Thursday, November 22, 2007

Caribbean Poker Classic

I finally have something worth posting about but am pretty intimidated after the high standards Porno has been setting as of late.

On Monday I am off to St. Kitt's in the Caribbean for the Caribbean Poker Classic.

I won a Sit & Go for the top MPP earners on my beloved SunPoker.

$10,000 CPC Package

The prize package includes:

  • $6,300 buy-in to the Main Event
  • $1,200 7-night hotel stay at the St. Kitts Marriott
  • $2,500 cash for travel and meals

I was going to take STA The _Bean with me but he didn't think he would be able to handle the hot food in the Caribbean.

The main event doesn't start until Friday and before then it is mainly Satellites with a few smaller tournaments, some of which I might play but knowing me I'll probably just doss about in the pool/beach:

The day after I get back I fly out to Las Vegas with The_Bean to visit the STA Mansion.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Property Issues!

The world seems to be going Crazy in Mugland over property. No one can afford to enter the property ladder, young or old yet everyone would much rather own than rent. One woman on a documentary stated her reason being that when you fill out any form for a bank or GP you have to state that you don’t own and people look down on you if you rent. I do understand the need for a man to be a King in his Castle...but it appears to be a sheer mentality block that people in England cannot simply rent but there are additional reasons why this may be so.
Given the legal standings as such the landlord
can choose when to evacuate a monthly paying tenant with due notice of the relevant number of weeks. Extra powers of control mean that any desires to expand or improve the property can only be made by the landlord and given many are driven by the income of earning rent and many don’t tend to have the disposable income or the inclination to do mean renting families living in cramped conditions have to grin and bear it. This can be contrasted to Germany where the Krauts may have got one thing right for once apart from Durchsprungteknik design. Over in the former Reich, they give particular right to tenants and it is far more common for people to own Wohnungs – rental houses/flats than to own. A tenant is commonly permitted to live there for life and in fact it is law that if a landlord seeks to regain control of a house and evict tenants it is only permitted if that landlord can prove that they need to live in that space for their own use. Living in that Pretzel-eating driven, beer-celebrating, pornographic-loving former War ground has never been so good...... that is if you speak fucking German!

The main fault over here in the UK is that it is too small, especially given the slowdown in property development. This is mainly due to local disputes over the impact of housing in established Green areas. Muggy people have been tagged with the title of ‘NIMBY’s, and abbreviation for ‘Not In My Backyard’. Those objecting to housing claim that schooling, traffic and general development in the sticks are already at full capacity. Therefore, an offload of 800+ houses is surely ridiculous to their tiny minds. It has been predicted that 3 million houses will be required to be built to house everyone in 2020. Given the current muggy state of local planning permission and local government organisations it has been a real difficulty for developers to build in rural areas – one such company developer got initial permission in 1992 and still hasn’t been able to lay a brick due to the requisites of detail planning requisite, piping layout, water, gas and electricity planning and permission, etc, etc. Another factor holding back builders on the job at hand is that local governments also give natural concerns to welfare of animals and vegetation already existent on land. This has included necessitating the export and re-housing of specific newts and relocating certain type of plant rare to Hampshire on the designated land. One building company had to build a bat shelter on site before any work on main building for bats housed in the loft. This is all well, and due accord should be given to creatures already on the land but the time required to tell people to re-house these animals shouldn't need to be as long as it is, surely!

(A Bats gotta live!)

A main problem and easy solution ‘…in an ideal world’ is that many an older citizen and recently divorced but high earning parent own large houses which are clearly too large for their own needs. Young families squeezing five family members into three bedroom houses are all too common. Yet an obvious swap over is so hard to negotiate let alone to get people to learn to live with less that it is only for the very few with much who are willing move down to less that it not exactly ‘ideal’ (as are many idealistic suggestions). This has led inventive individuals to believe that buying affordable land and then placing a set-up house for 35 grand or so would be viable. But they are often shut down on planning pemission again by the council - maybe in 3 generations time they say! One estranged woman tried to live off her farm land of 4 acres with pigs and goats while converting 2 of her stables into a lounge/bedroom and kitchen. To no surprise both ideas are always contrary to planning orders not to mention what the locals think.

It appears in this mighty Mug that we live in that the one fine great quality of British-ness is to stick to tradition – that what was what was there before should always remain! Expansion and future technologies or new ideas or policies are always frowned upon by the older traditionalists that reside in this mighty Mug we live. They are ignorant of the evident fact that: life, by its very nature, is consistent of change and development – from a molecular to a global and political scale, this is true. This appears too much for certain citizens to comprehend. At the knowledge of the shed-housing farm lady living on her old land one older gent, on the local council, stated that it would lead to “chaos” if such housing of individuals continued to occur. I think it was the sheer extremism at which this gent went to in mentioning “chaos” that alarmed me. As though the fucking Nazis were going to invade at any moment should this event arise. The response was clearly disproportionate to the act in question (ironically very similar to the reclaiming of the Sudetenland itself) – people should be able to live on land they own. Alas local councils disagree and pig-farmer lady is now having to be re-housed by the government – a self-inflicted query of action that they now have to sort out.

(Note Max Hastings from the Telegraph's comment on the whole matter in pic above!)

I am a Poker player and very fortunately have the capacity to earn enough monies to buy a house outright or pay off a lot of the price if I so wish in a much shorter time period than most (as Mungo recently has done – nw!) This leads me to think how awful a state I’d be in, and many of my friends and others are in, given today’s climate of property prices. Sometimes I wonder how fucked I’d be if I was earning 18-20 grand a year in some shitty job with a fixed structure for promotion. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the perks of knowing how to go online and make a few clips.

My overall conclusion on the matter is that it’s Warfare out there and I don’t think it’s going to subside in any near future given the supply to demand mismatch. I feel sorry for all those people hanging on waiting for the housing market to fall because I just don’t see it happening any time soon. Good motivation to get on the tables I guess ;o) !