4c. I bet 1000, and it folded to a middle position limper who raised to 3000. I thought about it and tried to pick up how strong he was for around 2 minutes, and by the end of that time I knew he was weak. I figured my ace was live, and my nut flush draw was obviously live, I thought I had fold equity, plus, even if I'm behind and get called, if I win the hand and double up I have chips to play with and I think I can get the aggressive guys to dump a big stack on me so I moved allin. He thought about it for about 20 seconds and then said I know I'm behind but I'm committed I have to call URGHGHGHGH!!!! Don't think he was committed with jack-ten no clubs but I lose the coinflip for the 16k pot.
Oh well, thats poker. Dave, Ed and Flash all bust on day2, all late in the day. Dave and Ed bust with ~35 players left, and I must give a special mention to Ed who mangaged to lose 70,000 chips in one hand at 400/800 when he reraised a guy in postion with 52, the guy called and the flop came 3hAd7d. The guy bet out and Ed raised him, the guy thought about it and called. The turn came 7d and the guy checked. Ed checked behind (pot is 40k, Ed has 40k left), oops. River comes Qs and guy checks. Ed moves allin for 40,600, and the gutshot forum describes what happened as follows:
"James dwelled and eventually called.
The moment he called Ed instantly mucked, shook his hand and walked away without even waiting to see his cards.
James showed
After the hand James said it was “the toughest call I have made in my life”

Hehehe, sometimes Ed is too fearless for his own good :-)

Enough about gutshot. Sunday night instead of playing online, me, Ed and Dave went to pokernitez in wokingham for £100 freezeout. Pretty sweet place, only 18 runners tho. Ed chopped first, dave came 4th and I got cold decked :-) came 6th.
Tuesday I drove up to leam to move into my new flat. Played a few tournies online on tuesday night, and once again made the final two tables of the $10 rebuy, 35k gtd ($12,000 first prize) on stars, only for my AcKc to run into KK and I came 16th.

The roll is not looking healthy at the moment as I had to cashout $2500 to pay 3 months rent and security deposit, and another $1500 to pay for half of my new car. Doh! Back to grinding $200nl for the time being then. Plan is to get back to $400nl by the end of september at the latest.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Job done!

Whu-hoo! After 20 days of some of the dryest poker ever finally won some decent money! Came 2nd (damn my heads up sucks) in a party $109 regular 299 runners. Took $4600, that puts me about $5,500 up for the month. Met the target and can now buy the car when I get back form the states so am very happy!

Was just one of those tournies where everything goes your way. Flopped a set in the first level after calling two min raises from TT and KK who were then both happy to bang it all in with overpairs. Who re-minraises with KK in 1st level? And who gets all their money in with TT in the 1st level - thinks hes Dave Lu (hehe)

Also cracked AA with AK for a massive pot. Was awesome! KK3 flop hahahahaahahhahaaha!

So here are a couple of hands that made me smile:


In the heads up:

NL Texas Holdem Trny:27709530 Level:16 Blinds-Antes(6000/12000-200) - Tuesday, August 22, 20:10:21 ET 2006
Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 2
Seat 3: MadebyDAD ( $554370 )
Seat 10: hanzfat ( $342630 )

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to hanzfat [ Th 3c ]
hanzfat calls [6000].

MadebyDAD checks.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Ac, Jh, 8c ]

MadebyDAD checks.
hanzfat checks.

** Dealing Turn ** [ Ah ]
MadebyDAD checks.
hanzfat checks.

** Dealing River ** [ Qh ]
MadebyDAD bets [12500].
hanzfat calls [12500].

MadebyDAD shows [ 7d, 3s ] a pair of aces.
hanzfat shows [ Th, 3c ] a pair of aces.

hanzfat wins 49400 chips from the main pot with a pair of aces with ten kicker.
***** Hand History for Game


This hand was weird! Johnboy is a hero!

***** Hand History for Game 5004547571 *****
NL Texas Holdem Trny:27709530 Level:9 Blinds-Antes(600/1200-50) - Tuesday, August 22, 18:13:28 ET 2006
Table Regular(799034) Table #2 (Real Money)
Seat 8 is the button

Total number of players : 8
Seat 1: tudorAA ( $39700 )
Seat 2: vladkos ( $14155 )
Seat 3: aldahan ( $26774 )
Seat 5: hanzfat ( $26891 )
Seat 6: Commerceplay ( $10870 )
Seat 9: countpipula ( $23988 )
Seat 7: johnboy15xx ( $79731 )
Seat 8: MrConceited ( $14129 )

Trny:27709530 Level:9
tudorAA posts ante [50].
vladkos posts ante [50].
aldahan posts ante [50].
hanzfat posts ante [50].
Commerceplay posts ante [50].
johnboy15xx posts ante [50].
MrConceited posts ante [50].
countpipula posts ante [50].

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to hanzfat [ Ks 2h ]
Dealt to johnboy15xx [ Kh, 6h ]

vladkos folds.
aldahan folds.

hanzfat raises [2800].

Commerceplay folds.

johnboy15xx calls [2800]. No idea why he felt like calling here with 3 players still to act!

