Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Downswing? Meh!

So the plan for september was 50,000 hands of online poker, which is a lot for me as I'm lazy as f**k! 50k hands in a month works out to around 1700 hands a day, so heres the month so far::

September 1st:: I started the month as I meant to go on, september 1st, I put in 1,563 hands (at which point I had to stop playing to avoid tilt!). Was a pretty bad session :-S Down $1,368.09 (or nearly 7 full buyins!!!) Take this as a lesson anyone who thinks they can sustain playing on a short bankroll. This was 6 tabling 6 handed, playing 20/17 which is pretty aggressive, so variance can bite you in the ass. Heres my stats from pokertracker for pocket pairs in this session:::

September 2nd: At least that day was followed by saturday!! And I'm never gonna have a losing saturday, FACT! ;-) Played 1,650 hands, and made back $543.83. Moved up to 9 tables of 6max because I wanted to play tighter as it was saturday so no need to create any sort of table image. Found it pretty easy when playing tight, 13% VPIP / 8% PFR. I didn't run that great really but on saturday you just get paid so hard on party with good game selection.

September 3rd: Played my one tourney of the week, the bodog. Was pretty lame, I've really gone off internet tournies this summer. Never got a stack, lasted 3 hours then got KK v AA. Done. Chilled out for a bit then put in just 695 hands as 1) I couldn't be bothered to play, and 2) my laptop started fucking up grrrr, i really need to buy a desktop! Again I was 9 tabling 6max, so this was a very short session, just over an hour. Made $111.04.

September 4th: Played live, £10 rebuy. Played very solid in the rebuy period which is very unusual for me, and was only because I got lucky early on when my A4 rivered two pair and i won a 3.5k pot. Played like a rock from then on and doubled up to 6k with about 10mins left in the rebuy period with AQ vs AT. 6k with 1k addon is plenty for me in this tourney, I expect to final table when I end the rebuys on over 7k now. Unfortunately, with about 3mins left in the rebuy period I picked up KhTh in 3rd position, and decided to limp after UTG and UTG+1 limped. 2 other limped behind and the blinds completed/checked, so 700 in the pot going to the flop. It comes 9hJhQs. Bingo bango bongo!!! I flop the nut straight with the 2nd nut flush draw. UTG checks, UTG+1 (this guy is a LUNATIC in the rebuy period) bets out 300, and its on me. As we are close to the end of the rebuy period, and theres a few players behind me who could stick their chips in on this board, and I have pretty much a lock hand anyway even if no1 raises, I elect to disguise my hand and flat call the 300. 4 others call! So we go to the turn with 2,500 in the pot. And the turn comes the Tc. YUCK!!! I'm not getting paid any more :-( But UTG+1 bets out 2000. WTF?! Probably a split pot at the moment I'm thinking, but I have the flush draw too, so I call and every1 else folds. Turn comes a blank and he puts me allin. I absolutely hate it, but have to make the call as I've never seen this guy limp with AK in the rebuy period and I've played with him a lot. He has AK, that'll teach me to slow play the nuts with the 2nd nut draw!
So I go allin blind the next hand, which is the last hand, and lose, so rebuy/addon to 2k.
3 hands into the freezeout i get KQ on the button, and two people limp, I'm sure they are weak and the big blind already has his cards ready to fold so I push allin to pickup the 700 in the middle. Small blind (absolute donk) calls me, and one of the limpers (who only has 2k also) calls off his last 1.8k. On our backs, my KQ vs the small blinds K9, and the other guys 67 soooted. Didnt look too bad until the flop brought 4 spades and the small blinds 9 of spades was good.
Went home, thinking how much I hate tournies and instead of putting some hands in, watched The Sentinel with Kiefer Sutherland. Wasn't too impressed, even Jack Bauer cudnt save the shaky plot :-(

September 5th: Tuesdays are normally pretty juicy on party, I have no idea why, but today didnt disappoint. 9 tabling, I played very tight, and my 2 hour session brought in 1,365 hands and $697.29, even though I had a couple of ~$100 pots - one hand where I got allin on the flop with KK (overpair) vs a bare gutshot and lost, and another hand where I got allin on a KJ6 rainbow board with AK vs K8 and he rivered his 8. Highlight of the session were these two hands:::

