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Febuary and Leam cash game

Hi all! So last month I didn’t play any more after my blog on the 25th, here is my month graph for January:

The peak is all at 2/4, then the rest is at 3/6 J Still, including tournaments I ended the month up around $2000 online and around £400 in live games. On the pokersoc trip to Dublin, which was pretty awesome, although Dublin is a bit of a shithole imo, I took about €600 from the 1/2NL game in about 3hrs play J Those players were sooooo awful J

After my incredibly slack January, I decided that I must play at least 30,000 hands online in Feb to make up for it. So far I’m on target, and probably going to move back up to 3/6 this weekend if I don’t drop any serious money in the rest of the week. I’m trying to stick to a 50 buyin bankroll for 3/6 and above now. Here is my graph and PT screenshot for Feb so far, notice how good I am at .5/1 J

Also this Sunday I came 15th in the party 300k gtd for $2200, which was disappointing as getting that deep in a 1500 runner tournament, I obviously hope to get top 3 where the real money is. I know a few people think I am being greedy when I say this result doesn’t matter to me, and that I should be happy I won $2000 in the tournament, but, the truth is, if you check my pokerdb you will see that I am still a losing player in this tournament over the past year. These tournaments are all about the final tables. I’m not sure why I have such trouble getting ITM in these Sunday majors, by that I mean the party 215 and the stars million. My record in both is pretty shocking, but, what can you do? Also I came 4th in a fulltilt $75 tourney (215 players) for $1.5k the other day. I was amongst the chip leaders from 3 tables down, but made a bad play on final table which prob cost me top2.

So, thats all the boring stuff done with! Now I can talk about the Leamington cash game from last night J

Here was the lineup:

Seat 1: Myself

Seat 2: Mongy

Seat 3: James Blackburn

Seat 4: Dru

Seat 5: Rob Jagger

Seat 6: Guv

Seat 7: Kader

Seat 8: Davey Lu

Seat 9: Flash

Seat 10: Nick

This was probably one of the strongest lineups so far for this game, but still pretty soft I think. Blinds were 50p/£1 with £150 max buyin. Most people bought in for the max. I started off the game playing pretty well, taking down a couple of small pots, then I played the following pot against Mongy:

Get dealt JJ UTG+1, folds to me I raise to 4

Mongy makes it 15, folds back to me. I rarely see Mongy 3bet preflop in middle position so I wasn’t particularly liking my spot. I flat call.

Flop J32. Bingo! I lead for 27 I think and Mongy almost instantly shoves, I call and his TT is dead to running tens. Mongy said he thought I had a hand like 88, which I would probably have played the same way, except folded to the shove. Imo if he thought I had a hand like 88 he should have flat called instead of shoving when hes either way ahead/way behind and always getting called if hes beat and never getting called if hes ahead.

So I double up pretty early, and feeling good, then this happens:

Straddled by mongy, Kader makes it 8 on the hijack, Dave Lu flat calls on the cutoff. Dave looked like he was getting bored as he hadn’t played any hands so far so I thought he was calling light in position against Kad who was opening a lot of hands. Also I know Kad won’t play in the squeeze without a big hand so I squeezed from the big blind with As3s, making it £35 total I think. Kad folded, and Dave called.

Flop comes T72 and effective stacks are £105 left with about £80 in the pot. I lead for £60 and Dave instantly shoves. My £60 bet was probably a bad bet on that board as I thought he had a pretty weak hand and this flop probably hits a lot of his range. I thought he’d probably caught a pair on the flop, in which case I am about 12% to win if my ace is live, and dead if he has AT, A7, so I laid it down as I didn’t have the odds to call. Dave turns up 98o so he is a 52% favourite, but my fold for £45 more obviously sucks considering I was 48% to win the pot.

So I played that hand pretty badly and proceed to play about 90% of pots for the next hour or so, tilting away. I ended up in for £350 sitting on £150 when I started to play properly again.