MrConceited folds.
countpipula folds.
tudorAA folds.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 3h, Qs, 9d ]
hanzfat bets [4000].
johnboy15xx calls [4000]. Haha 1 overcard and a backdoor!

** Dealing Turn ** [ Qh ]

hanzfat bets [7000]. Wouldn't normally fire the turn here but I just felt like johnboy was being fishy and thought another barrel would work.

johnboy15xx calls [7000]. Ok this is fair enough with a flush draw

** Dealing River ** [ 8d ]
hanzfat checks.
johnboy15xx checks. He should always put me in here, but oh well what a mug!

hanzfat shows [ Ks, 2h ] a pair of queens.
johnboy15xx shows [ Kh, 6h ] a pair of queens.

hanzfat wins 14900 chips from the main pot with a pair of queens.
johnboy15xx wins 14900 chips from the main pot with a pair of queens.
***** Hand History for Game


Monday, August 21, 2006

A bit of live, back to 400nl, and the ever-so-depressing Sunday majors

Quick summary of the rest of this week:
Thursday: Played some more 6max $400NL. Just 375 hands, I was feeling particularly lazy! Made $488.95 in the session. Three of the four tables I was playing went pretty bad lol, but the other one i got up to four buyins in the end, including my biggest ever pot:::::

***** Hand History for Game 4968791339 *****
$400 NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, August 17, 18:52:42 ET 2006
Table Monster #1281895 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 6: sendsomefat ( $171.14 )
Seat 4: Marjorie1947 ( $1190.14 )
Seat 5: raycombs ( $690.91 )
Seat 3: Doc_RIP ( $465.10 )
Seat 2: butt0npusher ( $346 )
raycombs posts small blind [$2].
sendsomefat posts big blind [$4].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ Qc Kc ]
butt0npusher folds.
Doc_RIP folds.
Marjorie1947 raises [$14].
raycombs calls [$12].
sendsomefat folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 5s, Jc, Tc ]
raycombs checks.
Marjorie1947 bets [$24].
raycombs raises [$83].
Marjorie1947 is all-In. (I had a very LAG image on this table, and this is the best time to stick it in, have no more decisions. If he folds I take a tidy little pot, if he calls I am very likely, especially considering my image, to be favourite for a massive pot)
raycombs is all-In.
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2c ]
** Dealing River ** [ 9c ]
raycombs shows [ 5c, 4c ] a flush, jack high. (So he called me with bottom pair and 5-high flush draw, against which I am 65% favourite. Combination of my LAG image and him being a muppet I suppose. What does he think I play big pots/push here with? Aces? Hahaha)
Marjorie1947 shows [ Qc, Kc ] a straight flush, king high. (When am I gonna get a two-card royal?)
The time at which hand ended:Aug 17 2006 18:54 ET
Marjorie1947 wins $499.23 from side pot #1 with a straight flush, king high.
Marjorie1947 wins $1383.32 from the main pot with a straight flush, king high.

Friday: First day of the weekend, fun times ahead! Or not. It was about time I had a downswing, and a combination of an ice cold deck and a few bad beats led to me losing $672.10 in 6max in 1,055 hands, and $522.10 in 1,383 hands at full ring. In the 2,438 hands I played, I got dealt aces only 4 times, and only won 3 of those times. I got dealt kings 6 times, and made only $140 from 6 winning hands lol. So, what did i get to make up for getting a below average sample of aces and kings? My favourite hand, pocket queens, 14 times. Thanks for that, they won 42% of the time at 6max. Argh.
Most I won in a hand in 2,438 hands was 3/4 of a buyin. Second most I won was half a buyin. Pretty amazing that I didn't lose more on the night really!!!

