Friday, July 06, 2007

Chilling Before the Main Event

First of all I’ll put up Nextgenneo’s trip report of his encounter with Michael Greco (happened on the 28th):
“So after dinner today I thought I'd play some $2/$5 down at the Wynn. I sat down and to my right was none other than Michael Greco. I recognized him but didn't actually remember who he was. For those who may have forgotten here is a pic:
You may remember him from Eastenders and he supposedly shagged Jordan and Lindsay Lohan.
So anwyway, he asks me where I am from and I tell him. Ask him where he is from because I didn't realize who he was (thats how big of a celeb he is). Then a hand comes where I raise the CO with A2o and 2 barrel a JxxK board and he folds. I show my A2 because I show all my bluffs live to build my image. He says nothing.
Next hand a German TAG 2p2er opens the hijack, I 3b with AQo from the CO and Greco insta flats from the btn, 2p2er also calls. Flop Kxx, German checks, I check and Greco fires $250 overbet into like a $160 pot. At this point I figure he might be on tilt but he also might be repping tilt and play AK like this so I fold. He shows 42o for no pair no draw and says something like:
"If you show me a bluff I am gonna get pissed off and then I am going to end up taking all your money you little prick"
I tell him to not get upset about a bluff on 2/5 etc and the banter goes on for a while. He is clearly really really mad and starts tilting and saying I am the biggest prick in the card room, a little punk kid etc etc. At this point I ask for a floor person to come over and calm him down and eventually he shuts the fuck up and we get on with it. A little later Mark comes over to ask how the game is going and I say:
"Its pretty tight but there is this one massive cunt on the table, but I can't tell you who"
I say this loud and Greco obv heres. The exchanges go back and forth and an hour later I cash out. As I am by the cashiers desk he goes to cash out and starts calling me a fat prick and telling me if I ever call him a cunt he is going to have me etc. Starts pointing at his eyes and saying he knows who I am and is going to be waiting outside. I just keep saying "Okay Beppe" and I think I called him a twat which made him go even more mad and security actually had to semi hold him back. All in all it was a big scene at the cardroom and I was told he would be waiting outside. What a fucking grade F celebrity with an ego problem. Mongy was telling me that Parsy had trouble with him last year :-D
Anyways, he wasn't waiting outside and I was up about $100 off him so its all good. Later in the evening this guy from Alabama in Bally's started calling me, Mark and Jambon European faggots and went on huge huge monkey tilt. Long story short, viva Las Vegas!”
LOL beppe! Since then, we’ve mostly been chilling, not been playing much cards, drinking and going out. Neo’s friends Woody, Weber, Elliot, Theo, Eric and Norman all arrived on Sunday. On Sunday night we had a load of drinks down at the bar at Ballys then played a drunken cash game in the room! Eric was the big winner in the game, I think he was the least drunk! Monday we chilled by the pool and went to Bally’s steakhouse that night and then had a few more drinks at the bar.
Tuesday night we decided to really get on the sauce! Me and Neo’s drank almost a whole half bottle of 75% alcohol and Marky threw up in his glass before we even left after the hardcore game of circle and hi/lo!
We left the room at about 2am and as most clubs would be full or closing soon, we decided to hit up a strip club :-) Mongy is an authority on strip clubs, and he said we should go to Déjà Vu, so we did. The rest of this story I have unfortunately had to remove 6 years later :-)
Last night we got drunk again and went to the club at the Hard Rock to see Ministry of Sound DJ Scotty Boy perform. The music was ridiculously good but it was a bit of a sausage fest :-(.
2day I played another main event satellite but busted allin pre with aces pretty early. Neo and Mark have bought in to the main event and are playing 2moro (Friday – day 1A) and Saturday (day 1B) respectively. I’m gonna head over to the Bellagio now and pick up some money, then gonna go to the Rio to buy in. I think I’m gonna request to play day 1D on Monday.
Until then, take it easy,


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