Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August will be >>>>>> July

This weekend I went up to London again for the Gutshot £100 freezeout - wow was so card dead in this tourn! Didn't place, barely won a pot in fact! Davey Lu made final though - watched him lose AA to KK on the final then blowup :-P After following dave back to his flat in Stratford (London) (p.s. never try following dave if you can help it - hes a mentalist and continually loses you lol!) we played a bit online, just a couple of satellites. On sunday I played a bit on pokerstars cash cos I was trying to make up my FPPs for the end of the month. Think I had another one of my slightly losing sessions. Then it was what we wait all week for, the sunday tourns!

1) Bodog 100k - Went out after 25mins. Raise with AA in middle position, SB calls. Flop is AT5. SB bets out, I raise pot, he calls. Turn is K. He bets about half pot (I'm putting him on TT or 55 now) and I reraise allin. He calls - with QJ! DOH!
2) Party mill gtd - Lost half my stack early when my KK ran into AA (again lol). Lasted until around the second break but was always very shortstacked.
3) Noble $40 rebuy - I ran into a hand and got knocked out (In this tourn - you have to steal all day and never get caught because its such a crapshoot). Congrats to Jac for coming 2nd tho.

On Monday, I multi-tabled stars 9max on my laptop for FPPs. Had a winning session, shock horror! Was up about $350. Just about got my FPPs in time before we headed off to Big Slick. This is my new favourite place!! I love the fact that every comp is dealer dealt (even if some of them are a bit amateur lol) and that its non-smoking in there. Also the atmosphere is very friendly. Me, Flash, Dave and Dru played the comp - £10 rebuy and we all had over 10k at the end of rebuys (1k start, double rebuys allowed). We were all feeling optimistic. However, very quickly my optimism was diminished as I missed an up and down str8 + flush draw for 1/4 of my stack, then doubled up a short stack for another 1/4 of my stack. 6000 chips at 300/600 blinds didnt look too pretty, and I busted soon after. Dru made final AGAIN!! He absolutely owns Big Slick!!!
Afterwards we all played the cash game (£1/£2 blinds). I sat down for £100, and first hand I pulled off a funky play with 7 high no draws against a couple of weak players. Played pretty loose in general, and got paid off when the young table nit raised and I found AA behind him. King high flop matched his AK, and I felt pretty bad when I busted him and he sat there for 15mins looking like he'd lost his life savings! Last hand of the cash game I picked up AK on the button, middle position made it £10 to play (he was tilting BAD) and solid old guy calls. I made it £25 more trying to isolate against the tilter, but both called (pot around £110). Tilter goes allin in the dark for 50 quid, and flop comes Q-rag-rag. Old guy calls so I fold, turns over QQ! Oh well, cashed out for £135 in the end, couldve been £300 if that last flop comes ace high.
Drove back home yesterday afternoon, and got involved on some Pokerstars tournaments last night.

1) $25 rebuy satellite to $475 EPT London qualifier on Saturday - Managed to scrape a seat here, hopefully I'll take it down on Saturday. I'll have some competition - Tommo and Flash are both playing!
2) $11 turbo rebuy satellite to $215 mill gtd on Sunday - Easily qualified - I own this satellite lol.
3) $36 freezeout satellite to $215 headsup WCOOP event - AK got bitched by QJ after a AQx flop.
4) $50 rebuy. Can't remember much about this tourn, except I didn't do very well.
5) $50 / 90 man sit and go. Was in the top 5 in chips for most of this tourney - and was running over the table with 2 tables left. Then I got pretty unlucky against some short stacks and went to final on average stack. Early on I doubled a guy with half my stack up when i raised his bb with 66 and he found JJ. Was a struggle from there, but I got back into it and got back to average. Then got it allin against the chip leader with AQ vs KQ on a board of QT9 for the chip lead. I visualised the jack on the turn, and so it came. 6th place for $300 was a bit disappointing - thought I was gonna take this down.
6) The good old $35k gtd $10 rebuy. My first table was full of absolute nits lol, and this, along with getting pretty unlucky, caused me to be in for $200 and to have the minimum stack possible - 5000 at the end of rebuys. Still, I worked that up to 55000 (double average) pretty fast against my table of retards. Then this happened:

POKERSTARS GAME #5763206338: TOURNAMENT #28909894, $10+$1 HOLD'EM NO LIMIT - LEVEL XI (600/1200) - 2006/08/01 - 19:30:01 (ET)
Table '28909894 128' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: redwbase (15765 in chips)
Seat 2: jambonator (51553 in chips)
Seat 3: Klings74 (19483 in chips)
Seat 4: tedwyer (12825 in chips)
Seat 5: lordlucan (11480 in chips)
Seat 6: Blackthump (20715 in chips)
Seat 7: Rvrqueen1 (20520 in chips)
Seat 8: charpley (11908 in chips)
Seat 9: ProdiGal*S0N (68090 in chips)
redwbase: posts the ante 75
jambonator: posts the ante 75
Klings74: posts the ante 75
tedwyer: posts the ante 75
lordlucan: posts the ante 75
Blackthump: posts the ante 75
Rvrqueen1: posts the ante 75
charpley: posts the ante 75
ProdiGal*S0N: posts the ante 75
Klings74: posts small blind 600
tedwyer: posts big blind 1200
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to jambonator [Kh Kd]
lordlucan: folds
Blackthump: folds
Rvrqueen1: folds
charpley: folds
ProdiGal*S0N: raises 1200 to 2400
redwbase: folds
jambonator: raises 3600 to 6000
Klings74: folds
tedwyer: raises 6750 to 12750 and is all-in
ProdiGal*S0N: raises 7650 to 20400
jambonator: folds
*** FLOP *** [9c Ks 6c]
*** TURN *** [9c Ks 6c] [Jc]
*** RIVER *** [9c Ks 6c Jc] [2d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
tedwyer: shows [4s 4d] (a pair of Fours)
ProdiGal*S0N: shows [Ad Ac] (a pair of Aces)
ProdiGal*S0N collected 32775 from pot

So nextgenneo - I can't fold KK preflop huh? Gotta love the flop coming king high after I fold - would have taken a 110k pot lol. The very next hand I lost another 15k with JJ vs TT and was back below average. Undetered, I played really good, and kept building my stack up, only for it to get knocked back down time after time when I kept losing showdowns. Eventually I made final two tables (out of 1100 runners) and busted in 17th when my JJ was no good allin preflop against 99 :-( ONE TIME i might win a hand like this at this stage of this tournament and make the final table, where the prizes are sick, every1 gets at least $1000, up to $11k for first. Instead i got $400, doubled my money lol.
Today I might go to casino for the £10 rebuy or I might play online, not sure yet! Until next time....

Start Bankroll: $10,996.59
End Bankroll: $11,001.48


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