Monday, May 28, 2007

I Hate Party!

I Hate Party!
You can hear me in the streets.
I Hate Party!
Because it's Riggged!

Fuck You Party and all the 5,3,2 and 1 outers!
(Turned Quads not good enough??
Fuck You Party!)

I hate the min-betting Fish,
The ''Gut-shotting/all-in calling on the Turn Retards',
The 'All-in pre with A7o cos you know you're good against AK believers'
Cos Party rewards them, gives them their miracle Cards cos they are The Fish!

Ppl say: "Sorry man. Didn't realize" in the Chat.
I say: "F.O.A.D! And Give me my money Back!"
Party says: "Fuck you all!"

I Hate Party cos I play there
Trying not to spew after some cunt has decided to make a play
Get All-in as a Giant Dog and Party says there you go!

Party drives me Crazy with all the shit!
Party favours all the players who play like a nit!
Party Party Party
is Full of SHIT!

I hate Party
I hate the players who rate themselves cos they run good
I hate the Donkey Tards who run a big score on the Big Tables playing SHIT
Fuck you all!

I hate Party cos after a 50k-hand "swing 'like a mofo" month they finally made me TILT!!@#@!
1-0 to Party
It won't happen again... You know why?

Cos I fucking Hate you Party!
I am going to use that Hate to ensure you never win again!


Blogger gamblinPOWER said...

know how you feel - there's two ways to beat party. 1) wait until you have the absolute nuts before you bet. 2) get you're money in as far behind as possible, and you do actually win - today, i was on the nasty side of set-over-set and came out ontop by hitting a runner runner flush.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Mitesh said...

Sorry to read this one matey. Sounds ultra gash :(

1:45 PM  

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