Monday, February 25, 2008

2008- The year of the bean!!!!!

Okay, so its not officially the year of the bean, but i'm gonna work hard to change that. Hopefully this post will be more coherent than my last because i'm not pissed at 4am. I came back from vegas end of december, and had another couple of weeks off poker over xmas and new year. Here are my results for december:

100nl- 387 hands, 27/25/5.6 running at 25ptbb/100 for $193 profit.

Obviously it was great month, running really hot. If ony i cud have put the hours in :)

I did't play much poker in vegas, few hours online and few hours live. Watched all the lads play a couple of sessions online though, which was cool. Pearson is probably the best player in the house. I love how he asks really obvious questions that he and everyone knows is standard. I think its genius, something to do with thinking on the same level as fish so we know how best to exploit them. Although we didn't have massive poker discussions, i think as poker players you talk about poker constantly in general conversation without realising it (i can speak for myself anyway). So i came away from vegas with some fresh ideas and some new concepts to introduc to my game.
January starts. I'm a massive fish all of a sudden, calling everyones 3-barrels with ace high and shit like that. I wonder why i'm playing like this and i think of those donkeys in the STA mansion. I could hear it in my head "DONT FOLD POOK, U'VE ALWAYS GOT ODDS!". This was one of those new concepts i'd introuced to my game. Suddenly i realised i'd taken it to the extreme (u'll see on the graph). I kept hearing something else running through my head "DONT RAISE LESS THAT 20VPIP YOU NITTY C**T". My stats went from 18/16/5.6 with attempt to steal of 31, to 23/21/4.8 ats 40.
The changes to my game made it a lot more fun to play. Playing more hands preflop and folding less postflop. Loved it. Took a little while to get used to, learning to manage my image at the table and choosing when the right time use aggression was vs taking a passive line. Jack staked my 8k at the start of January so i was able to move up to 200nl. It was quite funny, first day i had 1k downswing (big for what i was used to), but i didn't give a shit cos it mostly Chubbs money. Thing is, i was confident i would get it back, so i was worried about mugging him off, but if it was my own money it would have felt like a loss. Having the money from Jack made it seem more long term and gave me a much better mindset for the game. A great poker player once said "It's not one day, it's everyday". I can't remember who, i think it was Mark Larsen actually.

January results below:
200nl - 36.5k hands, 23/21/4.8 running at 5.8ptbb/100 for $8.5k profit. 3.8mtt ratio.

I ran pretty well by the end of the month. I was pleased with how i played and changed my game. My mtt ratio was down by 3 tables from the previous couple of months enabling me to concentrate a lot harder on the specific table dynamics.

I made 1.1k from rakeback and 80% of the profit in the graph above. Jack and i agreed he gets 20% of my playing profits. He hasn't seen any of it yet, because hes let me hang onto it so i can build my roll and move up stakes.
Goals for Feb

1) Continue to watch all the videos from leggo, deucescracked and CR (forget to mention in the post im a member of all three now)

2) Not cash out too much money from my roll (MRS 21st coming up)

3) Continue to beat 200nl and hopefully approach the move to 400nl by the end of february

Gotta go now. I'm playing in a 5aside league. We are the worst team in the league, have never won a game in over 20 matchs and our worst defeat was 30-1. I scored!!!!! Fucking ace i am.