Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tough weekend so far

Been swinging pretty hard, dropped over a grand and have made it all back since. Little up since the last post but not loads... Poker Tracker has been messing up importing hand's so the graph is a litte messed up but will try and get it fixed by tommorow's weekend review. Playing really hard Loose Aggressive game these days, here is a funny convo I had on the table after someone made a sick call with a counterfieted bottom 2-pair after I bluffed every street represnting a monster, if I pasted the hand you would realize it was an awful but great call, lol.

me: u had no idea
me: that u had 1 pair
me: did u
guy2: true was commited
me: lol
guy1 lol you are pro
me: sarcasm?
guy1: no
guy3: nice call
guy1: you got nuts too
guy1: you play your hand perfekt
me: haha tx
guy1: normaly proch dont call you
guy1: and you win the pot
me: yeah, was a great call
me: not sure he knows y tho
guy1: lol
guy3: true
guy1: with a pair of 8
guy2: oops
guy1: you play gus hanson style
guy1: i am afraid
me: haha
me: lol, tx bud
guy1: never know if you have monster or nothing
guy2: I call and hope he was bluffin*

*I went on to bust 2 out of the 3 guys in this conversation


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