Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Vegas Update

Hey guys, for those who dont know, me, Kad, Mark and Mongy are in Vegas right now for the WSOP!
Quick update on whats happened so far on the trip - first off, our flight got delayed 29 hours!!! While we were still in the terminal, with about 30mins to go until scheduled departure, Kad laid a line of 40mins late for the over/under on when we would leave, I put $50 on it, lost that one pretty badly lol. When we were on the plane I put another $50 that we would leave at some point that day... lost that too! We got put up in the worst Hilton hotel in the world in a place called Arundel overnight, then the travelling started all over again the next day.
It was worth the wait tho, because Vegas is amazing. The weather is great, around 40-50 degree heat every day, and it doesnt go below 30 degrees at night id say. Yet to see one cloud in the sky. Our hotel room is amazing, we have 3 linked rooms and currently im staying in the best one, with king size bed, jacuzzi, etc etc. The food has been the best ive ever eaten. The first night we went to the steakhouse in Ballys for a 12oz fillet, and after eating that, I dont know how places in England get away with selling the crap they do. Also the buffet breakfasts out here are ridiculously good, I think im gonna get fat.
Poker so far has been meh, I played about 3 hours of $2/$5 and made like $70 then yesterday put in a 9 hour day at $5/$10 and lost about $1.4k, which is standard variance but it felt like such a grind I remembered how much i hate playing live cash games. I may play a couple more days to see if the tide will turn.
Today me, Kad and Mongy are playing a $1500 no limit holdem WSOP event, so hopefully I can get my luckbox out and make it through day 1.
I think Kad put some of my pics on facebook so check them out. I'll take a few more today of the cardroom at the Rio and prob put them up on here later.


Anonymous al straight said...

get down hotel gym, i got pretty fat in the states.


5:17 PM  
Blogger stabec said...

gd lucks lads. Keep the updates coming!

5:05 PM  

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