Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sick sick night

We just got back from the Wynn, was a pretty sick night but I'll get onto that in a bit!
On Saturday we played the $1500 NLHE WSOP event, me and Kad busted in level 4 and Mong busted in level 3, so was pretty unsuccessful. I need a new luckbox right now :-)
On Sunday I had a good late night session at 5/10 at the Bellagio, made just over 1k, then last night I lost it all back at 5/10 at the Wynn.

Gonna leave off playing live for a while, the handrate / single tabling / full ring is all putting me on tilt. Kad is feeling the same about that! Marky has been doing pretty well live tho, raping the deepstack games at the Wynn.

We went to the steakhouse at the Bellagio last night (Prime) which was amazing. 12oz filet mignon never tasted so good. Me and Kad both went for medium-rare last night, but are thinking rare for our next one (probably at the Wynn or Venetian), and possibly blue after that if we like it!

After cruising around the strip with the Mong, it has to be said, he knows a LOT of people out here. He's got a reputation for sure. ;-) We think a cab driver is after him though cos me, Mark and Kad got the same cab driver three days in a row (2000 cabs in Vegas) at 3 different hotels - the odds are just ridiculous, so it cant be a coincidence - watch out Mong!

After chilling by the pool all day, we decided to head to the Wynn for a bit of gambling and some dinner. We ate at the Italian restaurant (ugh) and everyone loved it up, except me, I had to leave most of my $45 pasta haha. We are addicted to video poker, so put in a cheeky session after the meal. Its all about the free drinks you get while playing. Oh, and the cocktail waitresses at the Wynn are STEAMING!! I will try and get some pics next time I'm there. For now, you'll have to make do with a pretty bad quality pic of us playing video poker.

After the video poker session, we were all pretty hammered, especially Kad and Mark and they decided to play a bit of blackjack. As a rule, Mark doesnt gamble on table games because he's mental and goes on sick monkey tilt way too easily. This soon became obvious....

So they were Martingaling blackjack (for those who don't know, this is where everytime you lose, you double your bet so when you eventually win a hand you get back to even). So they were betting $100 a hand, so they went $100, $200, $400, $800 (ok, now starting to sweat it). $1600, $3200. Now this is fucked, they are down $6300. They are drunk as fuck tho and keep going. We had to get the table limit raised for the next bet - $6400. The dealer had a ten, Kad/Mark had 18. Dealer flips a black queen and we are pwned. Now they are down this much money, they are on sick tilt and use almost all the Wynn chips they had to place the $12800 bet. The dealer shows an 8 and Kad/Mark are dealt 14. They hit, and a 9 peels to bust them. They lost just over $25,000 in total.

We got comped a limo ride back to Ballys, but the boys are now almost busto, all their money in Vegas is gone and they barely have enough money left for food for the rest of the trip, let alone playing any poker or buying into the WSOP main event. So so fucked. The odds of losing 7 coinflips in a row are about 0.8%....

Doshi and Ravey Ru get out here tomorrow, hopefully Kad and Mark will have calmed down by then.
Until the next update, take it easy,

Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Vegas Update

Hey guys, for those who dont know, me, Kad, Mark and Mongy are in Vegas right now for the WSOP!
Quick update on whats happened so far on the trip - first off, our flight got delayed 29 hours!!! While we were still in the terminal, with about 30mins to go until scheduled departure, Kad laid a line of 40mins late for the over/under on when we would leave, I put $50 on it, lost that one pretty badly lol. When we were on the plane I put another $50 that we would leave at some point that day... lost that too! We got put up in the worst Hilton hotel in the world in a place called Arundel overnight, then the travelling started all over again the next day.
It was worth the wait tho, because Vegas is amazing. The weather is great, around 40-50 degree heat every day, and it doesnt go below 30 degrees at night id say. Yet to see one cloud in the sky. Our hotel room is amazing, we have 3 linked rooms and currently im staying in the best one, with king size bed, jacuzzi, etc etc. The food has been the best ive ever eaten. The first night we went to the steakhouse in Ballys for a 12oz fillet, and after eating that, I dont know how places in England get away with selling the crap they do. Also the buffet breakfasts out here are ridiculously good, I think im gonna get fat.
Poker so far has been meh, I played about 3 hours of $2/$5 and made like $70 then yesterday put in a 9 hour day at $5/$10 and lost about $1.4k, which is standard variance but it felt like such a grind I remembered how much i hate playing live cash games. I may play a couple more days to see if the tide will turn.
Today me, Kad and Mongy are playing a $1500 no limit holdem WSOP event, so hopefully I can get my luckbox out and make it through day 1.
I think Kad put some of my pics on facebook so check them out. I'll take a few more today of the cardroom at the Rio and prob put them up on here later.