Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Heads-up trauma

Played some heads-up today because 6-max is boring the crap out of me and i'm not really paying attention. I'm finding the games at 600nl 6-max aren't great during the day so i really need to focus on how players are playing in any given session. I haven't been, nor can i be arsed to follow 5 other players at each table, so im gonna play some heads-up for a bit.

400nl HU : 1300 hands today, lost just over $3k. Sucked. Played one hand i wasn't happy with but it was deep so thats fecked! Ran like a 1 legged blind turtoise. I'm not used to much variance because i play quite snug in 6-max games and usually play a few tables so i get the hands in quite quickly. HU is very swingy and 8 buyins is nothing so hopefully it will go better tomorrow. I played 5.5hours today which is really good for me these days, so im pleased with that.

I'll update tomorrow i think to keep myself motivated. Later


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