Saturday: So I woke up about 7pm after the friday night session, showered, had breakfast and headed to the casino for £100 double chance, 8pm start. Only 13 runners this week, a lot of the faithful had gone to Brighton for the £500 double chance. Anyway, the structure in this tournament is pretty awesome, 7.5k chips for each half of the double chance, and i take the full 15k to start. I expect to win this tournament every time I play it. I've played it 3 times now, the first time I won it with about 30 runners, the second time I got bad beat just shy of final table in a huge pot, and the third time was tonight.
Wanted to play my A-game in this tournament as 1) i need some live poker funds, and 2) felt it was reasonable practice for next weeks GSOP. The first two levels (25-50, 50/100) I played tight. I would see cheap flops with suited connectors, pps, but really wasnt getting involved and barely raised a pot. When the 100/200 level hit, I started opening up. People were insisting on limping in, and whenever I had the button or cutoff, I popped it up and made them pay. Built my stack to around 20k, then my antics got me in trouble when I popped it up on the button (6 handed, 300/600) after some limpers with T6os. 2 callers, bb and UTG. Flop came 632, and it checked to me. As usual I fired out a cb, of around 3000. BB folds, UTG makes it 6k more. Considering I'd been doing this a lot, thought he might be playing back at me with nothing, but, hey, 15,000 chips is still plenty. Folded and he showed 33 for a set.
Then a few orbits later I played this pot with the same guy who showed the set before. 3 limpers, blinds 400/800, I am small blind with ~16,000. I have A8os, and fire it up to 3,500, as I know they are all weak and think they are all folding. This guy calls, he has me covered, but only just, about 18,000 total. Flop comes KA6 rainbow. I bet out 4,000, and he immediately moves allin. Normally this guy is a tight player, but everything about it told me he was weak. Physical tells were actually the most important factor in me calling here. He had A2, turn came a Q, river a 7, and my 8 kicker held up.
Moved to the final table, and I was third in chips on around 32k. Only top 3 get paid. Started off playing pretty solid, back to 9 handed I don't want to get too involved. Dropped to about 29k, then I picked up JJ in the small blind, blinds 500/1000. UTG folds, UTG+1, who I've played a lot with, and is a fairly good player (for the standard in this casino!!) makes it 3000 to play, with 16,000 total. Something about this seemed a bit off to me, He normally raises around 4x bb with his big hands. The old dear at the table (who is a TERRIBLE player, knows nothing about poker) had ALL the chips, about 45k, from the other table, after apparantly getting very very lucky. She will call a raise before the flop with anything that looks pretty, especially soooooted. Anyway, she calls, as per usual (mmm sweetens the pot even more). Folds to me. Now I knew that I had the raiser beat at that point. He might have AQ, AJ, or a smaller pair. Anyway, I decided I wanted to take the pot right there. I didn't to raise 6k more and let him think he could see a flop with AQ, AJ, and fold if he missed. So I made it 12k more, basically putting him allin. He thinks about it for aaaaaages and folds. Then, the old dear says "im going to call, and raise allin). I'm like WOWWWWW!!!!! WTF?!?!?! This I completely wasn't expecting. After putting half my stack in, I felt committed getting over 3 to 1 and made the call, she had AA and that was that, especially when 2 of the others at the table said they folded jacks :-S. The other guy folded TT. My buddy Ed came 2nd, so I got my money back plus £50 in our deal.

So I went home, and fired up Party. Surely I couldn't lose money on a saturday?!!? Nope, its impossible to lose money on a saturday. Played 1,728 hands on full ring, 12 tabling, and the donks were out in full force. One hand I had AA in the BB, folds to small blind, we both have full stacks. He raises to $10, I make it $26, he makes it $70, and I make it $200 (could I be more obvious???) He flat calls, flop comes K22, and he moves in. I think he must have KK, but call, turn and river blank off, and he shows TT. FWAAAAAAAAAATCHAAAAAAA!!! I won two other big pots, both with sets (obviously! this is full ring!). Ended up +$837 when I had set over set at the end of the session.

Sunday: Oh great, sundays. Time for donkaments :-S. 7pm, Bodog, no1 in the deal this week, I think they've all given up on Bodog because they know the consortium has had too much money off bodog this year and isn't going to give us another cent. I on the other hand, still have the belief I can take it down again, so I played. Doubled up early, and all was looking rosy. Then I lost KK vs AQ allin pre for a big pot, and then my JJ ran into KK. Done before 9pm.
Ate dinner, fired up the Pacific 100k gtd at 9.05, and, after a pretty uneventful tournament, busted in around 350th.
9.30 - party mill gtd. Hmm I'm beginning to think I suck REALLY BAD at tournaments. Must have played this tourney 10 times at least now, and I've cashed once. It pays like 15% of the field for gods sake! Was in a deal with hanzfat, jac and pook. Jac busted real early, I busted after about 2hrs, hanzfat busted when his KK ran into AA sometime in the third hour. But pook, in true STA spirit, in his first shot at the tourney, battled through to come around 300th for ~$600 when the STA stack could stand losing no more 80:20, 70:30 and 60:40 shots against short stacks. GG tho pook :-)

This week is going to suck. As I'm playing GSOP next weekend, I figure I should probably get away from my cash game, and concentrate on working on my tournament game. This will include watching every video on PokerXfactor, and playing as many deepstacks on stars as I can find (including the $10 one maybe.... arghghghgh). Will play loads of other tournies as well, and fully expect to be down around $1000 this week. Yes, I suck at tournaments. That is all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oh the swings!!

Just played my first mini session at $400NL. Only played 431 hands, 4-tabling 6max, because the variance in the session was pretty sick, and thought I'd ease myself in gradually. Got some hardcore hands to post lol - the $1144 pot i got rivered for was pretty sicck, first big pot i played on 400nl. Ended up +$677 after a few nice hands went my way.