One funny hand was where Jags straddles, Kad minraises blind to 3, Dave goes 4 blind, Flash 5 blind, Nick 6 blind, me 7 blind, Mongy 8 blind, and James and Dru fold their blinds after looking. Kad calls the 8, as does Flash and Nick I think. I look down at AsKs!! NICE! I raise it £24 more, hoping Mongy thinks I’m stealing and shoves me. Everyone folds.

Another interesting hand came up against Nick. I had 86o on SB, James raised to 3 UTG and pretty much the whole table called so I called. I check in the dark and it comes 667 with 1 heart. It checks all the way round, turn comes Kh. I bet out £15, it folds to Nick who makes it £55 more. I welled up my options, fold/call/raise allin. Folding was an option as I haven’t seen Nick get out of line postflop and didn’t think he would raise here without a 6 to be honest. I didn’t feel like folding though, and ended up shoving. However I think a better play would have been to flat call and shove any river, maybe a heart would scare him off. He made a crying call, saying he had a six, but didn’t like his kicker. I said I didn’t like mine much either, and we both showed 86 for the chop! River was the 5h, so maybe calling/shoving river would have got him to fold.

So I’m up to around £250 stack and then get in a sick pot with Flash.

Folds to Flash on the hijack he makes it 4, I call on button with Qs8s. Flop is AhJs6s. He bets out £10, I raise to £35 and he makes it (I think) £100. I really thought he wasn’t that strong, and even if he had a hand like AQ, once I 4 bet him allin on the flop he might even lay that down. So I shove for £115 more I think. Flash goes into the tank, and eventually calls with.... J9o!!!! SICK call. Analysing the hand, I think it is a good call though at that point. What hand can he put me on that has him beat on that board? AK, AQ, AJ, AA, JJ, he knows I would probably 3 bet all those hands from the button, so he can pretty much discount them all. Ace-X I wouldn’t play that aggressively on the flop unless it was AsXs. So I think he can put my range as Ax with flush draw, A6 suited, 66, bare flush draw, or air. He only needs 30% equity in the hand for it to be a breakeven call, and if he thinks I’m much more likely to have the draw compared to the other hands, it’s definitely a great call. We end up only flipping for £100 of the pot as its pretty much a coinflip, and J9 holds up. I’m not sure he should be looking to play such a big pot with middle pair though.

Last interesting hand of the night was:

Dru calls UTG, Jags calls, Flash makes it 8 on HJ, I call on button with Ah8h, Dru calls, Jags calls.

Flop: 9h8c7h – NICE

Checks to Flash, he continuation bets £32 I think, and I made it £100 on the button, about £300 deep. Dru goes into the tank and eventually shoves for £195 total. Jagger calls for about £85, Flash folds, and I obviously call. Dru has 98, Jagger has KcTc. So side pot is about £230 between me and Dru, and main pot is about £320. I have about 42% equity in the main pot and about 47% equity in the side pot. Dru offers to take £100 each back from the side pot, which I accept.

Turn 4c, river Qc and Jagger gets very lucky. Not sure why he called only getting 3 to 1 on his £85 on the flop after a bet, raise, shove on that board. His draw is weak, he could be drawing dead, and there’s no way he has sufficient equity against our hand ranges to justify the call.

Ended up cashing out £190 so dropped about £160 on the night, which is no big deal. Kader made almost £700, running well and playing his hands well.

Comments on other players:

Mongy: He’s just having fun in the game, so can’t really comment on his play,

James: Plays too weak-tight preflop and postflop

Dru: In my opinion plays really really well postflop and is great at reading situations, hands and people. Preflop I think could be better.

Jagger: A lot less spewy than usual!

Guv: Plays so out of line!!!

Kad: Played awesome

Dave Lu: Played really tight but randomly made a big play against me. Prob the best reader of people at the table, but hasn’t got much experience at holdem cash games.

Flash: Played so much better than in the previous cash games!

Nick: Tight but plays his hands pretty solid.

Myself: I played really bad for the middle 1/3 of the game but OK for the rest.

Thanks for reading this ridiculously long blog! For another point of view of the game, check out Drus blog at:


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