Tuesday, April 10, 2007

update after ages

So been a fun couple months. Been playing ~50 hours a month and doing fairly well. Here's my current status:

Bankroll: $30,000
World Series: Qualified for $10,000 seat + $1,000
Paid for: Flight to vegas, have $1,000 saved
Current Limit: $400NL w/ an 8bb/100 win rate over 35,000 hand sample

My final year exams are March 23rd - June 5th so no more serious poker until after that. That means two months off :(

Then its try to win ~10 buy ins online by June 19th so I can use that as spending money in Vegas. Vegas trip is June 19th - July 14th, followed by graduation. Come back in August, find somewhere to live and play 80,000 hands a month and live / eat / breath poker and try to become one of the best players online. Hopefully it will all work out. Next post will be when I amin Vegas. Gl everyone with exams, cards and life


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