***** Hand History for Game 4956465343 *****
$400 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, August 15, 19:46:53 ET 2006
Table Monster #1277380 (No DP) (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: twoheys222 ( $321.23 )
Seat 2: OVERRUN_ ( $650.35 )
Seat 4: HuggerISten ( $610.58 )
Seat 5: johntranijr ( $572.80 )
Seat 6: DonRobertNL ( $413.90 )
Seat 3: Marjorie1947 ( $594.62 )
HuggerISten posts small blind [$2].
johntranijr posts big blind [$4].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ 3s As ]
DonRobertNL folds.
twoheys222 folds.
OVERRUN_ folds.
Marjorie1947 raises [$16].
HuggerISten folds.
johntranijr calls [$12].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 7s, 4h, 5s ]
johntranijr bets [$47.87]. (Overbets the pot. Was a bit confused, thought he had a draw or some sort of weak hand that wanted me to go away, but, I had the nut flush draw and double belly buster, so f**k it, repop)
Marjorie1947 raises [$160].
johntranijr calls [$112.13].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 6d ]
johntranijr is all-In. (Wow, moves in around the pot, and I've hit the bottom end of the straight. I didnt think he would be calling my reraise on the flop with a gutshot 8 tho, and if he had 86, decided to pay him off, and I still have the backup flush draw)
Marjorie1947 calls [$396.80].
** Dealing River ** [ 5c ]
johntranijr shows [ 6c, 6s ] a full house, Sixes full of fives.
Marjorie1947 shows [ 3s, As ] a straight, three to seven.
The time at which hand ended:Aug 15 2006 19:47 ET
johntranijr wins $1144.10 from the main pot with a full house, Sixes full of fives. (Ouch)

***** Hand History for Game 4956664305 *****
$400 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, August 15, 20:11:21 ET 2006
Table Monster #1277065 (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 1: Iliketodream ( $657.26 )
Seat 5: headbug ( $722.50 )
Seat 3: Marjorie1947 ( $425.10 )
Seat 2: Kintanti007 ( $442.60 )
Seat 6: postulate ( $86 )
Iliketodream posts small blind [$2].
Kintanti007 posts big blind [$4].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ 9c Ac ]
Marjorie1947 raises [$16].
postulate folds.
Iliketodream folds.
Kintanti007 calls [$12].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 6d, 4s, 4c ]
Kintanti007 checks.
Marjorie1947 bets [$20].
Kintanti007 raises [$40].
Marjorie1947 raises [$60]. (So i continuation bet, he minraises me, I think he's full of s**t so I repop him to $80, and i have the backdoor! he calls....)
Kintanti007 calls [$40].
** Dealing Turn ** [ Tc ]
waboarder has joined the table.
Kintanti007 bets [$96.45].
Marjorie1947 is all-In. (woo i picked up my backdoor draw! thought I had fold equity here, plus the nut flush draw as a backup. anyway, good metagame if it all goes wrong)
Kintanti007 calls [$232.65].
** Dealing River ** [ Ad ]
Kintanti007 shows [ 2c, 5c ] a pair of fours. (WTF!!!!! this guy is mental!!!!)
Marjorie1947 shows [ 9c, Ac ] two pairs, aces and fours.
The time at which hand ended:Aug 15 2006 20:12 ET
Marjorie1947 wins $849.70 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and fours.

***** Hand History for Game 4956819510 *****
$400 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, August 15, 20:31:13 ET 2006
Table Monster #1279137 (No DP) (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: CheckLaise ( $743.35 )
Seat 2: ogleman ( $318.49 )
Seat 3: OVERRUN_ ( $1158.40 )
Seat 4: Marjorie1947 ( $483.80 )
Seat 5: shyamr7 ( $205.61 )
Seat 6: Snapesniper ( $510.50 )
Marjorie1947 posts small blind [$2].
shyamr7 posts big blind [$4].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ Ad Ah ]
Snapesniper folds.
CheckLaise folds.
ogleman raises [$15].
OVERRUN_ folds.
Marjorie1947 raises [$38].
shyamr7 calls [$36].
ogleman raises [$60]. (THANKYOU)
Marjorie1947 calls [$35]. (Both guys werent very deep, and I wanted to stack them both, so I flat called)
shyamr7 calls [$35].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 2s, As, 8d ] (yum yum)
Marjorie1947 checks.
shyamr7 checks.
ogleman bets [$222]. (THANKYOU!!!!)
Marjorie1947 calls [$222].
shyamr7 is all-In.
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8c ] (THANKYOU!!!)
Marjorie1947 bets [$22].
ogleman is all-In.
** Dealing River ** [ 4s ]
Marjorie1947 shows [ Ad, Ah ] a full house, Aces full of eights.
shyamr7 doesn't show [ Ts, Qs ] a flush, ace high.
ogleman doesn't show [ Kh, Kc ] two pairs, kings and eights.
The time at which hand ended:Aug 15 2006 20:32 ET
Marjorie1947 wins $0.51 from side pot #2 with a full house, Aces full of eights.
Marjorie1947 wins $225.76 from side pot #1 with a full house, Aces full of eights.
Marjorie1947 wins $613.33 from the main pot with a full house, Aces full of eights.

