Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Post-Vegas Update

So I got knocked out of the WSOP main event in the first level, probably misplayed a flopped set vs flopped nut flush but I just gotta learn from it.
Since Vegas I've been grinding reasonably hard online, playing nearly every day, and I'm hoping to play between 50-60,000 hands this month at mid stakes. I've been running pretty hot too which is nice as my bankroll is now back at its highest point. Hopefully I can keep running/playing good! I expect a big downswing will come along at some point tho. Yesterday I had my biggest ever day at cash games, +5.5k which was about 11.5 buyins (7 buyins at 400nl, 4.5 buyins at 600nl).
The games have been really good the past couple of days which makes a change as it has been getting tougher to find 4 or more good tables to play on recently.
Here's a graph for July+August so far:

I am probably gonna keep playing 400 and 600nl for another couple of months as we are moving to Vegas at the beginning of October and I'm not sure if I wanna take a shot at 1000nl before then. I'll try to keep you guys updated and maybe post some hands if I update more often.


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