Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good month!

I was pleased with June in the end, finishing just under $14k+. Most of this was from 400hu. I had one my best weeks ever at the end of june which turned an ok/poor month into a good one.

I havent got great motivation to play at the moment although during the <1000 hands i've played today i ran super hot.

Goals for July :
1) Have a great holiday with the Mrs.
2) Have a positive win rate at 600nl hu over a decent sample size.
3) Perhaps play some 1000nl hu or 1000nl 6max, and play well.

I would say "put in the hours" but i know i wont, especially with going on holiday. So what I will say is

4) "make the hours i put in, quality hours!".

Peace out


Anonymous Pud's Poker said...

Nice month! I love HU but I am always unsure about bankroll management for cash games.

I've heard figures from 40-100 byuins whihc would mean I could play NL4!

Would you say 25BI for NL10 would be ok? I get a very good loyalty deal which will help with the rake, if that helps!

11:26 AM  
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