***** Hand History for Game 4956821476 *****
$400 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, August 15, 20:31:28 ET 2006
Table Monster #1277065 (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: Iliketodream ( $924.01 )
Seat 3: Marjorie1947 ( $609.20 )
Seat 2: MisterWar ( $533.10 )
Seat 6: patientplayer01 ( $148.30 )
Seat 4: Michelle_18 ( $455.30 )
Seat 5: max425 ( $200 )
Michelle_18 posts small blind [$2].
max425 posts big blind [$4].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ Qd Qc ]
patientplayer01 folds.
Iliketodream folds.
MisterWar folds.
Marjorie1947 raises [$14].
Michelle_18 raises [$46]. (This guys stats were 30 VPIP, 18 PFR, so I was pretty sure his repopping range was bigger than aces or kings. I wanted to disguise my hand, give him some room to hang himself, so I just flat called)
max425 has been reconnected and has 10 seconds to act.
max425 folds.
Marjorie1947 calls [$34].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 5d, 7c, 8d ]
Michelle_18 bets [$64].
Marjorie1947 calls [$64]. (Flop was pretty safe, but I thought I'd try to represent a chasing AK and let one more card peel off)
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2c ] (DEUCE!)
Michelle_18 bets [$112].
Marjorie1947 is all-In. (Went with my read, thought I was ahead, so jammed it in)
Michelle_18 folds.
Marjorie1947 does not show cards.
The time at which hand ended:Aug 15 2006 20:32 ET
Marjorie1947 wins $833.70

***** Hand History for Game 4956855251 *****
$400 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, August 15, 20:36:11 ET 2006
Table Monster #1277380 (No DP) (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: twoheys222 ( $460.62 )
Seat 2: OVERRUN_ ( $1039.64 )
Seat 3: Marjorie1947 ( $416.50 )
Seat 5: paatrick ( $155.56 )
Seat 6: kumequat ( $394 )
Seat 4: waboarder ( $299.90 )
twoheys222 posts small blind [$2].
OVERRUN_ posts big blind [$4].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ Ac Kd ]
Marjorie1947 raises [$14].
waboarder folds.
paatrick calls [$14].
kumequat folds.
twoheys222 calls [$12].
OVERRUN_ raises [$66]. (This guy was playing hardcore cards. Repopping everything in sight, raising every button, cutoff, popping it up hard with any limpers etc. So, when I raised UTG and two people called, I KNEW he was going to repop it from the big blind. I literally put his range as any two cards, so, I told him to f**k off with his repopping)
Marjorie1947 raises [$236].
paatrick folds.
twoheys222 folds.
OVERRUN_ folds.
Marjorie1947 does not show cards.
The time at which hand ended:Aug 15 2006 20:37 ET
Marjorie1947 wins $348

So, in these 430 hands, I learnt a bit about 400nl 6max. First of all, I learnt that the short term swings are sick, but I'll soon get used to it. Second, I learnt that people LOVE to repop raises at this level. The standard is certainly better than at 200nl. I played slightly tigher than normal because of this - was playing 20 VPIP / 15 PFR. Also, I learnt that OVERRUN_ was a sickhead, and I need to stay out of his way lol.
Anyway, until next time, take a look at my rather small graph for the session :-)

Monday, August 14, 2006

August Week 2

So the graph is wrong by about $200 (should be up $200 more) but that is some Poker Tracker error. If i didn't play that random mini session at the end would have ended the week out over $4,000 total bankroll but oh well. As soon as I make $1k can take a shot at $200NL though which is gonna be sweet. Hopefully I will be able to do that by Friday. Not keeping on track for my daily hand requirements but with a bit of luck I could still squeeze it to $10,000 bankroll end of month.

In other news start work at the stock market thing Tuesday... should make me pretty rich. Got the apartment in Cov, just gotta make sure things with that are finalized this week. Life's going pretty well.

August so far

This month, I have really come to the realisation that tournament poker SUCKS!!! Can't stand it anymore lol, from now on, I'm only playing tournaments on sundays and when I play live. I don't think theres an incredible amount of money to be made in tournies in general online. You might have a big cash, say 20k, once in a blue moon, but, a decent $400NL player should be averaging at least that every month, easily, and $400NL is pretty small stakes compared to what you can get up to online.
This month I've got a bit more involved in playing cash games. The past two saturdays I've been 12 tabling 10max $200NL on party, and made a decent amount doing that, but winrate isnt that high considering the number of hands you have to put in. I think I'm finally learning how to beat 6max for a decent winrate, but, I haven't put in a huge number of hands to be honest. On august 9th, i four tabled $200NL, played just over 1000 hands, and the winning formula of 25% VPIP / 20% pre flop raise gave me a sick winrate of 29ptbb/100 and $1200. Obviously I ran pretty sick in these 1000 hands, but, I'm confident I can average at least 5ptbb/100 on 6max now.
So far this month, ive played 13,500 hands of $200NL, unfortunately pokertracker combines my 6max and 10max stats, so all I can tell you is I've run at 5.16ptbb/100 and made $2.7k over these hands.
Tournaments on the other hand, have been going BAD, so I'm up about $1.5k for the month so far, roll is hovering on $12,000.
Subscribed to pokerXfactor this month, is pretty awesome, would recommend it highly for anyone who wants to get good at donkaments ;-) A lot of the concepts I've already heard of, but it really reinforces them in your mind.
Plans for the rest of the month:
  • PLAY MORE!! MOVE UP!! Aim is to put in at least 20,000 more hands this month, and I should be moving up to $400NL 6max very soon.
  • Play Gutshot Series of Poker (G.S.O.P.) £330 Main Event from August 25th-28th. WSOP main event structure, should be good fun. Anywhere that isn't 1st (or 2nd if it's to Flash!) and I'll be pretty annoyed with myself lol!
  • Move in to sick new apartment in Coventry on August 29th with Kads. Spend rakeback for the month on stuff for the apartment (think plasma TV, sky, etc.) :D
Next update will be when I have played a few thousand hands at $400NL. For now, check out my graph for the month so far!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tough weekend so far