***** Hand History for Game 5108740063 *****
$200 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, September 05, 16:35:36 ET 2006
Table Table 109587 (No DP) (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: Lawdogballs ( $164 )
Seat 2: LonChim ( $392.50 )
Seat 3: perennialloser ( $223.40 )
Seat 5: Wallstreet_24 ( $241 )
Seat 6: DrugsR4Kids ( $459.57 )
Seat 4: Marjorie1947 ( $332 )
LonChim posts small blind [$1].
perennialloser posts big blind [$2].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ 9c 9h ]
Marjorie1947 raises [$8].
Wallstreet_24 folds.
DrugsR4Kids folds.
Lawdogballs folds.
LonChim calls [$7].
perennialloser folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Kh, 9d, Ah ]
LonChim checks.
Marjorie1947 bets [$10].
LonChim raises [$35].
Marjorie1947 raises [$85].
LonChim raises [$186.20].
Marjorie1947 is all-In.
LonChim calls [$102.80].
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8c ]
** Dealing River ** [ 4s ]
LonChim shows [ Qd, As ] a pair of aces.
Marjorie1947 shows [ 9c, 9h ] three of a kind, nines.
Marjorie1947 wins $663 from the main pot with three of a kind, nines.

***** Hand History for Game 5110141153 *****
$200 NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday, September 05, 19:51:35 ET 2006
Table Monster #1292821 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Total number of players : 5
Seat 3: whipcord ( $309.43 )
Seat 4: BigDickMagei ( $257.06 )
Seat 5: Call_Me_Daddy ( $200.11 )
Seat 1: Marjorie1947 ( $196.25 )
Seat 2: kevyou ( $195.84 )
Marjorie1947 posts small blind [$1].
kevyou posts big blind [$2].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Marjorie1947 [ Kh Kd ]
moon98110 has joined the table.
whipcord folds.
BigDickMagei raises [$35]. (No limpers, and raises to 17.5x bb in middle position. For some reason this gives me the impression this guy is a bit of a mug)
Call_Me_Daddy folds.
moon98110 has left the table.
Marjorie1947 is all-In. (I'm up against a mug who 1) thinks his AK is amazing and will call off a full buyin preflop, or 2) has a pair like JJ/TT and will call off a full buyin preflop.)
kevyou folds.
BigDickMagei calls [$161.25].
** Dealing Flop ** [ 6h, 6d, 8h ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2h ]
** Dealing River ** [ Js ]
BigDickMagei shows [ Ts, Tc ] two pairs, tens and sixes. (lol, thanks for the donation, why can't there be more players like this who play 1 table at a time and think TT is the nuts because its the best hand they've seen all night :-D He said afterwards, "i thought i was probably beat")
Marjorie1947 shows [ Kh, Kd ] two pairs, kings and sixes.
The time at which hand ended:Sep 05 2006 19:52 ET
Marjorie1947 wins $392 from the main pot with two pairs, kings and sixes.

So, in summary, the month so far I've played 5,281 hands (only on target for 30k hands for the month if I carry on at this rate) and I'm down $15.93 hehe. But, at least I'm back to a clean slate for the month now after that downswing. Here is the graph:::

Couple more things to add, I bought a program called Idleminer, which basically is a screensaver, which, when you leave your computer, opens up partypoker and pokertracker, and datamines 12 tables of whatever limit you want. For $35 its worth it as its easier than fiddling with FreePHG and iWitness. Also, as my database of hands for 200NL is getting bigger, I'm finding that Sixth Sense is working really well, allowing me to join softer than average tables. Unfortunately, they have now started charging for it, and my trial is about to expire, so I'm gonna have to decide if it's worth the $30 a month ugh!
Oh yeh, and I forgot to put this up in my last post, its my cash game graph for August::

This is mostly 200nl, then the last 5000 hands are at 400nl. The 50nl and 100nl was just a couple of donking sessions on Pokerstars with Flash or some 2+2 games.


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17.85/100? Run good much!?

4:33 PM  
Blogger Jambon said...

$17.85 / 100, i wudnt say thats running great on a combination of 200nl and 400nl!! thats less than 5 ptbb/100!!

3:36 AM  
Blogger Rupert said...

ohhhhhhh i read it wrong...

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