Sunday, December 09, 2007

Not played much poker

In vegas now. Had good couple of months before i came out.

120k hands, 100nl, 4.15 ptbb/100, 6.5 mt ratio, i think. I might post some stats and graph when i get home but who really cares??? Hoping to move up to 200nl soon (currently in talks for staking deal from guys here). I know i can beat it, cos im a god who plays the worst site at the worst hours and am deffinately better than Jimmy (jambon) who has made 10076 times more money than me at poker (must be in a harsh downswing).

Anyways, vegas. Been here since wednesday. Went out for meal on wed night, great service (US), good meal, and a random variety of cocktails - chubb wasnt happy, only guy with beer - that is my speciality. Must mention, much stronger than cocktails at home. Played some cards that night, swings everywhere, in which i was up til the last game (blind mans bluff) where i went all in with shite vs shite vs shite vs shite and......... ummm lost vs shite. Fun tho.

Thursday we went out for meal, back to the house for drinking games, limo (very sweet and cheap) to the strip, walked through a few casinos but no good clubs were open on thursday. Went into one shit place, talked to some brits bout the hatton fight before leavin swiftly. Got into a taxi, asked where was open and he took us to a strip club. I must admit, it was just like a normal clubb where the women dont where much and ask for money even for talking to you. I just chilled out for the night, while some of the lads got dances. One of which cudnt afford to pay, asked to borrow some money, cudnt get any, so left before getting chucked out (one guess who that was, small hands dont win prizes).

Friday we chilled all day, playing ps3 pro evo on huge 65" basement tv, went ouf for meal in the evening. We were all hitting downswings (hangover bumps) randomly after certain food courses, not fun. Went to bed late, 5am after times still being messed up and got up at 9am saturday morning as chubb woke me playin his tournament, which he still owes me an all you eat buffet for cos he won it.

Saturday continued, again played ps3 all day, well, until 4pm, showers, out for hatton fight. The atmosphere was amazing. In the mgm grand, where the fight was held. We were in the conference room watchin it on the big screens with 12ooo other fans. Really enjoyable and everyone was up for it, until the fight ended with a loss. I reckon at least 8000 fans for supporting hatton, prob 10000. Lots of fights kicked off afterwards, which i stayed away from (didnt wanna hurt anyone) and let the bouncers/met police take out the twats with big sticks and tazers. Dont start a fight at vegas casino, idiotic.

Went for a meal after the fight. I ordered chicken strips to start, came as chicken and chips. Fajitas for main, which was also huge. Massive stomach ache to follow as kad, mark and i went off to carry on the night (other lads went home to bed). It was such a funny night afterwards. Got in a taxi with a crazy oriental guy who was singing something crazy so we sang along. Then tried to get into pussy cat dolls lounge (PURE) in caesars palace (i think), but hanzfat had trainer shoes on (waitress words). We asked if there was a shop that sold shoes, walked around and realised it was a no go. Hanz spent 20 minutes trying to buy peoples shoes (hilarious).

Next we went into a shop, bought shoe polish to cover hanz white parts on his shoes. We all went into cubicle in the toilet, and began covering his shoes in this shit polish before realising it didnt do anyhing. We all carried our drinks on the New York New York, Coyote Ugly bar afterwards. Stayed for while, before heading home.

Here i am now. Hopefully this isnt too long to read and i will post again, maybe with some gambling in it. Take it easy, peace out


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