Monday, August 21, 2006

A bit of live, back to 400nl, and the ever-so-depressing Sunday majors

Quick summary of the rest of this week:
Thursday: Played some more 6max $400NL. Just 375 hands, I was feeling particularly lazy! Made $488.95 in the session. Three of the four tables I was playing went pretty bad lol, but the other one i got up to four buyins in the end, including my biggest ever pot:::::

***** Hand History for Game 4968791339 *****
$400 NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, August 17, 18:52:42 ET 2006
Table Monster #1281895 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 6: sendsomefat ( $171.14 )
Seat 4: Marjorie1947 ( $1190.14 )
Seat 5: raycombs ( $690.91 )
Seat 3: Doc_RIP ( $465.10 )
Seat 2: butt0npusher ( $346 )
raycombs posts small blind [$2].
sendsomefat posts big blind [$4].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ Qc Kc ]
butt0npusher folds.
Doc_RIP folds.
Marjorie1947 raises [$14].
raycombs calls [$12].
sendsomefat folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 5s, Jc, Tc ]
raycombs checks.
Marjorie1947 bets [$24].
raycombs raises [$83].
Marjorie1947 is all-In. (I had a very LAG image on this table, and this is the best time to stick it in, have no more decisions. If he folds I take a tidy little pot, if he calls I am very likely, especially considering my image, to be favourite for a massive pot)
raycombs is all-In.
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2c ]
** Dealing River ** [ 9c ]
raycombs shows [ 5c, 4c ] a flush, jack high. (So he called me with bottom pair and 5-high flush draw, against which I am 65% favourite. Combination of my LAG image and him being a muppet I suppose. What does he think I play big pots/push here with? Aces? Hahaha)
Marjorie1947 shows [ Qc, Kc ] a straight flush, king high. (When am I gonna get a two-card royal?)
The time at which hand ended:Aug 17 2006 18:54 ET
Marjorie1947 wins $499.23 from side pot #1 with a straight flush, king high.
Marjorie1947 wins $1383.32 from the main pot with a straight flush, king high.

Friday: First day of the weekend, fun times ahead! Or not. It was about time I had a downswing, and a combination of an ice cold deck and a few bad beats led to me losing $672.10 in 6max in 1,055 hands, and $522.10 in 1,383 hands at full ring. In the 2,438 hands I played, I got dealt aces only 4 times, and only won 3 of those times. I got dealt kings 6 times, and made only $140 from 6 winning hands lol. So, what did i get to make up for getting a below average sample of aces and kings? My favourite hand, pocket queens, 14 times. Thanks for that, they won 42% of the time at 6max. Argh.
Most I won in a hand in 2,438 hands was 3/4 of a buyin. Second most I won was half a buyin. Pretty amazing that I didn't lose more on the night really!!!

