Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 7

Fuck u poker, -$13,249 in 1239 hands. $3226 of that at 10/20 in 130 hands when i sat in a super juicy game and got flush v flush, nut flush vs rivered boat and other random bullshit. I just cannot win a hand at that limit. Anyway, ran like absolute dogshit at 5/10 as well, came across the biggest fish I've ever seen on any site on Fulltilt. With about 95% frequency, when checked to, he would either bet full pot or overbet shove no matter how small the pot. Also he would call allins when shoved on with complete air if it was only a few hundred more. Lost 3.5k on that table - Kind of thin shove for the last $700 of 2 buyins, him hitting a flush allin on turn, retarded gayness hand.
Some interesting hands went down on Party, me trying to bluff mark but he has a set, slowrolled obv. Me turning top pair into a bluff cos I was 99% sure he had aces by his timing tells, damn his call. Running into aces. Margik running like god as always. Margik running like god again. Prob a bad call vs a 34/27.

Whatever, I hate this game

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