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Finally got round to writing something about this tourney! Leading up to the tourney I was feeling great about how I was playing, but I was on a cold run of cards live and online. Still, I strongly believed that I could go deep and win the tournament.
10k starting stacks, 2hr levels, plenty of time to play. I knew day 1 would depend a lot on my table, and if I was on the wrong sort of table, I would have to pick up some decent hands to gain a lot of chips as my plan was not to get involved with crap on day 1 unless the table was tight passive.
I get to the table, seat 6, and recognise 2 faces who Ive played at gutshot before, one is very aggressive but pretty bad, and the other was a nit. I soon become aware that the player in seat 1 has just returned from the WSOP with $500k, so I planned to stay out of his way until I worked his game out. So we are about to start, and we get another player join the table as a table has broken next door. None other than Dave Lu joins my table in seat 8 :-S
Things I soon picked up::: seat 7 was an absolute nit, played premiums only. Seat 1 (mr wsop) got mad lucky to win 500k and was easy to read. Seat 3 seemed like an online player venturing live for the first time, didnt seem too comfortable at the table. Cant remember much else about the table right now.
I would love to say I had a lot of interesting hands to post from day 1, but the fact is I had absolutely nothing! I could never get going on day1, while Dave was running over the table, my chip stack was slowly dwindling away. I made 2 pair 3 times on day1, and every time I ran into a bigger 2 pair. The biggest hand I won a pot with was one pair. I picked up AA once at 50/100 and took down the blinds. No AK, AQ, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, and no sets, for 7 hours. So, my stack dropped as low as 4k, when the only interesting hand of the day occurred:
Folds to me in late position, blinds 100/200 I find 77 (MONSTER!!!) and make it 700 to play. Folds to the big blind, seat 1 (mr wsop) who calls. I know he is calling to try to outplay me. Anyway, flop comes Tc8c4s (i think... details are sketchy). He checks, and, confident I have the best hand I check behind. Turn comes a 3c. He bets 1500, and I have about 3500 total left. I put it allin and he calls with Ac4h, and my hand holds up. Nothing else interesting happened and I ended the day on 7200. To be honest, I could have ended the day on 3000 chips and I wouldn't have cared, as long as I'm ahead of the structure the other stacks at the table don't bother me too much.
Props to Dave for playing really well on day1, he ended the day on about 20k but lost a pretty big pot with 77 v AK allin on a board of A74. Turn A, river K. Sick! Flash also ended day1 on a healthy 25k stack, and Dru busted at the end of the day. My mate from home Ed also played and he was an absolute card rack on day 1, picking up aces and kings 5 times each, queens a few times, etc etc. I think he ended the day close to 20k after his kings ran into aces near the end of the day.
So, after bagging up the chips, and getting home at about 5am, not much sleep was on cards due to the 3pm start on Saturday.
3pm came and everyone looked pretty tired already, with 12 hours of play ahead. My table draw was awesome for day 2. There were 4 big stacks on my right, and short stacks like me on my left. The big stacks came out fairly loosey goosey, especially the player on my immediate right. I picked up a couple of pots early, then got JJ, and smooth called a raise from the loosey goosey player on my right, hoping this would be my double up hand if he tried to bully me. Flop came Q-rag-rag, and he fired out and I called. Turn came a blank and he pushed me allin. Decision time! He could literally have anything here, but I decided I didnt want to bust out with 2 outs in the deck and an underpair so laid down probably the best hand. Soon after i picked up TT and smooth called another of his raises. The flop came T-rag-rag WOW! He checked, I checked behind. Turn came a blank, he checked, I bet fairly small and he folded, claiming AK :-( damn!!!
Then I picked up AK and won a very nice pot against the same guy which got me above 10k for the first time in the tournament, we were nearing the end of the 100/200/25 level and I was up to 13k without a showdown. Then I played my worst hand in the tournament. The player who was on my left (seat 7) on day 1, was on my table again on day 2, in seat 2, with me in seat 6 again. On day1 this guy had played like a total rock, and he opened UTG for 700, and he had me covered, around 15k. I look down at 77, mmm, and call for set value. Flop comes 843 and he bets 1000. For some reason I sensed weakness, and went against my original read and raised him 2400 more. He thought about it for a while and moved allin arghghghghggh and I instamuck :-( He told me afterwards he had QQ. Bah!!! GO WITH YOUR F**KING READS!!!
So I come back after the break with around 8500 chips at 150/300/25, so I still have plenty of chips, but most of the table has over 20k. I dropped to about 7500 when I was on the big blind with Ac6s. 4 limpers and we see a flop of Tc7c4c. I bet 1000, and it folded to a middle position limper who raised to 3000. I thought about it and tried to pick up how strong he was for around 2 minutes, and by the end of that time I knew he was weak. I figured my ace was live, and my nut flush draw was obviously live, I thought I had fold equity, plus, even if I'm behind and get called, if I win the hand and double up I have chips to play with and I think I can get the aggressive guys to dump a big stack on me so I moved allin. He thought about it for about 20 seconds and then said I know I'm behind but I'm committed I have to call URGHGHGHGH!!!! Don't think he was committed with jack-ten no clubs but I lose the coinflip for the 16k pot.
Oh well, thats poker. Dave, Ed and Flash all bust on day2, all late in the day. Dave and Ed bust with ~35 players left, and I must give a special mention to Ed who mangaged to lose 70,000 chips in one hand at 400/800 when he reraised a guy in postion with 52, the guy called and the flop came 3hAd7d. The guy bet out and Ed raised him, the guy thought about it and called. The turn came 7d and the guy checked. Ed checked behind (pot is 40k, Ed has 40k left), oops. River comes Qs and guy checks. Ed moves allin for 40,600, and the gutshot forum describes what happened as follows:
"James dwelled and eventually called.
The moment he called Ed instantly mucked, shook his hand and walked away without even waiting to see his cards.
James showed
After the hand James said it was “the toughest call I have made in my life”

Hehehe, sometimes Ed is too fearless for his own good :-)

Enough about gutshot. Sunday night instead of playing online, me, Ed and Dave went to pokernitez in wokingham for £100 freezeout. Pretty sweet place, only 18 runners tho. Ed chopped first, dave came 4th and I got cold decked :-) came 6th.
Tuesday I drove up to leam to move into my new flat. Played a few tournies online on tuesday night, and once again made the final two tables of the $10 rebuy, 35k gtd ($12,000 first prize) on stars, only for my AcKc to run into KK and I came 16th.

The roll is not looking healthy at the moment as I had to cashout $2500 to pay 3 months rent and security deposit, and another $1500 to pay for half of my new car. Doh! Back to grinding $200nl for the time being then. Plan is to get back to $400nl by the end of september at the latest.


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