Been swinging pretty hard, dropped over a grand and have made it all back since. Little up since the last post but not loads... Poker Tracker has been messing up importing hand's so the graph is a litte messed up but will try and get it fixed by tommorow's weekend review. Playing really hard Loose Aggressive game these days, here is a funny convo I had on the table after someone made a sick call with a counterfieted bottom 2-pair after I bluffed every street represnting a monster, if I pasted the hand you would realize it was an awful but great call, lol.

me: u had no idea
me: that u had 1 pair
me: did u
guy2: true was commited
me: lol
guy1 lol you are pro
me: sarcasm?
guy1: no
guy3: nice call
guy1: you got nuts too
guy1: you play your hand perfekt
me: haha tx
guy1: normaly proch dont call you
guy1: and you win the pot
me: yeah, was a great call
me: not sure he knows y tho
guy1: lol
guy3: true
guy1: with a pair of 8
guy2: oops
guy1: you play gus hanson style
guy1: i am afraid
me: haha
me: lol, tx bud
guy1: never know if you have monster or nothing
guy2: I call and hope he was bluffin*

*I went on to bust 2 out of the 3 guys in this conversation

Friday, August 11, 2006

August Mid Week 2

So had to cash out $600 from the bankroll which hurt. Bills and such.... Finally learned how to beat .50-1, involves playing pretty mental, raising 25% of flops and being super aggressive. Just had a great session that ended really bad, all in the graph. Playing really well though and its weekend tommorow so hopefully can keep bringing it in :-)

Bankroll (reduced due to cash outs): $3,700

What do you do here?

This is a hand that came up in the noble $30RB that I wasn't to sure on. Let me know what you think?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In the green- well kind of!

Haven't written for the last couple of days cos variance was making me its bitch and I didn't want to be constantly moaning about it.

But finally last night I had a decent final table placing- came 4th in a 400 player $50 party regular for $1351. Was in a 50 5o deal with Stabec so only half of that can be added towards the target.

Also made a final in a $22 shootout but didn't make final 3 so profits from that were only a couple of hundred $.

Now I think I'm in the green! Not exactly sure as I didn't record my bankroll exactly but I'm pretty sure I had close to $10,000 and I now have $10,325. Although I did find a few hundred in bodog that I'd forgotten about :)

So, now have :

Bankroll: $10,325

Target: $14,000 (By august 31st)

Admittedly, its not goin great- but at least I'm not down! And I think
its still a realistic target!

Below is a hand that I'd like some feedback on. I think it is a very marginal decision:


So its down to 4 in the $55 regular:

NL Texas Holdem Trny:27065412 Level:18 Blinds-Antes(10000/20000-500) - Monday, August 07, 21:42:57 ET 2006
Table Regular(787793) Table #1 (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players : 4
Seat 2: hanzfat ( $107030 )

Seat 6: Jamesmcc25 ( $515345 )- very tight no idea how to play his stack

Seat 3: friedtofu ( $453268 ) - same v tight- folded a lot when he had amazing odds to call

Seat 7: crainology04 ( $82357 ) - very aggressive has been hanging on for a while by pushing relentlessly
Trny:27065412 Level:18

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to hanzfat [ 3c 3s ]

crainology04 is all-In [81857] He is under the gun with blinds at 10k-20k- I am 90% he pushes here with any 2 cards

hanzfat is all-In [106530] Question is- was this the right play? I figure I am a slight favourite against his range . However even if he pushes with any 2 im extrememly likely to be racing at best. Things that make this decision hard are: I can push next hand and it is likely to fold so +ev from folding. But also if I win this hand I feel I can dick on the remaining two players who are obviously sweating the money which gives extra value to pushing (if I win). Another thing to think about is the remaining two players- they may find a hand and bust crain. However as I have more chips I will at least come 3rd if one of them finds a hand and busts us both

friedtofu folds.
Jamesmcc25 folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 8d, 9c, Kc ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8h ]
** Dealing River ** [ 4s ]
crainology04 shows [ Ad, Ks ] two pairs, kings and eights.
hanzfat shows [ 3c, 3s ] two pairs, eights and threes.
hanzfat wins 24673 chips from side pot #1 with two pairs, eights and threes.
crainology04 wins 195714 chips from the main pot with two pairs, kings and eights.

The outcome doesn't really matter just want to know what you think the right play is! Jambon I know you'd fold this in a second.


