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After the dissapointment of the WSOP event and realization that Tournies are actually mini-marathons and in the heat and heavy searvings of Vegas I prolly wasn't in the best of shape to take on a Week long event, plus live tilt was an impossiblilty to control! However, after reflection I feel I have adapted my Game and the Passion has reloaded! !



After seeing the high quality of the posting from my STA peers I thought I would share the trials and tribulations that I have experienced on the tourney scene and maybe share a few hands (cos it ain’t real Poker anyhow!).

So my predicament financially is that whilst being baller in the $’s I am near busto on the monies I’ve converted into £’s from last year and the currency climate being as it is I am reluctant to convert any more atm (well at least I have made it a goal which I hope I can keep). Therefore, where I am I to find good British money – get a real job? No! On the GUKPT Scene of course! On this note I decided I needed to enter the £1050 buy-in Freeze-out event at the London Victoria and try and turn the last of my monies into a mini-fortune that I could live and party off of. The Mungo was attending too so would be good to catch up with my old friend and Full-Ring Mentor – many a night Mungo used to watch over me play the 25/50NL Full Ring game and his cool discipline would wash over me. Ah how I wish he was around after I came back from Vegas on MAD Monkey-Tilt and maybe I would have avoided those 2 sub 50 k days this Summer. But measures in place I know that the nit-mentality is the only way to go on those bad boys even tho I just can’t help my lag-side coming out sometimes!

So I rallied enough courage to go out in the complete darkness on my bike with no lights the night before the Tourney day. As my accounts only let you withdraw £300/day and I needed the cash for the buy-in so thought I would halve the process over 2 days. Getting £600 out opposite the nightly pub and shoving it in a white envelope I felt a little uneasy that I local drunk may accost me for the monies I had, but thankfully no, I was away on my bike before any a muster was heard, let alone seen!

The girl behind the check-in desk was a little rude for my likings when I was enquiring still about the Tourney on the day of the event in the London Vic – obviously I was def going to play but I wanted to hold a little back. I was forced to throw out the wad of 20s and shut the bitch up from asking for the £1050 for a fourth time. She looked a little shocked but impressed also. Seriously, I think women are biologically programmed to worship money!

A little refresher of Coke-indulgence to wake myself up for the day’s actions was had at the bar as, to be frank, I really couldn’t sleep during the night hours – used to normally playing the tards online who “really shouldn’t be as having work the next day” etc and as a result I’m sure I didn’t really get a wink, but what the hay, I was excited to play in Tourney for a change. Hopeful and honest I must have been half asleep to be looking forward to be playing in Tourney but seeing Mungo propping up the bar as standard at high noon I was reminded of the Vegas trip all too well. I got to meet 2 of his friends who seemed like a real laugh and v keen on the Poker too – Dave, who seemed to be a real top–boy and is currently printing money on Betfair so it was enthralling to hear about the dynamics of that project! The other friend, Jerome, had just taken down an event at the Walsall Grosvenor so kudos to him (think he won 60or so English but additionally put £50 down on the bookies to back himself to win at 300 to 1 and then won it – ship the £15k extra !)


