Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long overdue update

Last time i posted I was trying to pull out of being down $30k or so for the month in March and I kinda gave up posting after a bad day. I ended up closing the month at about -$8k after 42k hands which was an ok result.
April I only played about 19k hands so pretty lazy month, wasnt running well and didnt feel like playing, only made about $7k at 5/10 so was pretty much breakeven.
In May I ran really well at 5/10 and 10/20 over about 32,000 hands and made $50k which gave me my best month ever :-)
Anyway most ppl reading the blog will already know all this, but just a quick update, also I wanted to start posting again because I've been real lazy so far this month, 9 days complete and I basically havent played at all, about 1500 hands and down about $4k. I think I've already conceded that this month will suck because I'm going to Vegas on 23rd June for a month, but really I should get in some hands before then.
I'm finding it tough trying to move up to play just 10/20 (I dont really like playing multiple limits) because finding good games isnt easy. Also my 30" monitor is bust which doesnt help.
For the rest of the time before Vegas I think I'm going to refocus on keeping my MT ratio up and playing more 5/10 mixed in with good 10/20 games.
I might post again before Vegas but if not, will post again then when I play some tournies and live cash (aka wasting my time) out there.


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