Anyways gonna play most nights this week! Hopefully will get closer to the $4k target!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Week 1 August Review

So pretty good week. Just shy of $1,000. Didn't meet my hand quota and thats because of the 7k hand downswing in the start of the week. Always hard to play when you're not winning. Reason for that downswing was experimenting and learning a different style of playing (and running bad). Things in my new "style" that I have learned well this week include:
  • Being a position whore. Doing everything based on position
  • Using my table image stats to adjust my play
  • Changing my play based on the table
  • Stealing blinds with air
  • Playing Ax off
  • Playing Kx in certain situations
  • Playing mid strengt hands like J9s, J8s, T7s etc
  • Completely owning certain players
  • Can 8-table really easily
  • Going with my reads always and making sick calls and huge laydowns
So bankroll is up to $3,2020 which is pretty awesome. Gonna move up tommorow to 100NL except this time not play ridiculously stupid, like I did last time for some reason I don't know. My game has really expanded this week and I should be more than ready. Very confident.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Still in the red

Had another shitty session. Made final in a $33, 160 ,but came 9th with A9 vs 1010, so only cashed $140. Not enough to cover buy-ins :(

Money made: -200
To make: $4200

Tomorrow will be better!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Yep in the red!

Just finished the session and it sucked. Won't bore you with bad beat stories because nobody cares. Played about $200 of mtt buy-ins and didn't place. Lets just say I had some horrible beats at some horrible times. Luckily I made some back playing $22 speed sit n gos, so finished the session only $80 down :)

Current money made since start: -80
Need to make: $4080

Will play some more tonight and hopefully end up in the green! At the end of the day I only need 1 or 2 big mtt wins this month and I'm done!

Hanzfat joins blog!


So...decided I want to buy a car. Need about £5000. Have £3000 saved. Therefore want to make £2000 asap.


Gonna play a shit load of mtts and try and win $4000 before I go to America (August 31st).
Am stayin with nextgenneo and porno for the next week to try n sort out my laziness. They will make me put in the hours!


Roll is currently around $10,000. I'll update from now how much I make. So current count is $0. Gonna play for a few hours and will update at end of day. Hopefully I'll end up in the green but knowing mtt variance could well end up down.

4-Tabling 50NL Video

Okay so I suck at cards now I am experimenting, decided to make a video... here it is, 30 minute break even session (its encoded in xvid so dowload that here)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August will be >>>>>> July

This weekend I went up to London again for the Gutshot £100 freezeout - wow was so card dead in this tourn! Didn't place, barely won a pot in fact! Davey Lu made final though - watched him lose AA to KK on the final then blowup :-P After following dave back to his flat in Stratford (London) (p.s. never try following dave if you can help it - hes a mentalist and continually loses you lol!) we played a bit online, just a couple of satellites. On sunday I played a bit on pokerstars cash cos I was trying to make up my FPPs for the end of the month. Think I had another one of my slightly losing sessions. Then it was what we wait all week for, the sunday tourns!

1) Bodog 100k - Went out after 25mins. Raise with AA in middle position, SB calls. Flop is AT5. SB bets out, I raise pot, he calls. Turn is K. He bets about half pot (I'm putting him on TT or 55 now) and I reraise allin. He calls - with QJ! DOH!
2) Party mill gtd - Lost half my stack early when my KK ran into AA (again lol). Lasted until around the second break but was always very shortstacked.
3) Noble $40 rebuy - I ran into a hand and got knocked out (In this tourn - you have to steal all day and never get caught because its such a crapshoot). Congrats to Jac for coming 2nd tho.

On Monday, I multi-tabled stars 9max on my laptop for FPPs. Had a winning session, shock horror! Was up about $350. Just about got my FPPs in time before we headed off to Big Slick. This is my new favourite place!! I love the fact that every comp is dealer dealt (even if some of them are a bit amateur lol) and that its non-smoking in there. Also the atmosphere is very friendly. Me, Flash, Dave and Dru played the comp - £10 rebuy and we all had over 10k at the end of rebuys (1k start, double rebuys allowed). We were all feeling optimistic. However, very quickly my optimism was diminished as I missed an up and down str8 + flush draw for 1/4 of my stack, then doubled up a short stack for another 1/4 of my stack. 6000 chips at 300/600 blinds didnt look too pretty, and I busted soon after. Dru made final AGAIN!! He absolutely owns Big Slick!!!
Afterwards we all played the cash game (£1/£2 blinds). I sat down for £100, and first hand I pulled off a funky play with 7 high no draws against a couple of weak players. Played pretty loose in general, and got paid off when the young table nit raised and I found AA behind him. King high flop matched his AK, and I felt pretty bad when I busted him and he sat there for 15mins looking like he'd lost his life savings! Last hand of the cash game I picked up AK on the button, middle position made it £10 to play (he was tilting BAD) and solid old guy calls. I made it £25 more trying to isolate against the tilter, but both called (pot around £110). Tilter goes allin in the dark for 50 quid, and flop comes Q-rag-rag. Old guy calls so I fold, turns over QQ! Oh well, cashed out for £135 in the end, couldve been £300 if that last flop comes ace high.
Drove back home yesterday afternoon, and got involved on some Pokerstars tournaments last night.

