Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick run down


3.6k hands 50NL, 9.95BB/100, $362+
48k hands 100NL, 2BB/100, $1.98k+

I had good run at 100NL for the first couple of weeks but hit a bad run of cards and tilted for a while. I dropped to 9 tabling 50NL for confidence and moved back up just before feb.


4.6k hands 50NL, 5.47BB/100, $257+
27.4k hands 100NL, 4.22BB/100, $2.3k+
13.9k hands 200NL, 0.9BB/100, $500+

I had a good week at 100NL, so I took a shot at 200NL. I had a 2k upswing, got cocky and proceeded to lose most of this the following week. Dropped back down to 100NL, and made some money back. I carried on the month alternating between 100NL and 200NL although never really feeling comfortable/making much headway at 200NL. I think the 50NL was random times, maybe at the start of the month and in evenings messing around.


1 hand 25NL, 70BB/100 hands, $0.3+ - result!
53 hands 50NL, 153BB/100, $66+ - now I’m on fire
55k hands 100NL, 3.4BB/100, $3.8k+
7.2k hands 200NL, -1.87BB/100, -$545

Still can’t manage to break into 200NL. I was happy with my play this month at that level, but the cards weren’t with me. I think when on a bad run at 200NL I didn’t play a good game because I got scared. I’m also not very happy with how I’m running slash playing at 100NL. I get bored too easily now I’ve play 200NL and dropped back down.


First week-

$1.6k loss at 200NL

Don’t the exact number of hands because its on my other comp. Getting bored of 200NL struggle now and my back roll has plummeted down to 5.5k after cash outs.

Targets for next 3 weeks (the rest of april)

Play 60k hands at 100NL
Play solidly over 10tables at all times

I feel I throw so much money at unknowns, rather than waiting to get a history with them before making more complex plays. So I plan to stop this, play solid and hopefully regain the love from the poker gods which I wasn’t feeling in April


Anonymous Alex Straight said...

You are obv a 25NL pro, crushing it for 70bb/100. It could be varience, but im sure if you put at least another 20 hands on it then you will know for sure

12:12 PM  

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