Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey sportsfans!!

This blog has nothing to do with sport. Maybe poker could be considered the fat mans sport. Is poker a sport? Nah


Feb: Best month ever at $12.5k. Played 17k hands at 200nl for $3.7k and 7k hands at 400nl for $8.8k. Obviously running like god and loving it up. End of feb i payed back chubbs $8k with another $4k that id made for him during the staking. Worked out well for both of us.

March : Best month ever at $15k. Played 41k hands at 200nl for $9k, 6k hands at 200hu for $1.8k, 9k hands at 100nl for $1.6k and 4k hands at 100hu for $2k. This month i started to play some heads up cos i was getting bored of 6max. Worked out pretty well and i boosted my bankroll back up to over $25k from $15k at start of month (obv with cashouts).

April : Best month ever at $18.5k. Played 47k hands at 400nl for $16k. Played a bit at 600nl and 200nl. Back to 6max for some good results. Bankroll $40k+

Ok, my pokertracker is messing up so i cant check may or june. Anyway, ill keep this blog short and boring just to keep you up to date. Illl post again soon with hopefully some funniness and graphs! Later


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