Monday, August 14, 2006

August so far

This month, I have really come to the realisation that tournament poker SUCKS!!! Can't stand it anymore lol, from now on, I'm only playing tournaments on sundays and when I play live. I don't think theres an incredible amount of money to be made in tournies in general online. You might have a big cash, say 20k, once in a blue moon, but, a decent $400NL player should be averaging at least that every month, easily, and $400NL is pretty small stakes compared to what you can get up to online.
This month I've got a bit more involved in playing cash games. The past two saturdays I've been 12 tabling 10max $200NL on party, and made a decent amount doing that, but winrate isnt that high considering the number of hands you have to put in. I think I'm finally learning how to beat 6max for a decent winrate, but, I haven't put in a huge number of hands to be honest. On august 9th, i four tabled $200NL, played just over 1000 hands, and the winning formula of 25% VPIP / 20% pre flop raise gave me a sick winrate of 29ptbb/100 and $1200. Obviously I ran pretty sick in these 1000 hands, but, I'm confident I can average at least 5ptbb/100 on 6max now.
So far this month, ive played 13,500 hands of $200NL, unfortunately pokertracker combines my 6max and 10max stats, so all I can tell you is I've run at 5.16ptbb/100 and made $2.7k over these hands.
Tournaments on the other hand, have been going BAD, so I'm up about $1.5k for the month so far, roll is hovering on $12,000.
Subscribed to pokerXfactor this month, is pretty awesome, would recommend it highly for anyone who wants to get good at donkaments ;-) A lot of the concepts I've already heard of, but it really reinforces them in your mind.
Plans for the rest of the month:
  • PLAY MORE!! MOVE UP!! Aim is to put in at least 20,000 more hands this month, and I should be moving up to $400NL 6max very soon.
  • Play Gutshot Series of Poker (G.S.O.P.) £330 Main Event from August 25th-28th. WSOP main event structure, should be good fun. Anywhere that isn't 1st (or 2nd if it's to Flash!) and I'll be pretty annoyed with myself lol!
  • Move in to sick new apartment in Coventry on August 29th with Kads. Spend rakeback for the month on stuff for the apartment (think plasma TV, sky, etc.) :D
Next update will be when I have played a few thousand hands at $400NL. For now, check out my graph for the month so far!


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