Thursday, January 25, 2007

Overdue update!

Hey, so for some reason I've started going to bed at like midnight and waking up at 5am, and since theres bugger all to do at this time of day, thought I'd give u a quick update of how December went.
I aimed to play about 30,000 hands in december, but that didnt go to plan! I got back home for the xmas holiday, and started off playing loads, around 12000 hands in a 5 day period, making good money at 400nl, but then my desktop computer busted, and, due to being very lazy, I didnt put my pokertracker databases on my laptop so just ended up playing 18,000 hands total for the month. Here's the graph and pokertracker screenshot (my pokergrapher is bust, so im having to use poker patterns which doesnt look as good!) ::

So for the last couple of weeks of december, I just played a few random tournaments online, ended up around breakeven I think (although I actually cashed in the stars million at last, for 1.6k), and played a few live £10 and £20 rebuys, of which I chopped first in a £20 rebuy for about £800 just before xmas, which was nice :-) I also got $725 rakeback and prob about $300 in party bonuses for december.

Got back to uni in Jan, and sorted out my laptop so I could play cash games on it, but I've been ridiculously lazy and played only 4 days this whole month, the first two of which were at 400nl, where I made about 2.3k in 2500 hands, and then the next two I moved up to 600nl and got coolered, bad beat, and fucked up for about 5000 hands, dropping 3.4k.
However I also did a 3way chop for first in a pokerstars $109 freezeout with 266 players for $5000 so I've had an OK month for the amount I've played.
Going to dublin tomorrow with pokersoc for the weekend, should be good fun, maybe I'll blog again after that :-)


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