Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fuck variance!

Ok, feb went well for me (i might post bout feb and march together soon). I just wanted to post about my 30k hands in 6 days challenge (at 200nl 6max). I've been running like god this year- at worst some break even stetches- but i've been slapped in the face by the cards repeatedly during this challenge.

I thought bout quiting the challenge because i have been 12 tabling and its easy to believe i am just playing well below par. However, reading jimmys posts have inspired me to say "FUCK VARIANCE, U MUGGY ****!" and i'm play through it. I think playin my B game, 12 tabling, and without major monkey tilt, i can still beat 200nl. Soooo, i'm gonna continue to play it til i do, so there could be an extension added to this challenge at the end of the week.

Negatives - First downswing of the year
Positives - I get bored with poker when im winning easily, so this has made me work harder

Cliffnotes - Fuck variance

Keep at the grind Jimmy!


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