Thursday, October 25, 2007

Life at the STA Mansion

What up,

Figured it was about time I put a blog post up! 25 days since we moved in to the Las Vegas STA mansion now, and I’m certainly not missing Mugland. I’ll try to remember some of what’s happened so far...

Hanzfat and KB managed to get themselves in trouble with the filth during a night out at New York New York on the first Saturday night. While running from the police, bobbing and weaving to avoid incoming gunshots, KB managed to get stuck while jumping some sharp railings, much to the amusement of all the cars passing by! His jeans pretty much got ripped in two as the police dragged him off the railings and cuffed him for interrogation. Thankfully the boys got off with only warnings.

The next Saturday, eager to surpass the antics of the previous week, we hit up the Strip again. I decided I’d rather play some $1000NL at the Bellagio instead of getting arrested, so missed the first couple of hours of the night while I made 1k. When I met back up with the boys, a pretty interesting incident occured which unfortunately I have had to remove from the blog.

Those nights were the main events of the last few weeks, and other than that, we’ve been pretty slack with the whole being a pro poker player thing, apart from Simon who has become a live grinder. KB has been getting raped, as have I but the last few days have been decent so I might make my goal of a $10k month. Hanzfat has been running pretty well so has made almost as much money from poker as he has from the rest of us paying him to cook us food.

There is a body fat % prop bet going on between Hanz, KB and Simon, so we are hitting up the gym fairly often. Tonight KB and Hanz laid odds of 100 to 1 that I couldn’t run 20mins on the treadmill at 8mph. Simon was 45mins through a 60min run at 8mph, so obviously I put up $10, and the $1000 run was on.

After 30 seconds, I almost twisted my ankle, and it wasn’t looking good. After 2 minutes, I realised I would never be able to go 20 mins so gave up then to save myself the pain of getting to 10 minutes and dying. Eager to win my money back I bet $20 with KB at evens that I could bench press 75lb+the bar, even though I had no idea what my max was. Well lets just say my max is lower than 75lb and I was another $20 lighter.

One more bet to see off the day, and KB laid 3 to 1 that I couldn’t beat him at boxing on the Playstation3 with Ricky Hatton (welterweight) vs some fat bastard (Heavyweight). $10 was booked and 6 rounds later the fat bastard was spark out on the mat, and I was even on the day for prop betting. Actually, KB lost credit card roulette at Applebees, so I did get a free meal lol.

In other notes, the following has been added to the Banned List: Pizza Hut (so dirty in the States), Oreos, Pumba (the evil drunk Simon), massive amounts of lamb, and playing less than 20%VPIP.

That was pretty long so I wouldn’t expect much else for a while, just remember,

50 told me go 'head switch the style up
And if they hate then let 'em hate
And watch the money pile up




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1 word - balla! I love you guys!

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