1) $25 rebuy satellite to $475 EPT London qualifier on Saturday - Managed to scrape a seat here, hopefully I'll take it down on Saturday. I'll have some competition - Tommo and Flash are both playing!
2) $11 turbo rebuy satellite to $215 mill gtd on Sunday - Easily qualified - I own this satellite lol.
3) $36 freezeout satellite to $215 headsup WCOOP event - AK got bitched by QJ after a AQx flop.
4) $50 rebuy. Can't remember much about this tourn, except I didn't do very well.
5) $50 / 90 man sit and go. Was in the top 5 in chips for most of this tourney - and was running over the table with 2 tables left. Then I got pretty unlucky against some short stacks and went to final on average stack. Early on I doubled a guy with half my stack up when i raised his bb with 66 and he found JJ. Was a struggle from there, but I got back into it and got back to average. Then got it allin against the chip leader with AQ vs KQ on a board of QT9 for the chip lead. I visualised the jack on the turn, and so it came. 6th place for $300 was a bit disappointing - thought I was gonna take this down.
6) The good old $35k gtd $10 rebuy. My first table was full of absolute nits lol, and this, along with getting pretty unlucky, caused me to be in for $200 and to have the minimum stack possible - 5000 at the end of rebuys. Still, I worked that up to 55000 (double average) pretty fast against my table of retards. Then this happened:

POKERSTARS GAME #5763206338: TOURNAMENT #28909894, $10+$1 HOLD'EM NO LIMIT - LEVEL XI (600/1200) - 2006/08/01 - 19:30:01 (ET)
Table '28909894 128' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: redwbase (15765 in chips)
Seat 2: jambonator (51553 in chips)
Seat 3: Klings74 (19483 in chips)
Seat 4: tedwyer (12825 in chips)
Seat 5: lordlucan (11480 in chips)
Seat 6: Blackthump (20715 in chips)
Seat 7: Rvrqueen1 (20520 in chips)
Seat 8: charpley (11908 in chips)
Seat 9: ProdiGal*S0N (68090 in chips)
redwbase: posts the ante 75
jambonator: posts the ante 75
Klings74: posts the ante 75
tedwyer: posts the ante 75
lordlucan: posts the ante 75
Blackthump: posts the ante 75
Rvrqueen1: posts the ante 75
charpley: posts the ante 75
ProdiGal*S0N: posts the ante 75
Klings74: posts small blind 600
tedwyer: posts big blind 1200
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to jambonator [Kh Kd]
lordlucan: folds
Blackthump: folds
Rvrqueen1: folds
charpley: folds
ProdiGal*S0N: raises 1200 to 2400
redwbase: folds
jambonator: raises 3600 to 6000
Klings74: folds
tedwyer: raises 6750 to 12750 and is all-in
ProdiGal*S0N: raises 7650 to 20400
jambonator: folds
*** FLOP *** [9c Ks 6c]
*** TURN *** [9c Ks 6c] [Jc]
*** RIVER *** [9c Ks 6c Jc] [2d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
tedwyer: shows [4s 4d] (a pair of Fours)
ProdiGal*S0N: shows [Ad Ac] (a pair of Aces)
ProdiGal*S0N collected 32775 from pot

So nextgenneo - I can't fold KK preflop huh? Gotta love the flop coming king high after I fold - would have taken a 110k pot lol. The very next hand I lost another 15k with JJ vs TT and was back below average. Undetered, I played really good, and kept building my stack up, only for it to get knocked back down time after time when I kept losing showdowns. Eventually I made final two tables (out of 1100 runners) and busted in 17th when my JJ was no good allin preflop against 99 :-( ONE TIME i might win a hand like this at this stage of this tournament and make the final table, where the prizes are sick, every1 gets at least $1000, up to $11k for first. Instead i got $400, doubled my money lol.
Today I might go to casino for the £10 rebuy or I might play online, not sure yet! Until next time....

Start Bankroll: $10,996.59
End Bankroll: $11,001.48

Star of August

Sucky start, was down $300 playing 50NL but brought it back to -150 for day. Gonna put up weekly reviews Sunday / Monday-ish every week. Schedule:
  • Monday 1.5K Hands
  • Tuesday - Thursday 3.5K Hands daily
  • Friday - Saturday 5K Hands daily
  • Sunday 4K Hands
Should play 110K+ hands this month, will be 6-tabling whole time. Until next week then! And this is for you jambon who says you can't fold KK pre:

***** Hand History for Game 4855386505 *****
$50 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, August 01, 18:24:19 ET 2006
Table Table 109798 (Real Money)
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: hellonewman4 ( $54.07 )
Seat 2: nicochip69 ( $32.63 )
Seat 5: jbirddog75 ( $55.70 )
Seat 6: BunnyWokkie ( $52.95 )
Seat 4: profEERNIE ( $59.55 )
Seat 3: JoZen1 ( $66.37 )
profEERNIE posts small blind [$0.25].
jbirddog75 posts big blind [$0.50].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to profEERNIE [ Ks Kc ]
BunnyWokkie folds.
hellonewman4 raises [$1].
nicochip69 folds.
JoZen1 raises [$2.50].
profEERNIE raises [$12.25].
jbirddog75 folds.
hellonewman4 folds..
JoZen1 is all-In [$63.87]
profEERNIE folds.
JoZen1 shows [ Ah, Ac ] a pair of aces.
JoZen1 wins $80.37 from the main pot with a pair of aces.