Monday, August 07, 2006

Week 1 August Review

So pretty good week. Just shy of $1,000. Didn't meet my hand quota and thats because of the 7k hand downswing in the start of the week. Always hard to play when you're not winning. Reason for that downswing was experimenting and learning a different style of playing (and running bad). Things in my new "style" that I have learned well this week include:
  • Being a position whore. Doing everything based on position
  • Using my table image stats to adjust my play
  • Changing my play based on the table
  • Stealing blinds with air
  • Playing Ax off
  • Playing Kx in certain situations
  • Playing mid strengt hands like J9s, J8s, T7s etc
  • Completely owning certain players
  • Can 8-table really easily
  • Going with my reads always and making sick calls and huge laydowns
So bankroll is up to $3,2020 which is pretty awesome. Gonna move up tommorow to 100NL except this time not play ridiculously stupid, like I did last time for some reason I don't know. My game has really expanded this week and I should be more than ready. Very confident.


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