So all fired up I sat down with 342 or so other contestants and sought to play my heart out. I saw a few Poker names there but fortunately they weren’t on my table and as I sat down at my first table I began to lick my lips! To say the table was Tight was an underestimation – on picking up the BB some guy open-limped the BTN, SB checked and I followed suit trying to pick up a feel for the play on stake on the table as a whole. As luck would have it I flopped a two-pair with 85o and check-raising the BTN was so easy that I really felt I could’ve had air. On the back of this confidence exposure I proceeded in my laggy-ways and continued to double my stack in the first 2 blind levels without having to showdown a single hand unless I choice to give pity to the fools (which is hardly ever – fools pls keep note!). So after loving the first table I was moved over to some loud Asian who was conversing openly to an apparent name in the UK Poker Scene a Mr. Paul Parker who was sitting on my right – I didn’t really figure him for a name until last night I saw him on TV commentating with Vicky Coren on the GUKPT show. Additionally, talk that he had 3 properties from Poker monies was good to hear for us aspiring players! All-in all though I feel he was mad tight – limp-calling mutli-way with AK with an M of around12 was highly risky but he had the discipline to fold when not hitting but come on Paul out more of a game out there! I must give the man kudos for being a gentleman and the banter about the air-wine when the waitresses proceeded to come round with only glasses twice as some guy on the end didn’t drink kept the fatigue of being in the card room full of annoying older guys, in general, at bay. I didn’t really get any hands and wedged in-between the laggy Asain (chip-leader for our table and generally picking up hands for fun) I couldn’t really do much apart from pick on the weak-tighties in the blinds to the left of Paul but even they woke up with JJ at some point (fortunately I didn’t give them the credit for having the Kahoonies to make a Squeeze and the A9o was an easy muck). Fortunately for me, I had me Nit-Comb in toe so I could keep those retchid vermin off my back ;o)
One hand I think I could’ve played better was when I got the best hand on that table – an AQs –(pretty hearts): A laggy dim-wit who had previously made a ridic play multi-way with an under-st on the T, 4-betting with one still to act – but shucks he was free-rolling for the flush vs the guy who eventually called for the split-pot – think Paul muttered something about laying top-set with QQ when the PB on the R came but oh well! Anyhow this guy opened in the hijack, fold and the Asian called on the BTN – I thought about it and decided a squeeze for value might be good but given stack-size consideration now - possibly a flat is better and evaluation on the Flop in order. So I Re-Raise and this guy just grins and 4Bets it like nothing only it nearly all my chips. Now the Asian starts to pipe-up and saying that he was going to Sh my Raise (seriously is shit allowed!?!). He folds, I time a little but make an easy muck then this guy turns over the Aces and said he didn’t want o slow-play with the Asian in – fair enough I guess but I think Paul wouldda played it different! On inspection the Asian claims to have had QQ but we (Paul and myself) probed further after lunch and I don’t believe a word of it!
After an hour Paul was sent to the rail in an interesting little hand. He had an average size M the whole time and opens on the BTN then tight-y blinds decide to call and take a flop. The Board: A24 Flush draw-out, SB checks, BB leads and Paul raises. SB (an absolute nit) calls instantly and BB moans a bit and folds. Turn is a Q, SB checks and Paul licks his lips and bets, committing himself to the pot. SB shoves and Paul calls to flip top-2 but the SB has a set of 22’s. On reflection it may be possible to reason that the SB had something here and given live reads it’s a defo that that guy has got at least 2-pair on the flop cos the guy in BB obv had an Ace. When this was pointed out to Paul by some random Paul was defensive stating that they weren’t deep enough to get away, and tbh in the heat of the moment I think I would’ve played it the same but on reflection I do believe that the SB’s play is v blatent and sick lays should never be sought with such a small stack-size but when you just know it’s v v possible when you’re looking to play on the highest level!
(Paul looking a little worse for wear on the Hendom Mob Gallery! ! !)

So after this I probably have about 36 BB’s – good but gotta get moving as they split the table up and I head in search of Chip Fortune. I sit and look over to this 20-or-something guy who has a mass of chips, so many I reckon he musta been overall chip-leader and immediately my Fish-dar is alerted! This guy is a mammoth limp-call-station-min-raising luck box and unfortunately for the table no one is getting the goods to play back at him. I’ve played with many a giant Donk-Fish before and the secret is to take well tied stands so I intend to step up as David agains the Chip Goliath and do the entire table a favour – his slavish regime will not last during my Tourney gaming! The desperation of the table was exasperated well by this one American guy to my left who I recognise from my first table. He regails of how he “just cannot hit!” and how “this guy is incredible and will just call if he hits anything” – in truth his FC of the American’s flop C-Bet with bottom pair to turn 2-Pair with K3 was almost inspiring if it just wasn’t PDL (Pure Dumb Luck)! The American went mad ape when shown the hand I was just wondering if he’d rather be home with the kids. So I look to get the Giant’s attention and raise in the CO on his BB, I got a few chips and intend to test the waters I C-bet in a 3-way pot and he times for ages and obv just hasn’t caught anything else he’d call – I dunno how but everyone on the table felt I had nothing and tbh I had A high but I knew I was good and the Donk folded – ship the pot! The next hand came when I look down at AK UTG I raise and the GD (Giant Donk) calls me with position – all else fold. Board comes down low but with a flush draw I think and I C-Bet, Donk thinks then calls. Turn is again a blank so I fire again. Donk thinks and calls. So now there is like 25k in the middle and I have 14k behind when the River falls to complete the possible flush – I think the lead is obvious and want to see what DG has and so I check – he bets like 3.5k on the R and I just know he hasn’t got the River. I take about 12 secs and announce that I’m all-in! There’s a massive cheer from my table and I remember hearing one guy yelp! Donk is looking mad sick now like he wants to kill me and I’m there in my reflective aviators almost willing him on. He folds and leaves the table for a time-out whilst everyone claps and I make a nice collection of chips to put me well in command for my next table and day 2 all things going well!


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