Friday, August 17, 2007

Lazy poster

I've decided i'm shit at blogging coz i'm really lazy.


Had a good first week playin 200nl on FT, up about 2k i think (roll 10k). Over the next week or so i continued to play a mixture of games, including heads up/6max 100nl, 200nl and some 400nl vs soft short stack opponents.

Had a bad couple of days, followed by my worst ever. I dropped 2.2k, including 6 buyins 200nl heads-up and 2 buyins 400nl 6-max (in 72 hands, 2 3-bet pots where my Aces/Queens ran into retard donkeys miracle sets).

After this (3k total downswing) my confidence and bankroll (7k) was knocked. Rather than quiting forever- which crossed my mind -i planned to play 10k hands at 25nl, 50nl and 100nl (30k total) before moving back up to 200nl. All went fine 8-12 tabling 25nl and 50nl. I hit a little break even streak over my first 10k 100 nl though.

Profit/loss - +$311

Bonuses - Got $1.4k from rakeback (played 60k hands), so that kept me a live.

Bankroll - 7k (after cashing out)

July graph-


Now in august, still playing 100nl. Going ok. I've decided to continue playing 100nl and have made some targets below

- Play at least 100k hands at 100nl running above 5bb/100
- Cashout enough money to buy a car, holiday and fill bank account so i don't have to constantly cash out
- Play 3-8 tables depending on table selection. I've realised more than 8 doesnt work for me
- When pissed off, leave the tables even if i have a significant edge, its every easy to tilt off loads of cash to fish
- Don't check results regularly. I've realised that looking at my results too often is bad phycologically. I stopped looking at them during sessions, then stopped between sessions and now don't often look at the end of a day.
I easily become too results orientated, if i'm losing then i think i'm shit and if i'm winning then i get overconfident and start predicting how much money i should make over the next month. I now only check my results after a day when i'm happy i've been playing solid and won't get pissed off or over excited either way. I review more hands hands in bigger groups and try to decide myself how i should have played if before running off to 2+2 for help.
-Take regular breaks between sessions and do something non-poker related (don't review sessions, read two plus two or watch CR vid), usually watch something i've downloaded/beef it up at the gym.

Once above targets acheived
-Build roll to 10k, play 200nl again, hopefully more comfortably and able to take the swings.
August going ok, up 15 buyins at 100nl last time i checked and sticking with my targets.
Hopefully someone reads this and they weren't bored stupid. Helps me to write it though


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