Monday, May 28, 2007

I Hate Party!

I Hate Party!
You can hear me in the streets.
I Hate Party!
Because it's Riggged!

Fuck You Party and all the 5,3,2 and 1 outers!
(Turned Quads not good enough??
Fuck You Party!)

I hate the min-betting Fish,
The ''Gut-shotting/all-in calling on the Turn Retards',
The 'All-in pre with A7o cos you know you're good against AK believers'
Cos Party rewards them, gives them their miracle Cards cos they are The Fish!

Ppl say: "Sorry man. Didn't realize" in the Chat.
I say: "F.O.A.D! And Give me my money Back!"
Party says: "Fuck you all!"

I Hate Party cos I play there
Trying not to spew after some cunt has decided to make a play
Get All-in as a Giant Dog and Party says there you go!

Party drives me Crazy with all the shit!
Party favours all the players who play like a nit!
Party Party Party
is Full of SHIT!

I hate Party
I hate the players who rate themselves cos they run good
I hate the Donkey Tards who run a big score on the Big Tables playing SHIT
Fuck you all!

I hate Party cos after a 50k-hand "swing 'like a mofo" month they finally made me TILT!!@#@!
1-0 to Party
It won't happen again... You know why?

Cos I fucking Hate you Party!
I am going to use that Hate to ensure you never win again!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Update April til now

The targets of my last post were to play 60k hands at 100nl playing over 10 tables. The results of this are shown on the graph below just after the $1.6k drop at 200nl. I ran fine to start with gaining back $800 but then began to run even worse than i did at 200nl but continued to play solidly. During the 18 buyin downswing I had stages of playing very solid poker but admit tilting occasionally.

I began to lose my game, felting hands that i deffinitely shouldn't be (e.g. not folding top pair against a guy showing great strength just because there was a flush draw out). I started believing everyone was making plays at me all the time because they always seemed to be raising and betting into me. Around the -$2600 mark I pulled myself together, dropped back a couple of tables (already having cut back to 8 tables), played what i believed to be solid abc poker. This worked for a short while but I ran bad and dropped back down.

I was really starting to lose faith in myself at this point. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I don't have a job, nor am i at university. I have given myself a time period in which to take a shot at poker and unless I get to a decent level (mid stakes winner) within the next 6 months I know i will haveto get a job. Anyway, i dropped down to 25nl and 50nl playing 10-12 tables and just played really basic poker.

50nl: 10k hands, 7.7BB/100, +$780

25nl: 7.5k hands, 4BB/100, +$160 (i actually had a bad tilt session at this level, quite funny)

I really feel the time spent at this levels help me get back to fundermentals (stop making plays) and plugged a lot of leaks in my game.

Now, i've moved back up to 100nl and 200nl, and have moved back up to break even since the start of april. If you'd have told me this when i started i would have been gutted, but as it stands now i am pretty happy. I feel I am playing better, and have started using a table selector which is really useful for finding bad players.

100nl: 7.5k hands, 5BB/100, +$750

200nl: 2.5k hands, 5BB/100, +$500

Obviously this is a very small sample so we'll just have to wait and see if it can be maintained. Who knows, the next time i blog, my graph might be above that horizontal line that has been laughing at me for the last 6 weeks.


1) Continue to play 100nl and 200nl solidly with good table selection

2) Try to log more hands at 200nl than 100nl but be happy to drop down at any point if running bad or the tables aren't good

3) Start taking shots at 400nl in July

4) Increase bankroll by 10% a week (this target is only so (3) is possible)

Hope i haven't bored anyone too much, later