Friday, December 08, 2006

This is the girl I PWNED heads-up on 5-10NL (played after I told her 2-4NL would be a waste of my time HU)! We only deciphered that it was her after the 'I'm JT' and 'you can find my breasts on the internet' comments made in banter on the 5-10NL Full-Ring game. Unfortunately, I banter pretty hard and may owe Jen an apology. Sorry Jen I love your moveis and "Bound" is a classic imo. Nice breasts btw!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

November update!

Hey guys, month update:

November was my best ever month on cash games. I started off at 200nl, for about 10,000 hands, and ran gooood, boosting my roll by about 4k. Then moved up to 400nl and broke even for a bit, figured out what some of the regs were about and made just under 6k more. Didn’t get stacked as much with aces as I normally do, probably why I made so much money. Oh yeh, and I got well over $1000 rakeback :-). Heres my graph and pokertracker screenshot for the month, I’ve blacked out my stats incase any1 from 2+2 reads this blog :-)

Jerked off about 1.5k or so of these winnings at tournaments I reckon. I’m continuously getting lee jOWNED on stars, and have been all year, maybe I’m playing badly, I dunno, beginning to think I suck at tournaments. Played a £200 freezeout at Walsall this month, one of the Midlands Masters events, QQ ran into AA for about 1/3rd my stack, blinds went up and flopped two pair ran into a set. No big deal, wasn’t playing my best anyway.

We had two cash games between the uni crowd this month, which were really good fun to play.

The first line up was a bit softer than the second one, with Flash, Dru, Tommo, Jagger, Alex Liang, Dave Pascoe, Mitesh and Guv. Was a few weeks ago so cant remember too much about this game… I remember winning about £150 (£1/£1 blinds), not losing too many hands, won a decent pot off rob with AA when I 3bet his button raise from the blinds, AA was definitely the upper end of my wide range J. Dru called off his chips, flash played ultra TAG, liang was unbluffable, tommo played well, tough to read, pascoe was a nit, mitesh didn’t pick up much I don’t think, and guv went broke pretty quick I think.

The second cash game was a slightly stronger lineup, and was more recent so I can remember what happened, so I’ll write a bit about that:

Seat 1: Guv, Seat 2: Dru, Seat 3: Mongy, Seat 4: Flash, Seat 5: Porno Mark, Seat 6: Newcomer Nick, Seat 7: Kader, Seat 8: Mitesh, Seat 9: Me, Seat 10: Jagger.

This was a 50p/£1 game, and I bought in for the max, £150. Got lucky real early when Guv raised it up early, looked like premium to me, kader called, mitesh called, and I called with Kh6h (slightly loose call but good odds, position). Flop comes 6x6x2h. Guv cbets £20, was very sure he had TT or better here, kader folds (what he told me later was TT, seems he had the same read) and minty calls. Was a bit worried about mintys call but figured he might have something like 99 and is calling one time hoping guv isn’t that strong. So I have a perfect squeeze spot, i.e. looks like a squeeze I could make with a lot of crap, but I have the goods this time! So I make it £55, and guv calls, SWEET! Hes being stubborn with the big pair. Then minty shoves, ah!! So now I know minty must have a six or 22, but im only losing to A6 and 22, I have a few outs against either, and its prob more likely he has 67 or 56, so I call for about 40 quid more I think and guv gets away from his QQ.

We flip the cards and Minty has A6. Minty wants to run it once, and the 4h on the turn is good for me. Still wants to run it once, and as I reach for my wallet, the K hits the river. OUCH, unlucky minty!

Minty moves out, I move round one seat, as does rob, and Richard mylles takes the 10 seat. Other highlights include Rob flopping two pair with 63 against my AA and taking 2/3 of a pot (we ran turn + river three times) and rob hitting a flush draw with one card to come vs my TPTK. Cant complain after the K6 hand tho. Also won a coinflip against mongy, all in preflop my AhKh vs his QQ (he had straddled, I raised LP and he came over the top on a <£100 stack, im not folding AK here!), we run it one time and I make the nut flush.

Rob was looking to be big winner at one point, but got unlucky with set over set against dru, KK vs AA against flash (I think KK could be folded here, flash was playing v. tight, and he limp 4 bet raised allin after porno raised and rob 3bet, I don’t see any other hand he could possibly have than AA here), and spewed the rest off onto kader.

Random views on the play/players in the game:

In general: lots of limping, and calling OOP, can be bad habits but easy to get into in a loose friendly game.

Guv: seemed to get a lot of drawing hands, which were called with too often (and kept missing), then got lucky when he made a move with no fold equity with QJ vs mongys AK.

Dru: played much better than before and was BIG winner, hitting a sweet nut flush in the last few hands vs guvs top set and kaders overpair. Didn’t call raises OOP as light as last time, and showed off his hand reading abilities.

Mongy: first time I’ve played live with mongy, and, well, didn’t tangle with him really! Made a couple of questionable calls but was well below his normal stakes. Got unlucky a few times, with QQ vs my AK and AK vs guvs QJ.

Flash: played ultra TAG again. Made one mistake with A3 on an XsYs3s flop when he called a bet from kader and a call from mongy, turn comes a 3, and he pays off kaders YY for a boat. Made no other mistakes that I could see. Understands POSITION!

Porno: started off with barry greensteins shortstack strategy, which didn’t work as the game wasn’t loose enuf in terms of raises and 3bets preflop, so he switched to deepstack and played pretty well but got pretty unlucky.

Nick: was v. impressed, played a solid tight game, got involved in good spots and didn’t make mistakes.

Kader: V. impressed, understands position and how to punish OOP weakness.

Rob: got lucky, got coolered, spewed a bit, all in one night J

Minty: Sorry bro!

Rich Mylles: got sick lucky in one hand against nick, and played way too much OOP.

Overall I made about £190, after tipping ollie about £15 in the end. Am looking forward to another game next term J

So onto December, and I want to play at least 30,000 hands this month which shouldn’t be too hard, hopefully I can stay at 400nl all month, but I had to cashout about $4000 of last months winnings which didn’t help my roll. The month has started off pretty badly, was down $3000 about 500 hands ago but now down only about $1500 after 4500 hands. If I can stay at 400nl all month I’ll be happy.

As I run so bad (possibly play so bad, I’m not sure), in Sunday tournaments, I’ve told myself I wont play them unless I satellite in. Satellited into 3 of them this week – fulltilt (aces cracked allin on turn vs bare gutshot), UB (aces cracked by AQ allin on JT9 flop) and stars (checkraised allin ten places from the money with 99 on a J-hi flop, guy makes a bad call with AK hi for a massive pot and hits) and made the money in none. Maybe next Sunday will be my lucky day, who knows?

One last mention to my buddy Ed whos turned $400 I staked him into $16000 in one term, that is sick, congrats!