Friday, August 17, 2007

Lazy poster

I've decided i'm shit at blogging coz i'm really lazy.


Had a good first week playin 200nl on FT, up about 2k i think (roll 10k). Over the next week or so i continued to play a mixture of games, including heads up/6max 100nl, 200nl and some 400nl vs soft short stack opponents.

Had a bad couple of days, followed by my worst ever. I dropped 2.2k, including 6 buyins 200nl heads-up and 2 buyins 400nl 6-max (in 72 hands, 2 3-bet pots where my Aces/Queens ran into retard donkeys miracle sets).

After this (3k total downswing) my confidence and bankroll (7k) was knocked. Rather than quiting forever- which crossed my mind -i planned to play 10k hands at 25nl, 50nl and 100nl (30k total) before moving back up to 200nl. All went fine 8-12 tabling 25nl and 50nl. I hit a little break even streak over my first 10k 100 nl though.

Profit/loss - +$311

Bonuses - Got $1.4k from rakeback (played 60k hands), so that kept me a live.

Bankroll - 7k (after cashing out)

July graph-


Now in august, still playing 100nl. Going ok. I've decided to continue playing 100nl and have made some targets below

- Play at least 100k hands at 100nl running above 5bb/100
- Cashout enough money to buy a car, holiday and fill bank account so i don't have to constantly cash out
- Play 3-8 tables depending on table selection. I've realised more than 8 doesnt work for me
- When pissed off, leave the tables even if i have a significant edge, its every easy to tilt off loads of cash to fish
- Don't check results regularly. I've realised that looking at my results too often is bad phycologically. I stopped looking at them during sessions, then stopped between sessions and now don't often look at the end of a day.
I easily become too results orientated, if i'm losing then i think i'm shit and if i'm winning then i get overconfident and start predicting how much money i should make over the next month. I now only check my results after a day when i'm happy i've been playing solid and won't get pissed off or over excited either way. I review more hands hands in bigger groups and try to decide myself how i should have played if before running off to 2+2 for help.
-Take regular breaks between sessions and do something non-poker related (don't review sessions, read two plus two or watch CR vid), usually watch something i've downloaded/beef it up at the gym.

Once above targets acheived
-Build roll to 10k, play 200nl again, hopefully more comfortably and able to take the swings.
August going ok, up 15 buyins at 100nl last time i checked and sticking with my targets.
Hopefully someone reads this and they weren't bored stupid. Helps me to write it though

Saturday, August 11, 2007

another generally gay day

today was pretty lame as well:

aces, kings, queens and AK are all so rigged.

Friday, August 10, 2007

F**k today

Today was full of shit, -$2896 at 400nl and -$897 at 600nl in 2700 hands, for a total of -$3793. My worst ever day, straight after my best ever day, obviously. Lost 12 fullbuyin or more pots so to be expected really. I did get away from set over set tho which saved me a bit. Were a few other spots where I could have gotten away from cold decks as well probably. Whatever, the war will continue tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Post-Vegas Update

So I got knocked out of the WSOP main event in the first level, probably misplayed a flopped set vs flopped nut flush but I just gotta learn from it.
Since Vegas I've been grinding reasonably hard online, playing nearly every day, and I'm hoping to play between 50-60,000 hands this month at mid stakes. I've been running pretty hot too which is nice as my bankroll is now back at its highest point. Hopefully I can keep running/playing good! I expect a big downswing will come along at some point tho. Yesterday I had my biggest ever day at cash games, +5.5k which was about 11.5 buyins (7 buyins at 400nl, 4.5 buyins at 600nl).
The games have been really good the past couple of days which makes a change as it has been getting tougher to find 4 or more good tables to play on recently.
Here's a graph for July+August so far:

I am probably gonna keep playing 400 and 600nl for another couple of months as we are moving to Vegas at the beginning of October and I'm not sure if I wanna take a shot at 1000nl before then. I'll try to keep you guys updated and maybe post some hands if I update more often.