Saturday: So I woke up about 7pm after the friday night session, showered, had breakfast and headed to the casino for £100 double chance, 8pm start. Only 13 runners this week, a lot of the faithful had gone to Brighton for the £500 double chance. Anyway, the structure in this tournament is pretty awesome, 7.5k chips for each half of the double chance, and i take the full 15k to start. I expect to win this tournament every time I play it. I've played it 3 times now, the first time I won it with about 30 runners, the second time I got bad beat just shy of final table in a huge pot, and the third time was tonight.
Wanted to play my A-game in this tournament as 1) i need some live poker funds, and 2) felt it was reasonable practice for next weeks GSOP. The first two levels (25-50, 50/100) I played tight. I would see cheap flops with suited connectors, pps, but really wasnt getting involved and barely raised a pot. When the 100/200 level hit, I started opening up. People were insisting on limping in, and whenever I had the button or cutoff, I popped it up and made them pay. Built my stack to around 20k, then my antics got me in trouble when I popped it up on the button (6 handed, 300/600) after some limpers with T6os. 2 callers, bb and UTG. Flop came 632, and it checked to me. As usual I fired out a cb, of around 3000. BB folds, UTG makes it 6k more. Considering I'd been doing this a lot, thought he might be playing back at me with nothing, but, hey, 15,000 chips is still plenty. Folded and he showed 33 for a set.
Then a few orbits later I played this pot with the same guy who showed the set before. 3 limpers, blinds 400/800, I am small blind with ~16,000. I have A8os, and fire it up to 3,500, as I know they are all weak and think they are all folding. This guy calls, he has me covered, but only just, about 18,000 total. Flop comes KA6 rainbow. I bet out 4,000, and he immediately moves allin. Normally this guy is a tight player, but everything about it told me he was weak. Physical tells were actually the most important factor in me calling here. He had A2, turn came a Q, river a 7, and my 8 kicker held up.
Moved to the final table, and I was third in chips on around 32k. Only top 3 get paid. Started off playing pretty solid, back to 9 handed I don't want to get too involved. Dropped to about 29k, then I picked up JJ in the small blind, blinds 500/1000. UTG folds, UTG+1, who I've played a lot with, and is a fairly good player (for the standard in this casino!!) makes it 3000 to play, with 16,000 total. Something about this seemed a bit off to me, He normally raises around 4x bb with his big hands. The old dear at the table (who is a TERRIBLE player, knows nothing about poker) had ALL the chips, about 45k, from the other table, after apparantly getting very very lucky. She will call a raise before the flop with anything that looks pretty, especially soooooted. Anyway, she calls, as per usual (mmm sweetens the pot even more). Folds to me. Now I knew that I had the raiser beat at that point. He might have AQ, AJ, or a smaller pair. Anyway, I decided I wanted to take the pot right there. I didn't to raise 6k more and let him think he could see a flop with AQ, AJ, and fold if he missed. So I made it 12k more, basically putting him allin. He thinks about it for aaaaaages and folds. Then, the old dear says "im going to call, and raise allin). I'm like WOWWWWW!!!!! WTF?!?!?! This I completely wasn't expecting. After putting half my stack in, I felt committed getting over 3 to 1 and made the call, she had AA and that was that, especially when 2 of the others at the table said they folded jacks :-S. The other guy folded TT. My buddy Ed came 2nd, so I got my money back plus £50 in our deal.

So I went home, and fired up Party. Surely I couldn't lose money on a saturday?!!? Nope, its impossible to lose money on a saturday. Played 1,728 hands on full ring, 12 tabling, and the donks were out in full force. One hand I had AA in the BB, folds to small blind, we both have full stacks. He raises to $10, I make it $26, he makes it $70, and I make it $200 (could I be more obvious???) He flat calls, flop comes K22, and he moves in. I think he must have KK, but call, turn and river blank off, and he shows TT. FWAAAAAAAAAATCHAAAAAAA!!! I won two other big pots, both with sets (obviously! this is full ring!). Ended up +$837 when I had set over set at the end of the session.

Sunday: Oh great, sundays. Time for donkaments :-S. 7pm, Bodog, no1 in the deal this week, I think they've all given up on Bodog because they know the consortium has had too much money off bodog this year and isn't going to give us another cent. I on the other hand, still have the belief I can take it down again, so I played. Doubled up early, and all was looking rosy. Then I lost KK vs AQ allin pre for a big pot, and then my JJ ran into KK. Done before 9pm.
Ate dinner, fired up the Pacific 100k gtd at 9.05, and, after a pretty uneventful tournament, busted in around 350th.
9.30 - party mill gtd. Hmm I'm beginning to think I suck REALLY BAD at tournaments. Must have played this tourney 10 times at least now, and I've cashed once. It pays like 15% of the field for gods sake! Was in a deal with hanzfat, jac and pook. Jac busted real early, I busted after about 2hrs, hanzfat busted when his KK ran into AA sometime in the third hour. But pook, in true STA spirit, in his first shot at the tourney, battled through to come around 300th for ~$600 when the STA stack could stand losing no more 80:20, 70:30 and 60:40 shots against short stacks. GG tho pook :-)

This week is going to suck. As I'm playing GSOP next weekend, I figure I should probably get away from my cash game, and concentrate on working on my tournament game. This will include watching every video on PokerXfactor, and playing as many deepstacks on stars as I can find (including the $10 one maybe.... arghghghgh). Will play loads of other tournies as well, and fully expect to be down around $1000 this week. Yes, I suck at tournaments. That is all.


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