Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Feb/March/April Update

Yoyo, been a long time since i posted too (end of January). In Feb I put in a reasonable amount of hands at pretty much all 400nl = profit! Heres the graph and PT screenshot shizzle for that:

I actually profited from tournies as well in Feb, not by much but about $1500 or so. If I remember rightly I came pretty close to some big final tables in the Sunday majors but no dice.

Then in March I was a bit busier with uni work and getting on the sauce so didn't play too much. However when I did play, game selection and running good = profit :-) Heres the graph:

Had a bad tourney month in March though, lost about 3k, mainly due to WSOP satellites starting and me running exceptionally bad in them hehe. So far for WSOP I'm in for $4893 after 6 attempts at the weekly $650 on stars and one attempt at the $1050 on fulltilt. No big deal though as I've been doing well on cash. In the first satellite I had QQ vs AQ allin pre for enuf chips for a seat but wasn't to be. Kad and Marky qualified on the first attempt tho so well done to them. I'll qualify before we head off to Vegas no problem, if it costs me more than $10k, whatever, don't really care, I know I'm +EV in all of these sats.

Unfortunately my finals are in the last week of April so I'm not playing much this month, but I have had a good result coming 3rd in the $50 rebuy on stars for $5500. I'm prob gonna fail my exams tho because I haven't done anything all year and don't have many notes to revise from, whoops!

After exams I have all of May and nearly 3 weeks in June to concentrate on cards (well I do have my final year project to do hehe).
My goal for that time is to get my bankroll high enough to play 5/10 at the Bellagio when I go over to Vegas and maybe play some side events, and obviously the main event :-)
To do that I'm prob gonna play a lot of 2/4 and 3/6 and maybe some 5/10, basically game selecting the best tables I can find at msnl on party and fulltilt.

Some other stuff - High Stakes Poker finished yesterday, was a great season and there were some awesome hands, especially when the big names got on the tables towards the end. My favourite hand of the whole show was in the last episode where David Benyamine and Antonio Esfandiari played a sick pot, where Esfandiari tried to outplay Benyamine. Unfortunately it didnt work that time. For what its worth, I think Antonio is the best live NLHE player on high stakes poker. His reading of weakness is something I can only hope to learn.
Also, 24 season 6 is just getting better and better every week, my favourite season so far. If anybody hasn't watched every episode of every season yet, for gods sake get on with it!!!

(As a sidenote, I've been reading about the Marc Goodwin / Ram Vaswani / Phil Ivey golf fiasco today, and in my opinion, Marc and Ram are completely out or order not paying Ivey what he is owed. So what if Ivey hustled / angle shot them, they accepted the bets and wanted to keep gambling higher and higher to get their money back, so they owe what they lost. Whether they will gamble with Ivey again is their own decision.)

Right, time to close this one, I won't be posting again until after exams at the earliest, and I'll try to update a few times in May. It's my 21st on May 16 so come to Cov, will prob hit up lava/ignite as I'm too lazy to venture further away from the flat!


Anonymous Alex Straight said...

Good update boys. Might give your birthday a bash, we'll see closer the time.

Jambon and Kad, good luck with the exams!

12:17 PM  

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